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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmane-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Watisdis MazeFrostmane-EU5613Not updated
2Dreadgoob OmniFrostmane-EU5513Not updated
3Eleem OK Who PulledFrostmane-EU5156Not updated
4Blaya Blood PressureFrostmane-EU4888Not updated
5Glwoo ArcFrostmane-EU4875Not updated
6Vaxul Infinite EternityFrostmane-EU4645Not updated
7Kuina StyleFrostmane-EU4431Not updated
8Azore AdeptFrostmane-EU4420Not updated
9Falos SunmistFrostmane-EU4418Not updated
10Chezie TurboFrostmane-EU4413Not updated
11Merdok Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU4158Not updated
12Psylunatic Death PactFrostmane-EU4153Not updated
13Brewed ValkyrieFrostmane-EU4018Not updated
14Tryalittle ExpendablesFrostmane-EU3931Not updated
15Optimizer CollusionFrostmane-EU3873Not updated
16Bjôrnbär VeoFrostmane-EU3868Not updated
17Kaxxy ImmersionFrostmane-EU3853Not updated
18Angrymuffin TurboFrostmane-EU3850Not updated
19Meyr AlysiumFrostmane-EU3848Not updated
20Kntemplator AnVFrostmane-EU3813Not updated
21Nichija Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU3631Not updated
22Bámbam AdeptFrostmane-EU3630Not updated
23Rononoa Frostmane Pirate CrewFrostmane-EU3621Not updated
24Bejmar SoldiersFrostmane-EU3613Not updated
25Aep Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU3611Not updated
26Fhusion IneptFrostmane-EU3586Not updated
27Dwarfstar Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU3585Not updated
28Bacontank Our Spirits Will Go OnFrostmane-EU3581Not updated
29Eluaz Forgotten GuardiansFrostmane-EU3541Not updated
30Darac SunmistFrostmane-EU3515Not updated
31Sayonaraz BadCrewFrostmane-EU3513Not updated
32Drvenapec SunmistFrostmane-EU3508Not updated
33Vraeli  Frostmane-EU3466Not updated
34Qong Naked SundaysFrostmane-EU3453Not updated
35Blankspace Naked SundaysFrostmane-EU3431Not updated
36Hephaistwo StyleFrostmane-EU3423Not updated
37Leori AlysiumFrostmane-EU3408Not updated
38Zenkick MercifulFrostmane-EU3403Not updated
39Weylin  Frostmane-EU3378Not updated
40Jarrö StyleFrostmane-EU3373Not updated
41Azal  Frostmane-EU3373Not updated
42Friherrinnan Pantheon GuardFrostmane-EU3355Not updated
43Aylene Memento MoriFrostmane-EU3341Not updated
44Híldegardé TurboFrostmane-EU3333Not updated
45Mikoz AdeptFrostmane-EU3323Not updated
46Brekkstein TurboFrostmane-EU3241Not updated
47Zyró NotoriousFrostmane-EU3233Not updated
48Vertixio The Elite AngelsFrostmane-EU3230Not updated
49Ërzâ  Frostmane-EU3226Not updated
50Aldwer Cellar DwellersFrostmane-EU3223Not updated
51Avaji FacultyFrostmane-EU3223Not updated
52Entharon HombresFrostmane-EU3220Not updated
53Reverie LoyaltyFrostmane-EU3188Not updated
54Snakè AdeptFrostmane-EU3171Not updated
55Alef PaprikaFrostmane-EU3168Not updated
56Warrco CollusionFrostmane-EU3168Not updated
57Phyrexo Wrath of the NorsemenFrostmane-EU3163Not updated
58Zaretha StyleFrostmane-EU3161Not updated
59Chazeryu EnfeebleFrostmane-EU3161Not updated
60Seipha SecurityFrostmane-EU3160Not updated
61Gibso Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU3158Not updated
62Mellwan Touch of HadesFrostmane-EU3156Not updated
63Vilton VeoFrostmane-EU3151Not updated
64Warcry ImperiousFrostmane-EU3140Not updated
65Merinia Limited EditionFrostmane-EU3128Not updated
66Darkezi SunmistFrostmane-EU3126Not updated
67Laisu AdeptFrostmane-EU3125Not updated
68Twi EmbraceFrostmane-EU3123Not updated
69Nicokick IneptFrostmane-EU3123Not updated
70Ironrage StyleFrostmane-EU3123Not updated
71Hayoni STONEHEARTFrostmane-EU3105Not updated
72Porridge You MirinFrostmane-EU3055Not updated
73Medanís QuellingFrostmane-EU3050Not updated
74Noonk Tabula rasaFrostmane-EU3035Not updated
75Sinthoriel TurboFrostmane-EU3028Not updated
76Nikìta SecurityFrostmane-EU3018Not updated
77Scrubmonk GoodGameFrostmane-EU3018Not updated
78Furundzija Death PactFrostmane-EU3016Not updated
79Mjukîsen VajkuraFrostmane-EU3000Not updated
80Ishimoru HombresFrostmane-EU2940Not updated
81Perfectly CollusionFrostmane-EU2940Not updated
82Krraxia CollusionFrostmane-EU2893Not updated
83Dreamqt MercifulFrostmane-EU2886Not updated
84Dashiê MazeFrostmane-EU2880Not updated
85Jevâ HombresFrostmane-EU2875Not updated
86Mellwandin Touch of HadesFrostmane-EU2868Not updated
87Alltids DiligenceFrostmane-EU2856Not updated
88Curserollx Escaped from hospitalFrostmane-EU2850Not updated
89Dízel PretorianieFrostmane-EU2846Not updated
90Nushi Tabula rasaFrostmane-EU2660Not updated
91Unholydoo Done the ImpossibleFrostmane-EU2655Not updated
92Chohi  Frostmane-EU2650Not updated
93Tunaqt Brush ControlFrostmane-EU2633Not updated
94Grackus Dude where s my mountFrostmane-EU2631Not updated
95Itsmitz Swedish SyndicateFrostmane-EU2630Not updated
96Slosher IneptFrostmane-EU2611Not updated
97Eldania  Frostmane-EU2606Not updated
98Kluras VeoFrostmane-EU2605Not updated
99Starseal Ninth OrderFrostmane-EU2566Not updated
100Connor  Frostmane-EU2553Not updated

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