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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwhisper-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Juti Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU6678Not updated
2Nickel VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU4640Not updated
3Hairymoobs Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU4531Not updated
4 UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU3928Not updated
5Wíte Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU3881Not updated
6Madredd MementoFrostwhisper-EU3856Not updated
7Ziggey  Frostwhisper-EU3848Not updated
8Levoslak MementoFrostwhisper-EU3841Not updated
9Tholsams  Frostwhisper-EU3645Not updated
10Faizan Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU3643Not updated
11Cheis MementoFrostwhisper-EU3621Not updated
12Zôofa pulseCore GamingFrostwhisper-EU3615Not updated
13Crazy Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU3611Not updated
14Syluks Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU3610Not updated
15Gearcheck VanquishFrostwhisper-EU3610Not updated
16Topbear UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU3606Not updated
17Panimo RefusionFrostwhisper-EU3591Not updated
18Darkpowerz VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU3506Not updated
19Úpik MementoFrostwhisper-EU3436Not updated
20Zauli MementoFrostwhisper-EU3435Not updated
21Keinonen ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU3433Not updated
22Testosteroni Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU3418Not updated
23Tauti Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU3418Not updated
24Lûthien AnkhFrostwhisper-EU3346Not updated
25Skyela VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU3225Not updated
26Ðino Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU3220Not updated
27Lowak Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU3153Not updated
28Harsk AnkhFrostwhisper-EU3145Not updated
29Arnoóld MalumFrostwhisper-EU2873Not updated
30Koopa EinherjarFrostwhisper-EU2440Not updated
31Kélso We never finish anythFrostwhisper-EU2343Not updated
32Ilokunq MementoFrostwhisper-EU2181Not updated
33Maccý Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU1930Not updated
34Nastasya  Frostwhisper-EU1878Not updated
35Intikam The EchoesFrostwhisper-EU1878Not updated
36Sinduil Rainbow BrigadeFrostwhisper-EU1635Not updated
37Oranoss PääesikuntaFrostwhisper-EU1541Not updated
38Frosity Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU1518Not updated
39Cirr D I N GFrostwhisper-EU1440Not updated
40Tremdreo MementoFrostwhisper-EU1351Not updated
41Samlish AnkhFrostwhisper-EU1150Not updated
42Kesokatten Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU1148Not updated
43Ragefarmer Nameless CrusadersFrostwhisper-EU938Not updated
44Deviation VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU933Not updated
45Sudàc D I N GFrostwhisper-EU931Not updated
46Eunike Bring me that SunriseFrostwhisper-EU895Not updated
47Yujiro  Frostwhisper-EU886Not updated
48Sis Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU881Not updated
49Xenov WholfbankFrostwhisper-EU878Not updated
50Zuvembi VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU878Not updated
51Sebjin Casual ExcuseFrostwhisper-EU861Not updated
52Xmasster VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU850Not updated
53Caledith Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU846Not updated
54Fillername The Frost HordeFrostwhisper-EU841Not updated
55Spedeh Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU810Not updated
56Pendulum BAD COMPANIONSFrostwhisper-EU650Not updated
57Irlpee VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU646Not updated
58Tossfiluren We never finish anythFrostwhisper-EU640Not updated
59Khaylos RomeFrostwhisper-EU638Not updated
60Bwitcher VanquishFrostwhisper-EU636Not updated
61Ogrash VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU631Not updated
62Srg EinherjarFrostwhisper-EU630Not updated
63Proletarian The EchoesFrostwhisper-EU625Not updated
64Zarther Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU611Not updated
65Protsku MementoFrostwhisper-EU610Not updated
66Limitbreaker UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU610Not updated
67Filxor Spearmint KodoFrostwhisper-EU585Not updated
68Snoekbaars UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU570Not updated
69Aswadd VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU558Not updated
70Elitepanda Rest In PiecesFrostwhisper-EU540Not updated
71Agit Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU533Not updated
72Reun Madhouse InmatesFrostwhisper-EU525Not updated
73Spedeeku Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU521Not updated
74Nsjxx SanitasFrostwhisper-EU518Not updated
75Huippumälli MokiaFrostwhisper-EU516Not updated
76Shîra ExcidoFrostwhisper-EU515Not updated
77Legó VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU443Not updated
78Cicis Rest In PiecesFrostwhisper-EU440Not updated
79Khaylus RomeFrostwhisper-EU433Not updated
80Gìngerfish Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU411Not updated
81Ultí  Frostwhisper-EU405Not updated
82Ambrosious The Social NetworkFrostwhisper-EU396Not updated
83Antigua SmartCasualFrostwhisper-EU186Not updated
84Bullhorn Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU171Not updated
85Gussa Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU170Not updated
86Sikeratar The EchoesFrostwhisper-EU170Not updated
87Skillmost  Frostwhisper-EU163Not updated
88Sphyro  Frostwhisper-EU163Not updated
89Aireo MythicFrostwhisper-EU160Not updated
90Qujee  Frostwhisper-EU156Not updated
91Mouko The Scarlet CrusadeFrostwhisper-EU146Not updated

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