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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Illidan-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Krodac  Illidan-US8220Not updated
2Protege  Illidan-US6930Not updated
3Wildholycat  Illidan-US6801Not updated
4Lifeo Creep StatusIllidan-US5425Not updated
5Riggimonk Blood LegionIllidan-US5363Not updated
6Jasyra Tranquilitys ShadowIllidan-US4848
7Dawnknight Eclipse StarfallIllidan-US4848
8Astev  Illidan-US4848Not updated
9Apollochi VersatilityIllidan-US4763
10Yeticrab Slash CryIllidan-US4641
11Protichi  Illidan-US4636Not updated
12Brèwslèe no ideaIllidan-US4515
13Vhaegon Nothing PersonalIllidan-US4365
14Absalom Blood LegionIllidan-US4358
15Iffy He Man Woman HatersIllidan-US4346
16Ajiaoo FantasiaIllidan-US4236Not updated
17Kaisoku SummitIllidan-US4016
18Szerek Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3883Not updated
19Shoyo The IlluminatiIllidan-US3883
20Dranosh Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3883Not updated
21Nevermush FantasiaIllidan-US3880
22Thoroko  Illidan-US3875Not updated
23Kalazor SummitIllidan-US3868
24Glaima DeathbringerIllidan-US3866Not updated
25Moiria Shake MiracleIllidan-US3863
26Insaniam Dark FaeIllidan-US3863
27Slingle ApotheosisIllidan-US3860
28Finalexams Shake MiracleIllidan-US3855
29Avrah  Illidan-US3841
30Chopleaf Blood LegionIllidan-US3815
31Puremanchun Gong FeiIllidan-US3788Not updated
32Moepf StyleIllidan-US3758Not updated
33Nerfherd SanctumIllidan-US3746Not updated
34Eflaps Blood LegionIllidan-US3666
35Evilclash Aspect of FaithIllidan-US3650
36Heebii Skill CappedIllidan-US3646Not updated
37Kshaatriya MOVIN OUR HIPS LIKE YEAAIllidan-US3638
38Dingcrab SanerIllidan-US3638Not updated
39Sváfa NERVIllidan-US3636
40Lcranger Tu MachIllidan-US3630
41Cixelm Blood LegionIllidan-US3625
42Mopfe StyleIllidan-US3616
43Ardonyx AngryIllidan-US3611
44Ghettofist Sllib Is BadIllidan-US3611
45Blizzecute SummitIllidan-US3608
46Asrodel VersatilityIllidan-US3606
47Gendon HighFunctioningSociopathIllidan-US3603
48Ibatata  Illidan-US3581
49Spiderplague Fatal DesiresIllidan-US3566
50Banzei FantasiaIllidan-US3558Not updated
51Fisterotic DevouredIllidan-US3551
52Krator Team IceIllidan-US3540
53Hockeyhockey Slash CryIllidan-US3535Not updated
54Zenfuryzen DecadronIllidan-US3530
55Infunit House AtreidesIllidan-US3520
56Tyse  Illidan-US3513Not updated
57Doomgard The StruggleIllidan-US3463Not updated
58Mlgmanbaby No Fun AllowedIllidan-US3441Not updated
59Bmminitian Fist of FuryIllidan-US3441Not updated
60Kemsa Slash CryIllidan-US3440
61Sabbab Last PhaseIllidan-US3438
62Taefedon Raiding RainbowsIllidan-US3433
63Jackntaxes FusedIllidan-US3418
64Order MINE MINE MINEIllidan-US3416Not updated
65Kylinxu StyleIllidan-US3415
66Literaistlin Knows No BoundsIllidan-US3388Not updated
67Nacirema Art Thou VexedIllidan-US3385Not updated
68Fællout Blood HélixIllidan-US3370Not updated
69Bramilk AsgardIllidan-US3368
70Kowin  Illidan-US3353Not updated
71Susanoo Ginyu ForceIllidan-US3350Not updated
72Moothora AngryIllidan-US3346
73Eckbock TriumphIllidan-US3280Not updated
74Logan SanctumIllidan-US3235Not updated
75Dyvis Blood LegionIllidan-US3230
76Artstyle DAWNIllidan-US3226
77Atomicfelony StalwartIllidan-US3225Not updated
78Vhaidra Blood Legion Spec OpsIllidan-US3223Not updated
79Hypnotized Blood LegionIllidan-US3223
80Doko AvidIllidan-US3223
81Apennyworth EncoreIllidan-US3221Not updated
82Brofficial Get the Funk Out My FaceIllidan-US3218Not updated
83Cherubky Hainan ChickenIllidan-US3180
84Unholydevil AngryIllidan-US3178
85Savejejunow  Illidan-US3173Not updated
86Macstallion EncoreIllidan-US3170
87Kilokai Safety FirstIllidan-US3170
88Montanai Edison Institute Of FilmIllidan-US3166
89Salamanderr Slash CryIllidan-US3165Not updated
90Xîtan AvidIllidan-US3163
91Alyisia PvP PowerIllidan-US3161Not updated
92Foofi FusedIllidan-US3160
93Uagenius Blazing SunIllidan-US3158Not updated
94Runenmeister Final ChapterIllidan-US3155Not updated
95Daizhi  Illidan-US3151Not updated
96Scholtlohcs Blood LegionIllidan-US3150
97Salavar  Illidan-US3150Not updated
98Velryssa  Illidan-US3130
99Sarakenoi  Illidan-US3125Not updated
100Vosem AvidIllidan-US3123Not updated

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