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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Draenor-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Leiwo ControversialDraenor-EU11945Not updated
2Schesus  Draenor-EU10545Not updated
3Kennethqt Old SchoolDraenor-EU5848Not updated
4Blackquill  Draenor-EU5353Not updated
5Helmarix AureusDraenor-EU5346Not updated
6Grufmonk Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU5235Not updated
7Venomclaw The horde stormtroopersDraenor-EU4638Not updated
8Lehmus Phoenix LegionDraenor-EU4606Not updated
9Prohosbutt MystDraenor-EU4603Not updated
10Excallibur AscendanceDraenor-EU4510Not updated
11Vidrus  Draenor-EU4510Not updated
12Kegjitsu Carnage IncDraenor-EU4451Not updated
13Théuglyone SanctifyDraenor-EU4436Not updated
14Drunkdrood ControversialDraenor-EU4358Not updated
15Fraggymonk AscendanceDraenor-EU4230Not updated
16Cilvar The Empire Strikes FirstDraenor-EU4151Not updated
17Pizydonia Panzer PancakesDraenor-EU3945Not updated
18Rolnix Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU3928Not updated
19Seile MythDraenor-EU3861Not updated
20Willisham Fear of ExtinctionDraenor-EU3856Not updated
21Waralwi Arcus FortiumDraenor-EU3840Not updated
22Padicow Countdown To ChaosDraenor-EU3810Not updated
23Crístían  Draenor-EU3673Not updated
24Wannaspoon ProminenceDraenor-EU3646Not updated
25Necromongo Legio FulminatrixDraenor-EU3646Not updated
26Muuri AdrenalineDraenor-EU3645Not updated
27Portmanteau Left Hand PathDraenor-EU3641Not updated
28Minco LuceDraenor-EU3638Not updated
29Solokingyolo  Draenor-EU3635Not updated
30Walnor ExtensoDraenor-EU3635Not updated
31Luzwaz ErebosDraenor-EU3626Not updated
32Beiste The SaviorsDraenor-EU3610Not updated
33Norrow JujuDraenor-EU3610Not updated
34Brunswijk NeotericDawnDraenor-EU3610Not updated
35Killánto The UniqueDraenor-EU3605Not updated
36Simperfive New World OrderDraenor-EU3605Not updated
37Picklebrush MystDraenor-EU3603Not updated
38Karnah  Draenor-EU3595Not updated
39Laiko Insanity of OCDDraenor-EU3581Not updated
40Deróx The PantheonDraenor-EU3581Not updated
41Erblod Ashes RebornDraenor-EU3580Not updated
42Kyranarus UnforgettableDraenor-EU3576Not updated
43Feralli Ðrunk n ÐishørderlyDraenor-EU3571Not updated
44Rohs Old SchoolDraenor-EU3558Not updated
45Xanderpal Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU3548Not updated
46Steelrend ClaptrapsDraenor-EU3545Not updated
47Suzington ControversialDraenor-EU3543Not updated
48Ámaru Dark StormDraenor-EU3538Not updated
49Rockchomper DEM unpluggedDraenor-EU3528Not updated
50Theplush  Draenor-EU3520Not updated
51Gwol CrematoriaDraenor-EU3518Not updated
52Jáý AureusDraenor-EU3513Not updated
53Steakshield PhoeníxDraenor-EU3510Not updated
54Lisandre  Draenor-EU3460Not updated
55Frostyprime Celestial EclipseDraenor-EU3451Not updated
56Yaurgenz  Draenor-EU3450Not updated
57Synthor Burning CoreDraenor-EU3448Not updated
58Könne Old SchoolDraenor-EU3448Not updated
59Broovy  Draenor-EU3440Not updated
60Cebulooza Boom TimeDraenor-EU3416Not updated
61Winterwinds QuadpowerDraenor-EU3411Not updated
62Lycà MystDraenor-EU3411Not updated
63Xubie New EraDraenor-EU3408Not updated
64Abhorrent GR GamingDraenor-EU3408Not updated
65Maemie Forgot to WipeDraenor-EU3385Not updated
66Extraction Dark IntentDraenor-EU3385Not updated
67Krogzug LucidDraenor-EU3378Not updated
68Vinyaya  Draenor-EU3376Not updated
69Dâes MystDraenor-EU3376Not updated
70Hammerstorm MaliceDraenor-EU3350Not updated
71Nepoleapsuh Wiping As IntendedDraenor-EU3350Not updated
72Blarghahargh  Draenor-EU3345Not updated
73Deathstride  Draenor-EU3345Not updated
74Barradus The UniqueDraenor-EU3341Not updated
75Taurolich SurrealDraenor-EU3341Not updated
76Lovefist Actus DeiDraenor-EU3336Not updated
77Areø Insanitys FinestDraenor-EU3265Not updated
78Rhagen DEM unpluggedDraenor-EU3248Not updated
79Hannele New World OrderDraenor-EU3246Not updated
80Seyumi Get Rich Or Die GrindingDraenor-EU3233Not updated
81Lizcer LucidDraenor-EU3171Not updated
82Pavachamp Old SchoolDraenor-EU3166Not updated
83Leafybeast ControversialDraenor-EU3166Not updated
84Fomi  Draenor-EU3166Not updated
85Bigbreath InfamyDraenor-EU3166Not updated
86Vyscerus  Draenor-EU3166Not updated
87Nakspaw PurplesDraenor-EU3166Not updated
88Sqwirril Gingerbread PeopleDraenor-EU3165Not updated
89Grumbo DeadlineDraenor-EU3163Not updated
90Narikaca The Empire Strikes FirstDraenor-EU3161Not updated
91Ziaox Chapati AllstarsDraenor-EU3158Not updated
92Jazabane The Iron HordeDraenor-EU3151Not updated
93Exkaliber ImmenseDraenor-EU3148Not updated
94Zebor Cold FuryDraenor-EU3148Not updated
95Amakadimidod Ad ElysiumDraenor-EU3148Not updated
96Eipiio MystDraenor-EU3145Not updated
97Braggha Weekend WarriorsDraenor-EU3131Not updated
98Aveeka Dark IntentDraenor-EU3125Not updated
99Sillsfu THIS IS ORGRIMMARDraenor-EU3125Not updated
100Grolinary AdrenalineDraenor-EU3121Not updated

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