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Quel'Thalas-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Elom ContraxQuel'Thalas-US4413
2Volthh TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US3860
3Unholyshadow TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US3645
4César  Quel'Thalas-US3633
5Rengarsam Zombie CORPQuel'Thalas-US3575
6Essennce El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3396
7Pokerpanda El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3356
8Equoria El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US3345
9Dúma TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US3163
10Kaohan Ratas VengadorasQuel'Thalas-US3016
11Pachomuu TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US2878
12Warthion TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US2848
13Darha El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US2825
14Dîtta Ratas VengadorasQuel'Thalas-US2646
15Ninath Caballeros DragonQuel'Thalas-US2641
16Malsiso Nerf ThisQuel'Thalas-US2625
17Asenka Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US2466
18Zaruna SOBERBIAQuel'Thalas-US2430
19Pachonsíta TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US2423
20Elfdragon Scimitar Of DarknessQuel'Thalas-US1875
21Deymin EuphoriaQuel'Thalas-US1850
22Keggernaut VértigoQuel'Thalas-US1845
23Deiryck Crit Happens LEGQuel'Thalas-US1813
24Vladlena Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US1811
25Jalumis Fast CapQuel'Thalas-US1631Not updated
26Cochambrosa STRIKE BACKQuel'Thalas-US1613Not updated
27Patitass VértigoQuel'Thalas-US1550
28Abumidruid VértigoQuel'Thalas-US1548
29Sevéro EuphoriaQuel'Thalas-US1545
30Fernandosam Chill out I got thisQuel'Thalas-US1425
31Royaldead  Quel'Thalas-US1423
32Xaguss Lol KillersQuel'Thalas-US1411Not updated
33Hyras Justice LeagueQuel'Thalas-US1403
34Mønje Throni DraconumQuel'Thalas-US1173
35Áyäx MorningtideQuel'Thalas-US1163
36Vacarius Nerf ThisQuel'Thalas-US1160
37Atlas RømpeMadresQuel'Thalas-US936
38Zambler Lol KillersQuel'Thalas-US918Not updated
39Reseion Rise of Dragon SlayersQuel'Thalas-US883
40Sshions Ratas VengadorasQuel'Thalas-US883
41Asmoug WoW CHLQuel'Thalas-US880Not updated
42Rastlan Wonkas CandiesQuel'Thalas-US873Not updated
43Frederik Stuck in DeadminesQuel'Thalas-US860
44Nacael Midnight RaidersQuel'Thalas-US850
45Stromen The last avengersQuel'Thalas-US845
46Goldvaux Stronger Than BeforeQuel'Thalas-US836
47Aldebarân Throni DraconumQuel'Thalas-US831
48Drewdude  Quel'Thalas-US820
49Garrisom Fratres BellumQuel'Thalas-US820
50Whiskyy LOLsQuel'Thalas-US820
51Androzs Brôthers to the EndQuel'Thalas-US818
52Mâgnuz Blood of HeroesQuel'Thalas-US815Not updated
53Chapuline VértigoQuel'Thalas-US643
54Liye Disband HammerQuel'Thalas-US638Not updated
55Bexth TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US638Not updated
56Hyunkelt Lol KillersQuel'Thalas-US636Not updated
57Calyman Sacred LotusQuel'Thalas-US626
58Ellyg Ad InferusQuel'Thalas-US626
59Ezbon A Change Of SeasonsQuel'Thalas-US616
60Violentä SumeriosQuel'Thalas-US613
61Quinjao The power Of The HordesQuel'Thalas-US613Not updated
62Aehlor Guild BreakersQuel'Thalas-US545
63Moriquena Pain and PleasureQuel'Thalas-US543
64Zeröelite Radical DreamQuel'Thalas-US540Not updated
65Mushim RENEGADOSQuel'Thalas-US533
66Freki TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US530
67Exmine  Quel'Thalas-US530Not updated
68Leyzer Nerf ThisQuel'Thalas-US523
69Belmont HellfishQuel'Thalas-US518Not updated
70Nercam LOK TARQuel'Thalas-US518
71Taíno  Quel'Thalas-US515Not updated
72Lóana EuphoriaQuel'Thalas-US515
73Xûng Lol KillersQuel'Thalas-US510Not updated
74Cloudkicker Orbis de lgnisQuel'Thalas-US436
75Róka El AnilloQuel'Thalas-US426
76Caraxelion Caballeros DragonQuel'Thalas-US423
77Mirréy RavenforthQuel'Thalas-US411
78Merrian MorningtideQuel'Thalas-US411
79Xxblacksword Horda y FernetQuel'Thalas-US381
80Izune TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US360
81Anasasi TheCovenantQuel'Thalas-US348
82Tze A Change Of SeasonsQuel'Thalas-US345Not updated
83Deuteross DarklightQuel'Thalas-US223Not updated
84Vezax We Own ItQuel'Thalas-US181
85Lariuma Sacred LotusQuel'Thalas-US168
86Extazzy UroborosQuel'Thalas-US166Not updated
87Angëlrippër VértigoQuel'Thalas-US163
88Efesiäs Sol EscarlataQuel'Thalas-US153
89Violentö  Quel'Thalas-US141Not updated

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