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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Keigenes Paradigm ShiftProudmoore-US7606Not updated
2Appandix Non Combat PetProudmoore-US5448Not updated
3Luna HawtnessProudmoore-US5440Not updated
4Kickemmanjr RespecProudmoore-US5436Not updated
5Vhalkor NazgulProudmoore-US4931Not updated
6Dunpeald Friendly FireProudmoore-US4845Not updated
7Pravda  Proudmoore-US4633Not updated
8Jagg  Proudmoore-US4563Not updated
9Hüsh RespecProudmoore-US4516Not updated
10Daino The Round Table of IronProudmoore-US4511Not updated
11Pinetree  Proudmoore-US3933Not updated
12Vathion PrestigiousProudmoore-US3930Not updated
13Jessfu Shinra IncProudmoore-US3885Not updated
14Raele  Proudmoore-US3871Not updated
15Jadewolves The BlackRoseProudmoore-US3855Not updated
16Knom WakeProudmoore-US3848Not updated
17Azó Ivory TowerProudmoore-US3848Not updated
18Gaytank Jokers AsylumProudmoore-US3835Not updated
19Everdreamer WarboundProudmoore-US3656Not updated
20Wilmar Infinite LoopProudmoore-US3638Not updated
21Remiscarlet Scarlet ConservativeProudmoore-US3631Not updated
22Naegel Best KoreaProudmoore-US3613Not updated
23Liquidhal TCProudmoore-US3610Not updated
24Swangalang MALICIOÜSProudmoore-US3538Not updated
25Mizumi Shinra IncProudmoore-US3513Not updated
26Violence ParamountProudmoore-US3436Not updated
27Raeken Inner SanctumProudmoore-US3435Not updated
28Lockfu FormalityProudmoore-US3421Not updated
29Panzearf Non Combat PetProudmoore-US3420Not updated
30Caliresse AvocadoProudmoore-US3418Not updated
31Whinck CAVAGProudmoore-US3418Not updated
32Deathntaxes Tastefully OffensiveProudmoore-US3416Not updated
33Bôudica RubiconProudmoore-US3415Not updated
34Molesd UnderGroundProudmoore-US3408Not updated
35Reference  Proudmoore-US3405Not updated
36Jakk  Proudmoore-US3396Not updated
37Pyris FormalityProudmoore-US3350Not updated
38Rious IQProudmoore-US3350Not updated
39Taulee Game OverProudmoore-US3343Not updated
40Elohim Twisted FateProudmoore-US3341Not updated
41Durendin MaliceProudmoore-US3341Not updated
42Ravene Game OverProudmoore-US3341Not updated
43Pandasun Game OverProudmoore-US3326Not updated
44Bakachi Starlight SanctuaryProudmoore-US3246Not updated
45Ret Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US3243Not updated
46Djswegstorm Sixth ADProudmoore-US3223Not updated
47Kamigoroshi SolarProudmoore-US3223Not updated
48Sparklefever RuinedProudmoore-US3220Not updated
49Theldren Non Combat PetProudmoore-US3218Not updated
50Mhunsta  Proudmoore-US3203Not updated
51Semira United AnarchyProudmoore-US3180Not updated
52Harkine Game OverProudmoore-US3173Not updated
53Peroxidic OddingProudmoore-US3173Not updated
54Shadebane United AnarchyProudmoore-US3166Not updated
55Ethiliel Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US3163Not updated
56Lithiah OddingProudmoore-US3163Not updated
57Tipps  Proudmoore-US3155Not updated
58Kagan Game OverProudmoore-US3153Not updated
59Märcas Non Combat PetProudmoore-US3150Not updated
60Bustyjustice Best KoreaProudmoore-US3138Not updated
61Rigwaltz PridelessProudmoore-US3136Not updated
62Winterwolves The BlackRoseProudmoore-US3136Not updated
63Rommli RuinedProudmoore-US3123Not updated
64Nobeard OuroborosProudmoore-US3121Not updated
65Alial Unholy DemiseProudmoore-US3121Not updated
66Calibur Silent AscensionProudmoore-US3120Not updated
67Kyons Rîsing SunProudmoore-US3120Not updated
68Okazi Survival InstinctsProudmoore-US3081Not updated
69Yoowoo Egalitarian MisanthropeProudmoore-US3040Not updated
70Onduel Amaranth KnightsProudmoore-US3021Not updated
71Kriegèr Tauren TippersProudmoore-US3018Not updated
72Arkroma We Got it This Time GuysProudmoore-US2970Not updated
73Fayerihk  Proudmoore-US2950Not updated
74Takari OuroborosProudmoore-US2931Not updated
75Oliver Dishonor EliteProudmoore-US2861Not updated
76Krixalix  Proudmoore-US2823Not updated
77Dovalock FormalityProudmoore-US2665Not updated
78Frøstreaver EXTREME SLEEPOVERProudmoore-US2651Not updated
79Dkallday PhõenixProudmoore-US2648Not updated
80Thejazz F E T I S HProudmoore-US2616Not updated
81Durns Murloc JihadProudmoore-US2563Not updated
82Sasachi  Proudmoore-US2556Not updated
83Chakie Upper EchelonProudmoore-US2541Not updated
84Taekwonjoe Game OverProudmoore-US2510Not updated
85Smaug Ultimate TriageProudmoore-US2458Not updated
86Chloëchan Terminally AFKProudmoore-US2350Not updated
87Akagitsune  Proudmoore-US2175Not updated
88Telriç Telrics GuildProudmoore-US2170Not updated
89Holycrusade Eternal KingdomProudmoore-US2166Not updated
90Titansushi Scarlet ConservativeProudmoore-US2165Not updated
91Leazas Philosophy of SoulProudmoore-US1945Not updated
92Dokoqtx PathosProudmoore-US1938Not updated
93Wyla PathosProudmoore-US1883Not updated
94Jámès Talk Nerdy To MeProudmoore-US1871Not updated
95Debatable TCProudmoore-US1866Not updated
96Devastate PridelessProudmoore-US1863Not updated
97Anaar We Got it This Time GuysProudmoore-US1820Not updated
98Saqqara To Be DeterminedProudmoore-US1663Not updated
99Bathtubs Dishonor EliteProudmoore-US1638Not updated
100Madgarah IQProudmoore-US1636Not updated

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