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Ner'zhul-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Legoy GtendoNer'zhul-US3865
2Dinoczar The Eternal DragonflightNer'zhul-US3846
3Freezy Last WordNer'zhul-US3625Not updated
4Popnbottles Last WordNer'zhul-US3613
5Jwix IncarnateNer'zhul-US3443
6Hex Epsilon Less Than ZeroNer'zhul-US3438
7Artillery IncarnateNer'zhul-US3375
8Prandel Søns Øf AzerøthNer'zhul-US3346
9Alphrie The UnsulliedNer'zhul-US3341
10Pandaria  Ner'zhul-US3161Not updated
11Turranmc Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US3135
12Alibreo DissonanceNer'zhul-US3020
13Hâtter Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US3018
14Unholysin Last WordNer'zhul-US3013
15Jåck Clan BushidoNer'zhul-US2941
16Nightbuff Trade isnt LFGNer'zhul-US2560
17Brüzlee Dark LotusNer'zhul-US2555
18Khanto CompoundNer'zhul-US2418
19Livingregret Keyboard TurnersNer'zhul-US1865Not updated
20Omoshiroi Hotel MoscowNer'zhul-US1833
21Kaviik  Ner'zhul-US1341Not updated
22Mordecai Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US1165
23Dan Last WordNer'zhul-US1155
24Metsubo Dark LotusNer'zhul-US890
25Terèncus My Guild Name is too LonNer'zhul-US886
26Wiff Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US881
27Crillina  Ner'zhul-US878
28Marleyroses Straw Hat PiratesNer'zhul-US878Not updated
29Spinbien MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US873
30Ichvolga Project IcarusNer'zhul-US856
31Orionyx Trade isnt LFGNer'zhul-US851
32Swaggerlager RepresentNer'zhul-US848
33Bluepancake Straw Hat PiratesNer'zhul-US836Not updated
34Emi Dark LotusNer'zhul-US818Not updated
35Nariir Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US645
36Lildargon For HireNer'zhul-US643Not updated
37Kixxadin MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US641Not updated
38Dominiq The DeathWalker ImperiumNer'zhul-US635
39Toltec Dying BreedNer'zhul-US623Not updated
40Solindvian IncarnateNer'zhul-US613
41Fiveptpalm CompoundNer'zhul-US578
42Penthe Konoha VillageNer'zhul-US566Not updated
43Fayth  Ner'zhul-US546Not updated
44Omsun Super Adventure ClubNer'zhul-US545Not updated
45Tleilax Project IcarusNer'zhul-US543
46Getwrêcked ConquestNer'zhul-US541
47Gellybear The RedemptionNer'zhul-US540
48Saeranas  Ner'zhul-US540Not updated
49Hordecookie GtendoNer'zhul-US531
50Scubagloriae WartornNer'zhul-US518Not updated
51Jechs Team LightningNer'zhul-US518
52Araakki The Dharma InitiatíveNer'zhul-US451Not updated
53Beruwhitesun Local DefenseNer'zhul-US440
54Midush IntensityNer'zhul-US410Not updated
55Greed Adventure BuddiesNer'zhul-US401Not updated
56Draeza Houkago Raid TimeNer'zhul-US240
57Aklan EpicdemicNer'zhul-US178
58Zagurl Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US171
59Quickstyle For The HorseNer'zhul-US171Not updated
60Emeral WithstandNer'zhul-US166
61Mylilpwny Trade isnt LFGNer'zhul-US161Not updated
62Bauldur NerveNer'zhul-US161
63Vidda Natural Born KillersNer'zhul-US160
64Percivul IndecisiveNer'zhul-US156Not updated

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