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Sargeras-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Lautramar OminenceSargeras-US7650
2Dekìn The Family BusinessSargeras-US6881
3Zefyria Last PullSargeras-US5543
4Sturrm N SevenSargeras-US4763Not updated
5Redsøul ContinuitySargeras-US4560
6Cruelinator Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US4540
7Protarican ExíledSargeras-US4455
8Dno Vs The UniverseSargeras-US4421
9Hellsung Realm LastSargeras-US4405
10Hoboss Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US3875
11Tarwth I am the TuskarrSargeras-US3851Not updated
12Âzure  Sargeras-US3813Not updated
13Razrfang Get Well SoonSargeras-US3760Not updated
14Rondino Cognitive DissonanceSargeras-US3645
15Dogemonk FateSargeras-US3641
16Toctoc One O OneSargeras-US3635
17Plaguewall V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US3630
18Mechioy The RedeemedSargeras-US3583
19Raynox Shrimp SauceSargeras-US3541
20Botticellu ClockworkSargeras-US3541
21Xenthori Large DoveSargeras-US3538
22Boomkanye Seriously CasualSargeras-US3445
23Nbhd Trolls Be GoneSargeras-US3433
24Julaia Property DamageSargeras-US3431Not updated
25Mischieve MidwinterSargeras-US3416
26Elevenx Seriously CasualSargeras-US3388
27Kizumi Semper FidelisSargeras-US3383
28Starlights Praetorian GuardsSargeras-US3381Not updated
29Checkem RIP in PeaceSargeras-US3373Not updated
30Dòrá Last RequestSargeras-US3340
31Fayt DesignSargeras-US3248Not updated
32Mamisan OmnipotentSargeras-US3236
33Kegskrieg RIP in PeaceSargeras-US3200
34Refugios stalk and killSargeras-US3180
35Scottyrica Soul AsylumSargeras-US3175
36Mafiacat CaldoriSargeras-US3168Not updated
37Rheinhardter SiNS FrostwolfSargeras-US3161
38Tankermanse MidwinterSargeras-US3161
39Raymus Hardcore ParkourSargeras-US3158
40Icarusalpha BrutalSargeras-US3158
41Puddincat Templar EliteSargeras-US3155Not updated
42Kassaria Super Best FriendsSargeras-US3145
43Razrpalm Get Well SoonSargeras-US3143Not updated
44Yuckster ClockworkSargeras-US3126
45Dummy  Sargeras-US3121Not updated
46Irefusetodie RIP in PeaceSargeras-US3098Not updated
47Meha The Final CountdownSargeras-US3050
48Tellara RiotSargeras-US3028
49Obolisk Sorry Babe Im on CooldwnSargeras-US3020
50Pâw  Sargeras-US3013Not updated
51Abruharunito JesusWheredMyHealthGoSargeras-US2930Not updated
52Mtlol OmnipotentSargeras-US2928
53Tahiri High GuardeSargeras-US2888
54Extirpator DesignSargeras-US2883
55Ñúñyå Nothing PersonalSargeras-US2873
56Zendik Kill OrderSargeras-US2858Not updated
57Annikerra Hell CrewSargeras-US2851Not updated
58Milakuhnis Casually SeriousSargeras-US2846
59Elchupacabre Divine VigilanceSargeras-US2841
60Paybacks OriginsSargeras-US2838
61Apocalyptic Stack and DieSargeras-US2645
62Circle Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US2611
63Clùtçh The Usual SuspectSargeras-US2553Not updated
64Digjr VulgarSargeras-US2546
65Rivoku murloc for presidentSargeras-US2508Not updated
66Dinglesberry VulgarSargeras-US2376
67Mustardo AirSargeras-US2366
68Lyfa FateSargeras-US2248
69Bellmoro We Came as RomansSargeras-US2223Not updated
70Otoao  Sargeras-US2181
71Hum The Higher ClassSargeras-US2173
72Ultramonk From the AshesSargeras-US2163
73Valrim MagnitudeSargeras-US2160Not updated
74Jummy Hired GunzSargeras-US2158
75Surve Realm LastSargeras-US2153
76Talrric Diplomatic Murder HobosSargeras-US1980
77Clickersqt Get Well SoonSargeras-US1941
78Kartog Seriously CasualSargeras-US1938
79Joraca OmnipotentSargeras-US1936
80Donnieyenn EchelónSargeras-US1935Not updated
81Vokte HaremSargeras-US1935
82Jorraka OmnipotentSargeras-US1933
83Bloodsowrd Divine VigilanceSargeras-US1886
84Ritic KarmaSargeras-US1883Not updated
85Shadowmild Mediocre at BestSargeras-US1883
86Muscarium Esprit De CorpsSargeras-US1880
87Valdaren The Band of the Red HandSargeras-US1876
88Gorechop KLSSargeras-US1873
89Potatostrike AirSargeras-US1858
90Máxim Invictus RenatusSargeras-US1856
91Aburnman Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US1855
92Aspire La FamiliaSargeras-US1851
93Rocketcat Every Dog Has Its DaySargeras-US1846Not updated
94Lethoticus Nothing PersonalSargeras-US1840
95Esah School DaysSargeras-US1811Not updated
96Shubs Vs The UniverseSargeras-US1800
97Shaná Soul AsylumSargeras-US1778
98Gadiladre Midnight Brew CrewSargeras-US1775
99Evervolv KISS my AnthiáSargeras-US1746
100Meta V A N Q U I S HSargeras-US1648

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