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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kazzak-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Bloodbabs Veiled ShadowsKazzak-EU7148Not updated
2Aldoard CoachKazzak-EU6376Not updated
3Katrikan Revelation of TruthKazzak-EU5616Not updated
4Kerat AequítasKazzak-EU4933Not updated
5Fjordheimah RølpehjørnetKazzak-EU4861Not updated
6Meyo DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU4860Not updated
7Balkorr DefaultKazzak-EU4850Not updated
8Unbesiegbar Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU4840Not updated
9Shabahz  Kazzak-EU4761Not updated
10Reckingpants XeonKazzak-EU4735Not updated
11Hanh PurifiedKazzak-EU4648Not updated
12Valentinã FangKazzak-EU4633Not updated
13Shimmar Iron EdgeKazzak-EU4628Not updated
14Splintered Shut Up SnizzKazzak-EU4586Not updated
15Tìtan AnathemasKazzak-EU4583Not updated
16Kenli CoalescenceKazzak-EU4583Not updated
17Ellonia FangKazzak-EU4518Not updated
18Comarada Order of SargerasKazzak-EU4515Not updated
19Raziel EnsiferumKazzak-EU4515Not updated
20Scourgelòrd House of PrideKazzak-EU4510Not updated
21Deepshadezjr EnvyKazzak-EU4508Not updated
22Rotgrinder Revelation of TruthKazzak-EU4458Not updated
23Kayleene AmbuscadeKazzak-EU4443Not updated
24Destroyer MarsKazzak-EU4440Not updated
25Tyrull Progress DeniedKazzak-EU4436Not updated
26Zeepierdrol MarsKazzak-EU4426Not updated
27Vargrav vargflockenKazzak-EU4355Not updated
28Quentinemt XeonKazzak-EU4350Not updated
29Naft Cupcake ClubKazzak-EU4343Not updated
30Norte Fear of the LambsKazzak-EU4228Not updated
31Selavy Mental InsanityKazzak-EU4170Not updated
32Akg  Kazzak-EU4121Not updated
33Duffs Last DayKazzak-EU4003Not updated
34Copypazta McDriveKazzak-EU4000Not updated
35Chromer ConnexusKazzak-EU3945Not updated
36Tíly XeonKazzak-EU3938Not updated
37Folchi VanguardKazzak-EU3935Not updated
38Hooboo PurgedKazzak-EU3935Not updated
39Natx WolfpacksKazzak-EU3935Not updated
40Killén Perfect Circle EUKazzak-EU3930Not updated
41Atumre FangKazzak-EU3878Not updated
42Hulkzi DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU3878Not updated
43Nightkillér Mental InsanityKazzak-EU3865Not updated
44Trollidruid smylsKazzak-EU3853Not updated
45Clakz Order of SargerasKazzak-EU3853Not updated
46Sutema ConnexusKazzak-EU3851Not updated
47Coma The Dragonfell TribeKazzak-EU3850Not updated
48Dresden No RemorseKazzak-EU3850Not updated
49Hysteriâ DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU3848Not updated
50Juggaknot  Kazzak-EU3846Not updated
51Herpington ApexKazzak-EU3846Not updated
52Jinastoeva  Kazzak-EU3840Not updated
53Nøxýth PerceptionKazzak-EU3823Not updated
54Fittytucker  Kazzak-EU3820Not updated
55Wyrden Klemo DataKazzak-EU3815Not updated
56Danielkun McDriveKazzak-EU3810Not updated
57Vandebosch OminousKazzak-EU3805Not updated
58Ivolvar Cowcaine CowboysKazzak-EU3766Not updated
59Quixot  Kazzak-EU3648Not updated
60Crystallìze Noobs got talentKazzak-EU3646Not updated
61Evervess EcologyKazzak-EU3645Not updated
62Nethee Rock Paper ScissorsKazzak-EU3643Not updated
63Aristocat EnvyKazzak-EU3641Not updated
64Moozdk VanguardKazzak-EU3641Not updated
65Frostblight Order of SargerasKazzak-EU3638Not updated
66Légs EcologyKazzak-EU3636Not updated
67Nuwanda PurifiedKazzak-EU3635Not updated
68Pnks The ForsakenKazzak-EU3630Not updated
69Sollaire consanguineusKazzak-EU3621Not updated
70Holypowered PerceptionKazzak-EU3620Not updated
71Cóstin  Kazzak-EU3620Not updated
72Visc Last ResortKazzak-EU3616Not updated
73Anthem VanguardKazzak-EU3615Not updated
74Paladiom XeonKazzak-EU3611Not updated
75Azoza BifrostKazzak-EU3611Not updated
76Xaránt PurifiedKazzak-EU3610Not updated
77Holyhoofy  Kazzak-EU3610Not updated
78Wízanyeki SimplexKazzak-EU3608Not updated
79Trixï EcologyKazzak-EU3606Not updated
80Lifire SPARKSKazzak-EU3606Not updated
81Maliezath  Kazzak-EU3606Not updated
82Chipsgrädde ConsiliumKazzak-EU3598Not updated
83Tsagirl  Kazzak-EU3588Not updated
84Xondizes I N F I N I T YKazzak-EU3588Not updated
85Miti Demon AcademyKazzak-EU3588Not updated
86Bubbla BrainstormKazzak-EU3581Not updated
87Terrivar EcologyKazzak-EU3581Not updated
88Madly  Kazzak-EU3555Not updated
89Failrilol Mental InsanityKazzak-EU3551Not updated
90Maffogh consanguineusKazzak-EU3551Not updated
91Soulstalker Order by ChaosKazzak-EU3550Not updated
92Eminor NomadzKazzak-EU3550Not updated
93Raella Big Guys For YouKazzak-EU3545Not updated
94Swây The CoveKazzak-EU3540Not updated
95Soulblessing DevisionKazzak-EU3538Not updated
96Mockels  Kazzak-EU3521Not updated
97Wárck SimplexKazzak-EU3515Not updated
98Xeerd SPARKSKazzak-EU3511Not updated
99Areath DREAM VaraminKazzak-EU3511Not updated
100Mystóry CoachKazzak-EU3510Not updated

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