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Mannoroth-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Skummy dtwfMannoroth-US5545
2Shadow InfinityMannoroth-US4846
3Dragaan InciteMannoroth-US4413Not updated
4Thim Slash HugMannoroth-US3858
5Aenea Teufel HundenMannoroth-US3553
6Quntez InfinityMannoroth-US3550
7Foebane SacrificeMannoroth-US3516
8Xaikar Chaotic TendencyMannoroth-US3438
9Barrelz SacrificeMannoroth-US3421Not updated
10Dazedwarrior Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US3365
11Healzrforus ReckoningMannoroth-US3353Not updated
12Kekoa ReckoningMannoroth-US3230
13Brastenor Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US3155
14Seriouszwei Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US3151
15Xeis Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US3135
16Polvana ReckoningMannoroth-US3028
17Lvlonedruid AchievementMannoroth-US2813
18Kaisen ReckoningMannoroth-US2373
19Chriantha ReckoningMannoroth-US2366
20Faithsin Slash HugMannoroth-US2355
21Sherpaderp SnPMannoroth-US2241
22Khado AchievementMannoroth-US2160Not updated
23Xgafort Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US1936
24Pwntergeist Legacy of KhanMannoroth-US1848Not updated
25Jëster Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US1648
26Nephel Eternal LifeMannoroth-US1513
27Darkabrams SacrificeMannoroth-US1511
28Bluedaisy Pulp FictionMannoroth-US1436Not updated
29Akör Flouranium CarbotassiumMannoroth-US1435
30Draktyrina AchievementMannoroth-US1331Not updated
31Snøw AchievementMannoroth-US1176
32Daybreak Slash HugMannoroth-US1166
33Babana SnPMannoroth-US883Not updated
34Darmanthas Death StarMannoroth-US883Not updated
35Windtwister Eternal LifeMannoroth-US873
36Remaker Phoenix RisingMannoroth-US858Not updated
37Snickified  Mannoroth-US856Not updated
38Bundyted AchievementMannoroth-US853
39Ola dtwfMannoroth-US755Not updated
40Rndorc Teufel HundenMannoroth-US660
41Esperantu Crimson GuardMannoroth-US656
42Erundil AluminatiMannoroth-US643Not updated
43Naxa AchievementMannoroth-US641
44Rìghteous MalevolenceMannoroth-US638
45Tomoee Stacked Like PancakesMannoroth-US633
46Jenovaa Chaotic TendencyMannoroth-US631
47Pandax AchievementMannoroth-US631
48Nudal I didnt choose thug lifeMannoroth-US626Not updated
49Gescom ObserveMannoroth-US626Not updated
50Xchi ReckoningMannoroth-US625
51Dethstorm Immortal EveMannoroth-US600
52Flexplosion Im With StupidMannoroth-US571Not updated
53Dragomyr Weapon of ChoiceMannoroth-US555
54Rahp Shadow KnightsMannoroth-US550
55Montju Teufel HundenMannoroth-US515
56Dancius Incurro NoctisMannoroth-US513
57Ztex MercenariesMannoroth-US458Not updated
58Xonk ReckoningMannoroth-US455
59Hmnijaiwky AggroedMannoroth-US453
60Sacrêd  Mannoroth-US453Not updated
61Carìc  Mannoroth-US443Not updated
62Triâh  Mannoroth-US438Not updated
63Brokenone Slash HugMannoroth-US431
64Poundbeef Endless DeliriumMannoroth-US431
65Delships ReckoningMannoroth-US425
66Suhn We Got ThisMannoroth-US241
67Mkoons Morte DiventaMannoroth-US235Not updated
68Wartrauma AggroedMannoroth-US233
69Fuzody Slash HugMannoroth-US181
70Drooade SacrificeMannoroth-US178
71Wokker Sophisticated GraceMannoroth-US175
72Nelom Guild of SimplëMannoroth-US161Not updated

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