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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darksorrow-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Furbb Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU4933Not updated
2Ghuile LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU4143Not updated
3Ysery VisioDarksorrow-EU3840Not updated
4Ikram Solis RiseDarksorrow-EU3621Not updated
5Rathyy NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3585Not updated
6Beefu ReflectionDarksorrow-EU3581Not updated
7Versùs Try HarderDarksorrow-EU3511Not updated
8Nargyla Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU3460Not updated
9Cetilrok LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU3435Not updated
10Explotion Outlaw ImmortalzDarksorrow-EU3366Not updated
11Epala AegisDarksorrow-EU3348Not updated
12Enthy SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU3343Not updated
13Eteralian NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3218Not updated
14Mokku The Chili DogsDarksorrow-EU3191Not updated
15Opaber Argatha of WorcestDarksorrow-EU3178Not updated
16Nomàd EmpoweredDarksorrow-EU3171Not updated
17Haydez DestinedDarksorrow-EU3151Not updated
18Rokuu NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU3145Not updated
19Shanodin AegisDarksorrow-EU3141Not updated
20Celexior Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU3136Not updated
21Rekrut  Darksorrow-EU3123Not updated
22Ziddius AegisDarksorrow-EU3123Not updated
23Jethry Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU3120Not updated
24Attesmatte OkkultismiDarksorrow-EU3015Not updated
25Hatað  Darksorrow-EU2886Not updated
26Jadespirit Opa Gangnam StyleDarksorrow-EU2843Not updated
27Aroxis AegisDarksorrow-EU2646Not updated
28Sacredi SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU2635Not updated
29Dkisoriginal AegisDarksorrow-EU2625Not updated
30Benumbed  Darksorrow-EU2610Not updated
31Lovvie Celebrities of DSDarksorrow-EU2368Not updated
32Maelthaz DestinedDarksorrow-EU2171Not updated
33Falzelight CRDarksorrow-EU2163Not updated
34Strahitrepet Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU1955Not updated
35Worldbréaker Solis RiseDarksorrow-EU1931Not updated
36Anidros Dirty Sons of LichesDarksorrow-EU1881Not updated
37Rayzan UnforgettableDarksorrow-EU1878Not updated
38Méatshield Fox Force FiveDarksorrow-EU1876Not updated
39Insanh LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU1875Not updated
40Dreadlurge MunkedalDarksorrow-EU1873Not updated
41Ðãrk Oldschool VikingsDarksorrow-EU1866Not updated
42Habeebar CLEAN UP CREWDarksorrow-EU1846Not updated
43Amalía Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU1830Not updated
44Ösangar Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU1815Not updated
45Asundera Solis RiseDarksorrow-EU1815Not updated
46Dutchrouge  Darksorrow-EU1633Not updated
47Juggzy LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU1633Not updated
48Meatflute SHREDDED IRLDarksorrow-EU1621Not updated
49Poutia OkkultismiDarksorrow-EU1616Not updated
50Keslëll  Darksorrow-EU1611Not updated
51Diviny  Darksorrow-EU1553Not updated
52Senra Final EvolutionDarksorrow-EU1518Not updated
53Amrass Insane Old Carpet CrewDarksorrow-EU1513Not updated
54Bruceflee AegisDarksorrow-EU1511Not updated
55Zoomgdk The Scarlet CrusadeDarksorrow-EU1415Not updated
56Warníng Solis RiseDarksorrow-EU1376Not updated
57Wârrîôr AegisDarksorrow-EU1345Not updated
58Jamtank Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU1180Not updated
59Zuckonthis DawnbreakerDarksorrow-EU1148Not updated
60Fademon The ArcticaDarksorrow-EU1136Not updated
61Messai One SpotDarksorrow-EU955Not updated
62Eleryan LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU928Not updated
63Shàolín Ministers of MayhemDarksorrow-EU881Not updated
64Verath FacelessDarksorrow-EU875Not updated
65Whuuzah DiscordDarksorrow-EU875Not updated
66Tsion SydäntalviDarksorrow-EU865Not updated
67Nessuu The Angry SadfaceDarksorrow-EU863Not updated
68Warriorsami LorekeepersDarksorrow-EU858Not updated
69Garath WarforgedDarksorrow-EU855Not updated
70Darkñess One SpotDarksorrow-EU851Not updated
71Nolith Kobayashi MaruDarksorrow-EU835Not updated
72Dalgn UnforgettableDarksorrow-EU763Not updated
73Noisulli Solis RiseDarksorrow-EU653Not updated
74Robinific PhDDarksorrow-EU638Not updated
75Pházéd Take NotesDarksorrow-EU635Not updated
76Besik VisioDarksorrow-EU630Not updated
77Eyunas The Mythic DelegatesDarksorrow-EU625Not updated
78Chenchi AegisDarksorrow-EU591Not updated
79Pyndel  Darksorrow-EU588Not updated
80Verungi NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU555Not updated
81Necrillic Try HarderDarksorrow-EU551Not updated
82Váloo  Darksorrow-EU546Not updated
83Deathryu Mile Hyjal ClubDarksorrow-EU531Not updated
84Skelliott Valar MorghulisDarksorrow-EU523Not updated
85Voodoojess UncensoredDarksorrow-EU518Not updated
86Zîgs MVPDarksorrow-EU515Not updated
87Krematoria Troll incDarksorrow-EU510Not updated
88Gebor  Darksorrow-EU510Not updated
89Pursuer FirelordDarksorrow-EU468Not updated
90Swagbot VelorityDarksorrow-EU441Not updated
91Helistin NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU440Not updated
92Jellyfishxo PhDDarksorrow-EU428Not updated
93Drafaid  Darksorrow-EU415Not updated
94Vraq The Golden KegDarksorrow-EU411Not updated
95Tyranu  Darksorrow-EU411Not updated
96Flinthjaerta MentalityDarksorrow-EU403Not updated
97Randadk NinjapartioDarksorrow-EU220Not updated
98Vekk Emo PandasDarksorrow-EU215Not updated
99Iskandâr Insane Old Carpet CrewDarksorrow-EU163Not updated
100Interféctor ParanoiaDarksorrow-EU163Not updated

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