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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Luna Level UPFrostwolf-EU4850Not updated
2Karrìs In ExcessFrostwolf-EU4783Not updated
3Draggiz ShockWaveFrostwolf-EU4643Not updated
4Nosturi FlawlessFrostwolf-EU4510Not updated
5Suwod BloodwingFrostwolf-EU4435Not updated
6Hàki Schwarzer SandFrostwolf-EU4423Not updated
7Elyrion In ExcessFrostwolf-EU4136Not updated
8Zke  Frostwolf-EU4020Not updated
9Minotaurûs AesyrFrostwolf-EU3928Not updated
10Leenia AudiophilFrostwolf-EU3861Not updated
11Tedrax Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostwolf-EU3823Not updated
12Kacïa Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU3658Not updated
13Desp AesyrFrostwolf-EU3645Not updated
14Saofeng Pars Pro TotoFrostwolf-EU3640Not updated
15Holyjudge Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU3640Not updated
16Schlaubär randomFrostwolf-EU3631Not updated
17Arythiar AudiophilFrostwolf-EU3621Not updated
18Katînka No Space InsideFrostwolf-EU3550Not updated
19Chetan Die SyndikanerFrostwolf-EU3546Not updated
20Draisen Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3543Not updated
21Yuvilee Lords of FirestoneFrostwolf-EU3518Not updated
22Cosîda atHeatFrostwolf-EU3516Not updated
23Chianwu I Infected IFrostwolf-EU3506Not updated
24Bullwârk Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU3460Not updated
25Palapam Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3435Not updated
26Verkloppa I Infected IFrostwolf-EU3420Not updated
27Ruinmonk  Frostwolf-EU3415Not updated
28Shalyszbro Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3366Not updated
29Toffel Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3361Not updated
30Ropper Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU3353Not updated
31Germone Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU3346Not updated
32Fjoergee CasualFrostwolf-EU3251Not updated
33Zhiara Horden KriegerFrostwolf-EU3220Not updated
34Himbeerblau The LemmingsFrostwolf-EU3210Not updated
35Hellclaw HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU3183Not updated
36Harmuhnie Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU3173Not updated
37Elidahs In ExcessFrostwolf-EU3173Not updated
38Ellesár FlawlessFrostwolf-EU3166Not updated
39Æqita AeterniumFrostwolf-EU3156Not updated
40Zelîz In ExcessFrostwolf-EU3156Not updated
41Gosmcndibyl  Frostwolf-EU3155Not updated
42Highlikeme Kaze no YaibaFrostwolf-EU3136Not updated
43Fleischmofa Rigor MortisFrostwolf-EU3136Not updated
44Michigras Level UPFrostwolf-EU3135Not updated
45Sidet ProjectFrostwolf-EU3123Not updated
46Hashtagkumio Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU3120Not updated
47Catleyâ Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU3118Not updated
48Mæva Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostwolf-EU3113Not updated
49Voltii Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU3058Not updated
50Zalrina RefugeFrostwolf-EU3033Not updated
51Oshigon Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU3021Not updated
52Guyrush Special NetworkFrostwolf-EU3021Not updated
53Igrimmara Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU3020Not updated
54Quynmo RefugeFrostwolf-EU3018Not updated
55Syfex HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU3018Not updated
56Galâkra AesyrFrostwolf-EU2868Not updated
57Chopchop DeathNoteFrostwolf-EU2861Not updated
58Lír  Frostwolf-EU2851Not updated
59Torokjin AesyrFrostwolf-EU2851Not updated
60Diâlya Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU2846Not updated
61Lightweight Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostwolf-EU2823Not updated
62Kankerork Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU2805Not updated
63Painttrain Sleeping ForestFrostwolf-EU2645Not updated
64Ravager AesyrFrostwolf-EU2636Not updated
65Glomgan  Frostwolf-EU2635Not updated
66Argôn  Frostwolf-EU2628Not updated
67Puthealzhere  Frostwolf-EU2620Not updated
68Eversong  Frostwolf-EU2541Not updated
69Yâneas Plüsch und PlunderFrostwolf-EU2533Not updated
70Johnnyboy AesyrFrostwolf-EU2533Not updated
71Omnom Last RevolutionFrostwolf-EU2523Not updated
72Kezlor  Frostwolf-EU2520Not updated
73Miyoka  Frostwolf-EU2515Not updated
74Krateos AeterniumFrostwolf-EU2448Not updated
75Norkala ZIUFrostwolf-EU2430Not updated
76Mayushii ZirkelritterFrostwolf-EU2353Not updated
77Klaxxina  Frostwolf-EU2345Not updated
78Yizzyd HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU2226Not updated
79Urtaî Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU2173Not updated
80Tüpfel Dark SocietyFrostwolf-EU2168Not updated
81Sothon ANGFrostwolf-EU1941Not updated
82Mondbüffel  Frostwolf-EU1923Not updated
83Tick FlawlessFrostwolf-EU1916Not updated
84Lyzian CasualFrostwolf-EU1890Not updated
85Arognartwo randomFrostwolf-EU1886Not updated
86Dysper Next TryFrostwolf-EU1878Not updated
87Skali  Frostwolf-EU1871Not updated
88Pakuz unchainedFrostwolf-EU1863Not updated
89Teslyn RecklessFrostwolf-EU1851Not updated
90Leià Epic WolvesFrostwolf-EU1846Not updated
91Bovidae FlawlessFrostwolf-EU1845Not updated
92Deathgriplöl Level UPFrostwolf-EU1811Not updated
93Ikarigendo atHeatFrostwolf-EU1811Not updated
94Nîedertracht Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU1778Not updated
95Frânkthetânk Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU1768Not updated
96Yukinu RecklessFrostwolf-EU1651Not updated
97Vindictia RecklessFrostwolf-EU1643Not updated
98Vakki Vakkis SlaughterhouseFrostwolf-EU1640Not updated
99Xurila refluXFrostwolf-EU1626Not updated
100Susren I Infected IFrostwolf-EU1620Not updated

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