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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Onyxia-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Vahinko  Onyxia-EU5616Not updated
2Rázoresmash ImpactOnyxia-EU5376Not updated
3Shrekislife Bad MojoOnyxia-EU4538Not updated
4Ichmagpink metaOnyxia-EU4448Not updated
5Khaelyss ExcidiumOnyxia-EU3928Not updated
6Scorak Deadly PlaguesOnyxia-EU3878Not updated
7Fairfield WalhallaOnyxia-EU3848Not updated
8Gardîne ExcidiumOnyxia-EU3848Not updated
9Zhulíye prequelOnyxia-EU3745Not updated
10Nândrâ connectedOnyxia-EU3448Not updated
11Saldin Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU3418Not updated
12Dinglongping prequelOnyxia-EU3335Not updated
13Tanzwanne The goodfellasOnyxia-EU3143Not updated
14Haozok dream bigOnyxia-EU3126Not updated
15Lucyy ImpactOnyxia-EU3123Not updated
16Ironpaw  Onyxia-EU3020Not updated
17Vesko connectedOnyxia-EU3020Not updated
18Bloodvamp Chaos LegionOnyxia-EU2845Not updated
19Âsterîa DarksidersOnyxia-EU2845Not updated
20Cyprezz dream bigOnyxia-EU2638Not updated
21Cyrel NâchtschwärmerOnyxia-EU2638Not updated
22Menapharos Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU2566Not updated
23Traww Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU2548Not updated
24Argenius Sufferings EndOnyxia-EU2448Not updated
25Cadogan InnocentiaOnyxia-EU2443Not updated
26Miescha ImpactOnyxia-EU2340Not updated
27Egregos Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU2228Not updated
28Belhavis True BloodlineOnyxia-EU1931Not updated
29Shrekislove Sickness CrewOnyxia-EU1891Not updated
30Synap  Onyxia-EU1890Not updated
31Rikimu FlawlessOnyxia-EU1880Not updated
32Kloppstøck dream bigOnyxia-EU1861Not updated
33Cronoz untauntableOnyxia-EU1851Not updated
34Uníty GeneticOnyxia-EU1851Not updated
35Karash ImpactOnyxia-EU1850Not updated
36Groya  Onyxia-EU1845Not updated
37Noell Worth itOnyxia-EU1845Not updated
38Torsrall SturmklingeOnyxia-EU1641Not updated
39Aroiaa  Onyxia-EU1636Not updated
40Alayah GeneticOnyxia-EU1620Not updated
41Ironhyde  Onyxia-EU1620Not updated
42Gafia ExcidiumOnyxia-EU1610Not updated
43Deluxepala Get low or die tryinOnyxia-EU1548Not updated
44Schese dream bigOnyxia-EU1543Not updated
45Xno ImpactOnyxia-EU1536Not updated
46Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU1515Not updated
47Ràzore  Onyxia-EU1490Not updated
48Nanooq Consilium UmbrarumOnyxia-EU1415Not updated
49Bèpo RevêlationSOnyxia-EU1233Not updated
50Darkashe  Onyxia-EU1170Not updated
51Sadrith The Last AgeOnyxia-EU1158Not updated
52Enij Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU1146Not updated
53Klobürstê Béta ProtokollOnyxia-EU966Not updated
54Dejavu  Onyxia-EU940Not updated
55Quwer Gnome zum FrühstückOnyxia-EU935Not updated
56Selain ExcidiumOnyxia-EU923Not updated
57Orat Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU890Not updated
58Lyne untamedOnyxia-EU885Not updated
59Quexie unintendedOnyxia-EU881Not updated
60Diuen Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU880Not updated
61Zeezel TastyOnyxia-EU871Not updated
62Halaine Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU866Not updated
63Meqa Tolle GildeOnyxia-EU863Not updated
64Chronicstar WârlordzOnyxia-EU838Not updated
65Surakha The Last AgeOnyxia-EU825Not updated
66Neroni  Onyxia-EU780Not updated
67Mirácúlix Unbändiger ZornOnyxia-EU741Not updated
68Gourry  Onyxia-EU731Not updated
69Thòx GeneticOnyxia-EU648Not updated
70Treeroot InnocentiaOnyxia-EU641Not updated
71Loraros Pure RageOnyxia-EU635Not updated
72Zarakí  Onyxia-EU633Not updated
73Chackiepaw dream bigOnyxia-EU633Not updated
74Blacknurse CorvusOnyxia-EU630Not updated
75Gora WârlordzOnyxia-EU628Not updated
76Neimi SturmklingeOnyxia-EU618Not updated
77Lapeno GeneticOnyxia-EU608Not updated
78Epiae  Onyxia-EU555Not updated
79Ilorie ImpactOnyxia-EU551Not updated
80Mikoyu Last HopeOnyxia-EU551Not updated
81Infiiqt  Onyxia-EU550Not updated
82Pôger WalhallaOnyxia-EU543Not updated
83Daikí DecemOnyxia-EU540Not updated
84Akuna  Onyxia-EU536Not updated
85Himelilyfee Last HopeOnyxia-EU530Not updated
86Phätbeauty  Onyxia-EU520Not updated
87Tahg Sufferings EndOnyxia-EU516Not updated
88Nømøi Defenders of KalimdorOnyxia-EU441Not updated
89Onomaeus Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU440Not updated
90Vyu GeneticOnyxia-EU440Not updated
91Satoya True BloodlineOnyxia-EU436Not updated
92Kaopan tbaOnyxia-EU413Not updated
93Bigcrz CorvusOnyxia-EU351Not updated
94Nahikosan  Onyxia-EU345Not updated
95Miaus Black EvilsOnyxia-EU175Not updated
96Ðementus  Onyxia-EU170Not updated
97Ilidian Chaos LegionOnyxia-EU168Not updated
98Cleaveqt  Onyxia-EU160Not updated
99Arkadius Pure BrutalityOnyxia-EU160Not updated
100Lau Bad MojoOnyxia-EU15Not updated

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