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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Jykupajr Blizzard Of OzzEmerald Dream-US5366Not updated
2Pokju Armored Bear DivisionEmerald Dream-US4865Not updated
3Peshku The SunwingEmerald Dream-US4616Not updated
4Egotistic Once More With FeelingEmerald Dream-US3931Not updated
5Relanori Syntax ErrorEmerald Dream-US3853Not updated
6Ariannas Hunger For PowerEmerald Dream-US3791Not updated
7Ðante Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US3635Not updated
8Cattebrie DO WORKEmerald Dream-US3616Not updated
9Samundas Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US3606Not updated
10Hailzen IndubitablyEmerald Dream-US3575Not updated
11Skoltr Syntax ErrorEmerald Dream-US3511Not updated
12Corrz Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US3433Not updated
13Kurisu HeartIessEmerald Dream-US3241Not updated
14Bananä Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US3166Not updated
15Gröwlee LividEmerald Dream-US3155Not updated
16Jeffaar AnodyneEmerald Dream-US3021Not updated
17Segchi Order of the Gold RoadEmerald Dream-US3020Not updated
18Ikkitousen MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US2863Not updated
19Kòzuky Infinite ResolveEmerald Dream-US2850Not updated
20Tulg Sythegore ArmEmerald Dream-US2628Not updated
21Stribogitzal GorWatha WarbandEmerald Dream-US2611Not updated
22Kegginkate LividEmerald Dream-US1950Not updated
23Kronchy  Emerald Dream-US1936Not updated
24Traegen WarbringerEmerald Dream-US1935Not updated
25Lawyered LegionEmerald Dream-US1928Not updated
26Consqt Nap TimeEmerald Dream-US1870Not updated
27Zenhorn Show Me Your CrítsEmerald Dream-US1851Not updated
28Raknagog Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US1848Not updated
29Tenpointpalm AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US1846Not updated
30Acups  Emerald Dream-US1836Not updated
31Venuizunto Darkness RebornEmerald Dream-US1821Not updated
32Mÿz Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US1661Not updated
33Jhuxum Sythegore ArmEmerald Dream-US1651Not updated
34Sayerel  Emerald Dream-US1645Not updated
35Zyrex LividEmerald Dream-US1645Not updated
36Nøødle The Uncommon FewEmerald Dream-US1638Not updated
37Eoghanbyr Bold as LionsEmerald Dream-US1636Not updated
38Thelykh Golden VanguardEmerald Dream-US1630Not updated
39Bubblebass Bizarre AdventureEmerald Dream-US1628Not updated
40Amberlli AvengeEmerald Dream-US1573Not updated
41Supremacism WarbringerEmerald Dream-US1545Not updated
42Kasath Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US1545Not updated
43Ebo Hunger For PowerEmerald Dream-US1543Not updated
44Krestaphim Misbegotten FuryEmerald Dream-US1541Not updated
45Boostedqt  Emerald Dream-US1536Not updated
46Monkop Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US1518Not updated
47Gibbygibby Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US1518Not updated
48Daïdook Hunger For PowerEmerald Dream-US1516Not updated
49Treptanium MesmerizeEmerald Dream-US1510Not updated
50Luphrek WarbringerEmerald Dream-US1441Not updated
51Achilius  Emerald Dream-US1403Not updated
52Stirner AvengeEmerald Dream-US1156Not updated
53Nathollas AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US953Not updated
54Waifu Shoop Da WoopEmerald Dream-US895Not updated
55Diontê World PVPs FinestEmerald Dream-US893Not updated
56Zenmu theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US885Not updated
57Runepaw  Emerald Dream-US883Not updated
58Miniøn Sunshine Cupcake CrewEmerald Dream-US883Not updated
59Pizarro  Emerald Dream-US881Not updated
60Stag  Emerald Dream-US873Not updated
61Stags After HoursEmerald Dream-US873Not updated
62Tesshu LividEmerald Dream-US871Not updated
63Facehugger The Darkmoon UnionEmerald Dream-US868Not updated
64Righteøus Order of the Gold RoadEmerald Dream-US868Not updated
65Bleu Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US866Not updated
66Adawna No ContestEmerald Dream-US848Not updated
67Fyasko  Emerald Dream-US845Not updated
68Graggars DO WORKEmerald Dream-US843Not updated
69Deadmete Sunnyvale Trailer ParkEmerald Dream-US840Not updated
70Firekeeper Druids of the WildEmerald Dream-US825Not updated
71Fredderick PressureEmerald Dream-US818Not updated
72Valorica Dun Morogh ChampionsEmerald Dream-US760Not updated
73Pandrel WarbringerEmerald Dream-US740Not updated
74Haarne  Emerald Dream-US648Not updated
75Hpynso Syntax ErrorEmerald Dream-US648Not updated
76Zenal NightsEmerald Dream-US645Not updated
77Jeperty  Emerald Dream-US640Not updated
78Wunwun UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US635Not updated
79Voríck  Emerald Dream-US635Not updated
80Kynath SwerveEmerald Dream-US635Not updated
81Nekrophiliak StregaEmerald Dream-US630Not updated
82Sayrien Phoenix EmpireEmerald Dream-US623Not updated
83Kitsunetai Filthy CasualsEmerald Dream-US621Not updated
84Boostedsyty  Emerald Dream-US618Not updated
85Hryst Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US616Not updated
86Djskrillex  Emerald Dream-US611Not updated
87Feedbag OmnibaneEmerald Dream-US610Not updated
88Xonelith LegionEmerald Dream-US593Not updated
89Jumpluff  Emerald Dream-US563Not updated
90Dannygee PraetorianiEmerald Dream-US561Not updated
91Kreejla StregaEmerald Dream-US561Not updated
92Heliosphan Kawaii ClubEmerald Dream-US553Not updated
93Dstroyed Horde Have EdgeEmerald Dream-US553Not updated
94Rycken  Emerald Dream-US548Not updated
95Fairgrim Winds of FortuneEmerald Dream-US543Not updated
96Natural AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US541Not updated
97Gardexstrasz Blood RightEmerald Dream-US540Not updated
98Sadach Lincolns FinestEmerald Dream-US538Not updated
99Sokra Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US538Not updated
100Dräugr TheAfterLifeEmerald Dream-US531Not updated

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