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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Plankadins AlphasKil'jaeden-US5016Not updated
2Codemustavis Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US4941Not updated
3Virsta Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US4658Not updated
4Dayl AvariceKil'jaeden-US4626Not updated
5Snapxd InsomniaKil'jaeden-US4533Not updated
6Maraki SilverKil'jaeden-US4221Not updated
7Fellybear KeltoiKil'jaeden-US4163Not updated
8Thejimmykp House of LoveKil'jaeden-US3931Not updated
9Chortles  Kil'jaeden-US3883Not updated
10Killindk TurmoilKil'jaeden-US3878Not updated
11Flux  Kil'jaeden-US3848Not updated
12Zubrowkah IntentKil'jaeden-US3816Not updated
13Fountaiin Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US3640Not updated
14Lelendra  Kil'jaeden-US3640Not updated
15Xxpabby Scars of GloryKil'jaeden-US3640Not updated
16Treckie DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US3636Not updated
17Tictactoast Progression in VideoGameKil'jaeden-US3631Not updated
18Grómm Brolords of DraenorKil'jaeden-US3628Not updated
19Cossacks Progression in VideoGameKil'jaeden-US3628Not updated
20Greenfoxy AvidityKil'jaeden-US3568Not updated
21Jackmyswag FAIKil'jaeden-US3540Not updated
22Sicariø Negative InfluenceKil'jaeden-US3538Not updated
23Dentakk Progression in VideoGameKil'jaeden-US3511Not updated
24Folt  Kil'jaeden-US3510Not updated
25Kerrigans BROKERKil'jaeden-US3490Not updated
26Ponjî SynodicKil'jaeden-US3440Not updated
27Bheema Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US3440Not updated
28Proriya illestKil'jaeden-US3433Not updated
29Meawkin Arch StudioKil'jaeden-US3433Not updated
30Pepperrs RequiemKil'jaeden-US3423Not updated
31Pandenz Dark ResolveKil'jaeden-US3418Not updated
32Beefychicken CynicalKil'jaeden-US3398Not updated
33Kai Azsharas AshesKil'jaeden-US3386Not updated
34Jinalyn AlphasKil'jaeden-US3356Not updated
35Plågüê Elite PvPKil'jaeden-US3353Not updated
36Wagnar Eat Sleep Raid RepeatKil'jaeden-US3350Not updated
37Moosetackler  Kil'jaeden-US3348Not updated
38Brêwslee AvidityKil'jaeden-US3346Not updated
39Solîd  Kil'jaeden-US3345Not updated
40Sámantha  Kil'jaeden-US3345Not updated
41Vekbrew AvariceKil'jaeden-US3345Not updated
42Siaxono InsomniaKil'jaeden-US3336Not updated
43Pantaloonz Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US3321Not updated
44Alphos illestKil'jaeden-US3228Not updated
45Broeseidon Friends with ßenefitsKil'jaeden-US3171Not updated
46Cheshirecat Eternal AscensionKil'jaeden-US3168Not updated
47Knawt Febreezing the HomelessKil'jaeden-US3163Not updated
48Shadwell Negative InfluenceKil'jaeden-US3161Not updated
49Coltraine Final FormKil'jaeden-US3158Not updated
50Crusäder WardemonsKil'jaeden-US3155Not updated
51Ndk Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US3148Not updated
52Qserasera Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US3145Not updated
53Ohteé House CatKil'jaeden-US3123Not updated
54Finishhim Forged in FuryKil'jaeden-US3123Not updated
55Salvine Hold My BrewKil'jaeden-US3038Not updated
56Sevahj  Kil'jaeden-US3020Not updated
57Babyjace Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US3001Not updated
58Healbøt Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US3000Not updated
59Jailbait I Dont FailKil'jaeden-US2938Not updated
60Cyphered Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US2936Not updated
61Frieira DareKil'jaeden-US2886Not updated
62Loktah DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US2875Not updated
63Potaters  Kil'jaeden-US2850Not updated
64Gonjuhh Permission DeniedKil'jaeden-US2816Not updated
65Eks KeltoiKil'jaeden-US2750Not updated
66Kaunti AcheronKil'jaeden-US2643Not updated
67Çougar TurmoilKil'jaeden-US2533Not updated
68Aurelius Capax InfinitiKil'jaeden-US2433Not updated
69Chitao Love HammeredKil'jaeden-US2345Not updated
70Solarioñ AvidityKil'jaeden-US2341Not updated
71Postarity Love HammeredKil'jaeden-US2221Not updated
72Skilldotgg Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US2161Not updated
73Whitepally TurmoilKil'jaeden-US2136Not updated
74Césår AlphasKil'jaeden-US2013Not updated
75Panditasea RoadrunnersKil'jaeden-US1936Not updated
76Scholtes Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US1881Not updated
77Teddiigram Rehabilitation ClinicKil'jaeden-US1870Not updated
78Regendorf IRONKil'jaeden-US1863Not updated
79Omen Koopa TroopaKil'jaeden-US1853Not updated
80Battlecruisr ScionKil'jaeden-US1850Not updated
81Zibbles CognitionKil'jaeden-US1845Not updated
82Amsel Worlds ApartKil'jaeden-US1841Not updated
83Abrahel Simple DesignKil'jaeden-US1841Not updated
84Hematøløgy Sworn OathKil'jaeden-US1821Not updated
85Orjan Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US1813Not updated
86Numbolt MargaritavilleKil'jaeden-US1645Not updated
87Taurenskill Sufficiently SlipperyKil'jaeden-US1641Not updated
88Scalar Huge in JapanKil'jaeden-US1638Not updated
89Orkuma SkidmarksKil'jaeden-US1638Not updated
90Shirato DNOgamingKil'jaeden-US1636Not updated
91Trecktor  Kil'jaeden-US1636Not updated
92Rynite TangerineKil'jaeden-US1635Not updated
93Mourka Divine CouncilKil'jaeden-US1633Not updated
94Diplomacy Eternal AscensionKil'jaeden-US1618Not updated
95Soulbris  Kil'jaeden-US1616Not updated
96Vegan WhiskyKil'jaeden-US1613Not updated
97Kanik Stage ClearKil'jaeden-US1613Not updated
98Ibiza House CatKil'jaeden-US1578Not updated
99Akihiko So Others May LiveKil'jaeden-US1576Not updated
100Bandera Progression in VideoGameKil'jaeden-US1563Not updated

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