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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Modr-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Symbiosys EurekaDun Modr-EU6226Not updated
2Thargrim  Dun Modr-EU5636Not updated
3Vanost VengeanceDun Modr-EU4968Not updated
4Lilsoul VengeanceDun Modr-EU4935Not updated
5Mudarkon EurekaDun Modr-EU4616Not updated
6Rygar Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU4511Not updated
7Ýølømønk Lonely hearts clubDun Modr-EU4413Not updated
8Pituffo JötunheimDun Modr-EU4345Not updated
9Warstörm  Dun Modr-EU3971Not updated
10Vharzëk InsaneDun Modr-EU3953Not updated
11Shree DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU3933Not updated
12Kotei Philanthropy KriegersDun Modr-EU3893Not updated
13Merithra InsomnioDun Modr-EU3875Not updated
14Hyseu EmotiveDun Modr-EU3858Not updated
15Athron InsomnioDun Modr-EU3776Not updated
16Tiote PlutønDun Modr-EU3645Not updated
17Procelote La RebelionDun Modr-EU3641Not updated
18Kuarter Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU3640Not updated
19Naehq  Dun Modr-EU3633Not updated
20Otsu Chaos TheoryDun Modr-EU3626Not updated
21Josraid Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU3621Not updated
22Torento Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU3616Not updated
23Eldaron Legacy of DragoonsDun Modr-EU3616Not updated
24Yatnamen Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU3615Not updated
25Thassa Master and CommandersDun Modr-EU3595Not updated
26Ninhil XII GnØmØsDun Modr-EU3570Not updated
27Vladious Wind FuryDun Modr-EU3555Not updated
28Svante NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU3555Not updated
29Diraiâ ForwardDun Modr-EU3551Not updated
30Lyudmyla DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU3550Not updated
31Mcyerba ProvidenceDun Modr-EU3546Not updated
32Issaries DefaultDun Modr-EU3540Not updated
33Trotamündos Corsair TimeDun Modr-EU3523Not updated
34Ðlink ShoSho of KarmaDun Modr-EU3515Not updated
35Formidable Winds of FuryDun Modr-EU3448Not updated
36Ips Inventory FullDun Modr-EU3445Not updated
37Nysck Alba de PonienteDun Modr-EU3436Not updated
38Azerodár Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU3435Not updated
39Tïnoko Guardia NocturnaDun Modr-EU3426Not updated
40Gnomedâs PerturbedDun Modr-EU3416Not updated
41Ieo DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU3386Not updated
42Morkkan Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU3385Not updated
43Nihiya Insert Guild Name HereDun Modr-EU3378Not updated
44Archï  Dun Modr-EU3371Not updated
45Därock Wind FuryDun Modr-EU3346Not updated
46Kirli InsaneDun Modr-EU3321Not updated
47Medvelio NiflheimrDun Modr-EU3241Not updated
48Sylverwing  Dun Modr-EU3233Not updated
49Sneker DreamwalkersDun Modr-EU3230Not updated
50Ðanix Los PariasDun Modr-EU3220Not updated
51Ninen AsgardDun Modr-EU3161Not updated
52Aswar Artic PenguinsDun Modr-EU3160Not updated
53Lalplz Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3160Not updated
54Zephyrah  Dun Modr-EU3160Not updated
55Ariannæ WolfsbaneDun Modr-EU3160Not updated
56Dreadnight Vengeful HordeDun Modr-EU3156Not updated
57Bakihamna HeXDun Modr-EU3146Not updated
58Aishä Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU3145Not updated
59Niba VengeanceDun Modr-EU3140Not updated
60Monktañera Dark MatterDun Modr-EU3138Not updated
61Modnar ImmuneDun Modr-EU3136Not updated
62Kritus Reaching PerfectionDun Modr-EU3126Not updated
63Thianna EmotiveDun Modr-EU3125Not updated
64Myuumu  Dun Modr-EU3125Not updated
65Ergion Dioses CaidosDun Modr-EU3125Not updated
66Abhilasha AsgardDun Modr-EU3123Not updated
67Urghkex Herp DerpDun Modr-EU3121Not updated
68Tamishia Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU3121Not updated
69Cyperx  Dun Modr-EU3121Not updated
70Hucamu EurekaDun Modr-EU3118Not updated
71Blowin  Dun Modr-EU3035Not updated
72Rîvên SB GamingDun Modr-EU3021Not updated
73Ûnknøwn NothingToLoseDun Modr-EU3020Not updated
74Drerîk Last OpportunityDun Modr-EU3020Not updated
75Bullz Alianza de LordaeronDun Modr-EU3015Not updated
76Khadgor  Dun Modr-EU3000Not updated
77Condin DOS K EXPDun Modr-EU2941Not updated
78Whookiddy  Dun Modr-EU2931Not updated
79Porriss  Dun Modr-EU2876Not updated
80Malware PerceptionDun Modr-EU2838Not updated
81Stormblade AchievedDun Modr-EU2746Not updated
82Tømbisky Mano de titánDun Modr-EU2728Not updated
83Rïki  Dun Modr-EU2646Not updated
84Diablò EurekaDun Modr-EU2640Not updated
85Esî ElysiumDun Modr-EU2640Not updated
86Susocio Dark MatterDun Modr-EU2630Not updated
87Enannito Legends of WanderingsDun Modr-EU2618Not updated
88Neverx Wind FuryDun Modr-EU2615Not updated
89Nuzhat The Dark SideDun Modr-EU2613Not updated
90Forcore OriginsDun Modr-EU2526Not updated
91Agasor Utopía y libertadDun Modr-EU2448Not updated
92Rietveld DefaultDun Modr-EU2441Not updated
93Dikeroner ReaveRDun Modr-EU2438Not updated
94Náyrà La RebelionDun Modr-EU2418Not updated
95Rivendare La Logia OscuraDun Modr-EU2401Not updated
96Agnawar HeXDun Modr-EU2345Not updated
97Vhendri ClavingeraDun Modr-EU2226Not updated
98Awaxu InnominateDun Modr-EU2138Not updated
99Ranok Atlantean LegendsDun Modr-EU2138Not updated
100Meriador TroyanosDun Modr-EU1958Not updated

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