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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lightbringer-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Rybell Party All The TimeLightbringer-US7218Not updated
2Qtk PathogenLightbringer-US5163Not updated
3Rydel NyxLightbringer-US4608Not updated
4Darces PathogenLightbringer-US4338Not updated
5Manwei Social WarfareLightbringer-US3888Not updated
6Grrizzt Set Sail To FailLightbringer-US3875Not updated
7Apsis PathogenLightbringer-US3811Not updated
8Tocc The TrustLightbringer-US3635Not updated
9Gigasmash No OptionsLightbringer-US3546Not updated
10Sauvignoñ The LightswornLightbringer-US3545Not updated
11Alseni Faded ChaosLightbringer-US3540Not updated
12Norinara Roll for BlameLightbringer-US3515Not updated
13Sonus TenThousandDaysLightbringer-US3458Not updated
14Parkys The CoalitionLightbringer-US3446Not updated
15Ondaatje The Ides of MarchLightbringer-US3346Not updated
16Dadis  Lightbringer-US3345Not updated
17Ryugbt Faded ChaosLightbringer-US3318Not updated
18Abandinus Social WarfareLightbringer-US3163Not updated
19Karrya Risen AnarchyLightbringer-US3163Not updated
20Caffino Fat Kids OP at SeesawLightbringer-US3161Not updated
21Dirtbiker Risen AnarchyLightbringer-US3146Not updated
22Ruin PathogenLightbringer-US3123Not updated
23Peacexxyzz PathogenLightbringer-US3116Not updated
24Peace  Lightbringer-US3116Not updated
25Nizard PathogenLightbringer-US3113Not updated
26Zelektris Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US2933Not updated
27Kurrn BlessedLightbringer-US2876Not updated
28Defend  Lightbringer-US2636Not updated
29Noxuos Max ThreatLightbringer-US2520Not updated
30Mareeta PathogenLightbringer-US2353Not updated
31Bogoshipoyo Faded ChaosLightbringer-US1940Not updated
32Ðuncan RenatiLightbringer-US1936Not updated
33Fyorsing WyrmcultLightbringer-US1931Not updated
34Sarw  Lightbringer-US1858Not updated
35Method The CoalitionLightbringer-US1850Not updated
36Emedaf Faded ChaosLightbringer-US1850Not updated
37Pekuah The TrustLightbringer-US1850Not updated
38Fuzzybone HalcyonLightbringer-US1640Not updated
39Resïst SeveranceLightbringer-US1636Not updated
40Ryouken Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US1631Not updated
41Thebestbell Party All The TimeLightbringer-US1623Not updated
42Alyzei SystematixLightbringer-US1611Not updated
43Pugniminimi SagananceLightbringer-US1608Not updated
44Ken No OptionsLightbringer-US1555Not updated
45Etiology HeroLightbringer-US1553Not updated
46Celorim EtherealLightbringer-US1513Not updated
47Vogee Last RefugeLightbringer-US1351Not updated
48Reptíle SeishiLightbringer-US1346Not updated
49Rivenchi Resident Kabuki TheatreLightbringer-US1243Not updated
50Spybash WoW for FunLightbringer-US1180Not updated
51Rosziel RemnantLightbringer-US933Not updated
52Eikon HeroLightbringer-US933Not updated
53Alandramun  Lightbringer-US893Not updated
54Bl The CoalitionLightbringer-US880Not updated
55Forto Dark UnionLightbringer-US871Not updated
56Rustincolor  Lightbringer-US868Not updated
57Doodis  Lightbringer-US850Not updated
58Ðrkilljoy The LightswornLightbringer-US850Not updated
59Malthorian Faded ChaosLightbringer-US848Not updated
60Oaknuts  Lightbringer-US846Not updated
61Dokoqt Eternal ReignLightbringer-US846Not updated
62Kirielle CenteredLightbringer-US836Not updated
63Alisulia SystematixLightbringer-US828Not updated
64Catinthebear Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US823Not updated
65Bearbäck Eight Fingers DownLightbringer-US820Not updated
66Huss HeroLightbringer-US820Not updated
67Nalent  Lightbringer-US766Not updated
68Lifemonger The LightswornLightbringer-US758Not updated
69Moduztollenz Obsidian SkyLightbringer-US645Not updated
70Tollenz Obsidian SkyLightbringer-US643Not updated
71Alistania RenshaiLightbringer-US641Not updated
72Edwalton Imagine DragonsLightbringer-US636Not updated
73Vyndus WyrmcultLightbringer-US635Not updated
74Haghar Tectonic PlatesLightbringer-US631Not updated
75Sarhin SeishiLightbringer-US630Not updated
76Sñòw  Lightbringer-US626Not updated
77Murdértrain  Lightbringer-US615Not updated
78Creeb  Lightbringer-US611Not updated
79Mistybrew Herd ModeLightbringer-US606Not updated
80Shuru  Lightbringer-US605Not updated
81Frostgate RemnantLightbringer-US555Not updated
82Xanatrius Exiled allianceLightbringer-US551Not updated
83Tyguyy PathogenLightbringer-US550Not updated
84Zriak Professional BaddiesLightbringer-US546Not updated
85Mistaat Soul TapLightbringer-US545Not updated
86Blackhearts HalcyonLightbringer-US540Not updated
87Amafilmard Late for DinnerLightbringer-US535Not updated
88Dalthor Eight Fingers DownLightbringer-US535Not updated
89Borll  Lightbringer-US525Not updated
90Skatter Force ReconLightbringer-US521Not updated
91Lighton PathogenLightbringer-US520Not updated
92Surania EgoLightbringer-US520Not updated
93Martzel Social WarfareLightbringer-US516Not updated
94Cronic The Disposable HeroesLightbringer-US433Not updated
95Vu TenThousandDaysLightbringer-US425Not updated
96Stãtic SkyshatterLightbringer-US375Not updated
97Winadin ImmortalLightbringer-US366Not updated
98Theodotus DoJLightbringer-US351Not updated
99Euryto Drunks of SerenityLightbringer-US345Not updated
100Leones  Lightbringer-US180Not updated

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