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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Plup Infamous LegacyFrostmourne-US7811Not updated
2Sekkzi  Frostmourne-US5988Not updated
3Arctrus  Frostmourne-US5636Not updated
4Rad  Frostmourne-US5628Not updated
5Runeheal HonestlyFrostmourne-US5623Not updated
6Fôxxay RuthlessFrostmourne-US5605Not updated
7Kirely HyperTechFrostmourne-US5540Not updated
8Pokgaì  Frostmourne-US5535Not updated
9Gearcarry ElevationFrostmourne-US4888Not updated
10Voltairè Random MayhemFrostmourne-US4885Not updated
11Hanestia PanadolFrostmourne-US4626Not updated
12Sleepzokay Cant Please EveryoneFrostmourne-US4610Not updated
13Muslimftw Medical Test SubjectsFrostmourne-US4593Not updated
14Tlo ElevationFrostmourne-US4393Not updated
15Troyp Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US4348Not updated
16Fattyolo  Frostmourne-US4346Not updated
17Sagewynn  Frostmourne-US4345Not updated
18Bignjuicy EmbersFrostmourne-US4015Not updated
19Insideout FateFrostmourne-US4010Not updated
20Quox Wipest ElitesFrostmourne-US3950Not updated
21Abnormalize ClassicFrostmourne-US3943Not updated
22Pawdy The Big Bad TheoryFrostmourne-US3943Not updated
23Dramacraft Slice of ParadiseFrostmourne-US3940Not updated
24Freetimes  Frostmourne-US3931Not updated
25Flexiblez  Frostmourne-US3916Not updated
26Ryumi  Frostmourne-US3863Not updated
27Sakosm Mass Rez IncFrostmourne-US3855Not updated
28Simply VitareFrostmourne-US3848Not updated
29Rexicles Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US3846Not updated
30Jinhwa OdysseyFrostmourne-US3845Not updated
31Smokingdk Temporary InsanityFrostmourne-US3815Not updated
32Sunde DispøsedFrostmourne-US3810Not updated
33Spectrum HonestlyFrostmourne-US3808Not updated
34Multiplexer TheCWMFrostmourne-US3763Not updated
35Vynnz Infamous LegacyFrostmourne-US3748Not updated
36Xiuy Alliance of ArchangelsFrostmourne-US3736Not updated
37Roulette FictionFrostmourne-US3726Not updated
38Ashmadai ExposureFrostmourne-US3650Not updated
39Alkuron Enter new guild nameFrostmourne-US3648Not updated
40Soloit Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US3638Not updated
41Doken Supreme DefianceFrostmourne-US3638Not updated
42Saverachel AuthorizedPersonnelOnlyFrostmourne-US3630Not updated
43Kashmir  Frostmourne-US3626Not updated
44Wikket  Frostmourne-US3626Not updated
45Butterbean CarebearsFrostmourne-US3608Not updated
46Grimthok OdysseyFrostmourne-US3606Not updated
47Kejsare Enter new guild nameFrostmourne-US3571Not updated
48Troyw Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US3560Not updated
49Sina  Frostmourne-US3553Not updated
50Timboslice Slice of ParadiseFrostmourne-US3551Not updated
51Brewberg Night EdgeFrostmourne-US3551Not updated
52Raxxed HonestlyFrostmourne-US3550Not updated
53Troym Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US3543Not updated
54Chunkymonky CarebearsFrostmourne-US3536Not updated
55Knoza Go away I drop nothingFrostmourne-US3528Not updated
56Redeemorsdk PanadolFrostmourne-US3516Not updated
57Coolfox RuthlessFrostmourne-US3515Not updated
58Elizabal Brutally HonestFrostmourne-US3513Not updated
59Stormcookies PilipinasFrostmourne-US3513Not updated
60Quinsterise CCAVFrostmourne-US3510Not updated
61Ìmperius RuthlessFrostmourne-US3461Not updated
62Bloodboiler Flesh SlasherFrostmourne-US3443Not updated
63Valthra ArchaeosFrostmourne-US3433Not updated
64Naiyrlol Kill it PleaseFrostmourne-US3426Not updated
65Bomboms ImmuteFrostmourne-US3413Not updated
66Tränce FishFrostmourne-US3413Not updated
67Dairyn DagonFrostmourne-US3410Not updated
68Waum The CabalFrostmourne-US3398Not updated
69Suparlulz Clay HorseFrostmourne-US3396Not updated
70Kelsbabe Go away I drop nothingFrostmourne-US3371Not updated
71Pudsy ArchaeosFrostmourne-US3355Not updated
72Invulnerable Flexability ComplexFrostmourne-US3355Not updated
73Duesvox AvastFrostmourne-US3350Not updated
74Chiwave RuthlessFrostmourne-US3350Not updated
75Brewenstein TheCWMFrostmourne-US3346Not updated
76Skytek Sausage Wallet SurgeonsFrostmourne-US3346Not updated
77Wolfgangz Infamous LegacyFrostmourne-US3346Not updated
78Brewmastered OblìvionFrostmourne-US3346Not updated
79Adansavoy Victory PerfumeFrostmourne-US3343Not updated
80Xon ZenFrostmourne-US3318Not updated
81Snobhelpme SerenityFrostmourne-US3250Not updated
82Valenska IntrusionFrostmourne-US3240Not updated
83Thesteve SerenityFrostmourne-US3235Not updated
84Felidorii Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US3231Not updated
85Fatñerd Random MayhemFrostmourne-US3221Not updated
86Siguvald RuthlessFrostmourne-US3220Not updated
87Corkii  Frostmourne-US3176Not updated
88Popcaps  Frostmourne-US3176Not updated
89Zeus OrdealFrostmourne-US3175Not updated
90Liansha BurnFrostmourne-US3175Not updated
91Easti RuthlessFrostmourne-US3170Not updated
92Rudyrude SyndromeFrostmourne-US3168Not updated
93Krijger RequiemFrostmourne-US3166Not updated
94Trelliya Slice of ParadiseFrostmourne-US3165Not updated
95Mourninglori Enter new guild nameFrostmourne-US3160Not updated
96Sarinand Enter new guild nameFrostmourne-US3158Not updated
97Ms  Frostmourne-US3156Not updated
98Méãt UltimateFrostmourne-US3141Not updated
99Burnteggs ImmuteFrostmourne-US3136Not updated
100Bashugood Enter new guild nameFrostmourne-US3131Not updated

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