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Illidan-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Protege Topped OffIllidan-US6930
2Wildholycat  Illidan-US6801Not updated
3Sponsored End EffectIllidan-US6585
4Riggimonk Blood LegionIllidan-US5363
5Dawnknight Eclipse StarfallIllidan-US4848
6Astev HighFunctioningSociopathIllidan-US4848
7Protichi Topped OffIllidan-US4636
8Brèwslèe Tainted LegacyIllidan-US4515
9Absalom Blood LegionIllidan-US4358
10Szerek Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3883
11Kalazor SummitIllidan-US3868
12Glaima DeathbringerIllidan-US3866Not updated
13Moiria Shake MiracleIllidan-US3863Not updated
14Mudbull  Illidan-US3848Not updated
15Avrah  Illidan-US3841Not updated
16Chopleaf Blood LegionIllidan-US3815
17Eflaps Blood LegionIllidan-US3666
18Dingcrab SanerIllidan-US3638Not updated
19Ruhye RivenIllidan-US3636
20Lcranger Tu MachIllidan-US3630
21Mopfe StyleIllidan-US3616
22Banzei FantasiaIllidan-US3558
23Infunit House AtreidesIllidan-US3520
24Tyse RelaxIllidan-US3513Not updated
25Dynzo RakiaIllidan-US3446Not updated
26Mlgmanbaby No Fun AllowedIllidan-US3441
27Kawaiichu  Illidan-US3441Not updated
28Bmminitian Fist of FuryIllidan-US3441
29Noblood FoTMIllidan-US3426
30Jackntaxes FusedIllidan-US3418
31Order MINE MINE MINEIllidan-US3416
32Literaistlin  Illidan-US3388Not updated
33Nacirema Art Thou VexedIllidan-US3385Not updated
34Fællout Era of the ExilesIllidan-US3370
35Bramilk AsgardIllidan-US3368
36Kowin College Of GamingIllidan-US3353Not updated
37Susanoo Ginyu ForceIllidan-US3350Not updated
38Eckbock TriumphIllidan-US3280
39Atomicfelony StalwartIllidan-US3225Not updated
40Doko AvidIllidan-US3223
41Brofficial Get the Funk Out My FaceIllidan-US3218Not updated
42Savejejunow  Illidan-US3173Not updated
43Macstallion FusedIllidan-US3170
44Salamanderr Slash CryIllidan-US3165
45Xîtan AvidIllidan-US3163
46Alyisia PvP PowerIllidan-US3161
47Uagenius E HopeIllidan-US3158
48Runenmeister Final ChapterIllidan-US3155Not updated
49Daizhi FantasiaIllidan-US3151Not updated
50Salavar SingularityIllidan-US3150
51Sarakenoi Topped OffIllidan-US3125
52Adwarfdk EncoreIllidan-US3111
53Lïke  Illidan-US3093Not updated
54Lïke1 ÐacnomaniaIllidan-US3093Not updated
55Ozig SolaceIllidan-US3043
56Bumrushedx Facepalm EnsembleIllidan-US3041Not updated
57Nipfip Virtue and ViceIllidan-US3033Not updated
58Nellow Trash Mob Death MachineIllidan-US3020
59Cueballer Explicit ContentIllidan-US3018
60Zhayne SolaceIllidan-US3018
61Ataxuss Blood LegionIllidan-US3011
62Harleym Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3003
63Archangel Slash CryIllidan-US3003
64Preauxtege Topped OffIllidan-US2941
65Kegtap FoTMIllidan-US2941
66Hotyounglad End EffectIllidan-US2870
67Sbwhy GoldenShadowIllidan-US2866Not updated
68Puremanchun Gong FeiIllidan-US2865Not updated
69Doubidan GloriaIllidan-US2861
70Zevras  Illidan-US2818Not updated
71Bandos Blood HélixIllidan-US2646
72Buffalowings Disciples of the MixIllidan-US2636Not updated
73Brotege Topped OffIllidan-US2623
74Flyingfox  Illidan-US2621Not updated
75Ajiaoo FantasiaIllidan-US2610Not updated
76Mèatknuckle Tickle FightIllidan-US2608Not updated
77Realvietcong  Illidan-US2576Not updated
78Krazarius Echoes of the PastIllidan-US2540
79Farrs falconsIllidan-US2538
80Broctonis no ideaIllidan-US2416
81Bastion  Illidan-US2416
82Kiramiku FantasiaIllidan-US2386Not updated
83Visceralz House of MercerIllidan-US2166Not updated
84Krodac Topped OffIllidan-US2160
85Phrocys SolaceIllidan-US2155
86Kemsa Slash CryIllidan-US1943
87Ironhide  Illidan-US1940Not updated
88Cherubky RedBeanIllidan-US1938Not updated
89Tufangsuisan GloriaIllidan-US1920
90Threalon SolaceIllidan-US1891
91Reaching FusedIllidan-US1878
92Yeticrab This Game is SO HardIllidan-US1875
93Sammilux KlaypexIllidan-US1866Not updated
94Woodknight StyleIllidan-US1865
95Cufflink FantasiaIllidan-US1856Not updated
96Hrothjab UprisingIllidan-US1841
97Belizaera  Illidan-US1841Not updated
98Tykku  Illidan-US1840Not updated
99Nilhus Final ChapterIllidan-US1638Not updated
100Icemakebrew SARSIllidan-US1635

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