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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Crystalpine Stinger-TW Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1江南流風 鋼鐵部落Crystalpine Stinger-TW4640
2凍凍腦 FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW4411
3黑澤冬二 Endless StoryCrystalpine Stinger-TW4121
4彌陀 月古樹神殿Crystalpine Stinger-TW3883
5文和亂武 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3840
6巴爾羅德 VioletCrystalpine Stinger-TW3833
7Laughingor FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW3750
8硬條小菊 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3745
9酷拽舞神 黑耀眼Crystalpine Stinger-TW3648
10戰與世無爭 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3640
11飂戾 水晶之顛Crystalpine Stinger-TW3630
12極星之殤 woshenmedoubuzhidaoCrystalpine Stinger-TW3628
13卡多羅 FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW3613
14拾叁姐 Dream onCrystalpine Stinger-TW3608
15Codedantebb Restrain Of CombatCrystalpine Stinger-TW3566
16輞惜 鋼鐵部落Crystalpine Stinger-TW3556
17艾爾卡迪雅 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3506Not updated
18花小朵 死 亡 騎 士Crystalpine Stinger-TW3460
19老撾盾牌兵 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3450
20乂追命乂 鋼鐵部落Crystalpine Stinger-TW3403
21Legenddk FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW3345
22皇家爸爸奶 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3343
23優里 御堂本家Crystalpine Stinger-TW3341
24寂寞相伴 風雨同行Crystalpine Stinger-TW3321
25Kotomi StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3238
26夢沫  Crystalpine Stinger-TW3225
27戰小喬 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3223Not updated
28Deathcaller EssenceCrystalpine Stinger-TW3216
29Aurorian  Crystalpine Stinger-TW3171
30紅手的茉莉 CatteryCrystalpine Stinger-TW3168
31米小綠 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW3168
32笨笨肥 VioletCrystalpine Stinger-TW3158
33阿歷斯 EssenceCrystalpine Stinger-TW3141
34艾尼希亞 半夏錦年Crystalpine Stinger-TW3045
35燦燦熊貓 死 亡 騎 士Crystalpine Stinger-TW3020
36黑夜的新娘 RainbowCrystalpine Stinger-TW3020
37Dkkie  Crystalpine Stinger-TW3020Not updated
38雅提米思之魂 Silence AssassinCrystalpine Stinger-TW3020
39費蘭度托利斯 德拉諾Crystalpine Stinger-TW3020
40大魔天王 Night SoulCrystalpine Stinger-TW3020
41凱莉喵喵  Crystalpine Stinger-TW3020Not updated
42王紫晴 死 亡 騎 士Crystalpine Stinger-TW3020
43星鋒雪羽 VioletCrystalpine Stinger-TW3018
44黃藥屍 鋼鐵部落Crystalpine Stinger-TW3018
45凜爪 鏡中伊甸Crystalpine Stinger-TW3016Not updated
46珍惜物種  Crystalpine Stinger-TW3016
47瀕危物種 Forever FallCrystalpine Stinger-TW3015
48兔牙小弟 CrystalCrystalpine Stinger-TW3015
49淡灆雨欣 AXISCrystalpine Stinger-TW3015Not updated
50Landball 葬儀社Crystalpine Stinger-TW3006
51佛烈克斯 無敵聯盟Crystalpine Stinger-TW3001
52艾格柏特 衛生棉樂園Crystalpine Stinger-TW2890Not updated
53相對性理論 夜貓茶屋Crystalpine Stinger-TW2886
54Lawyer  Crystalpine Stinger-TW2645Not updated
55他的小菊花 VioletCrystalpine Stinger-TW2641Not updated
56烤肉仔 EssenceCrystalpine Stinger-TW2561
57夜暮星 EssenceCrystalpine Stinger-TW2533
58乳牛關關主 AngelCrystalpine Stinger-TW2338
59斬殺無痕 葬儀社Crystalpine Stinger-TW2153
60塞絲 蒼穹之翼Crystalpine Stinger-TW1885
61斯巴達的鬼魂 德拉諾征服者Crystalpine Stinger-TW1883
62Ekee HiddenCrystalpine Stinger-TW1883
63戰鋒無命 FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW1880
64老衲法號戒色 PVERCrystalpine Stinger-TW1880
65Manity 背叛者Crystalpine Stinger-TW1871Not updated
66Darby Eclipse PactCrystalpine Stinger-TW1860
67姬柊雪菜  Crystalpine Stinger-TW1756
68幽冥之歌 VENTOPCrystalpine Stinger-TW1658
69月桂樹下的戀 woshenmedoubuzhidaoCrystalpine Stinger-TW1638
70怪獸水水 Bling BlingCrystalpine Stinger-TW1633Not updated
71春霧影歌 死 亡 騎 士Crystalpine Stinger-TW1631
72咕咕是一隻貓 小百合只招收低等級玩家滿級必須離開公會Crystalpine Stinger-TW1631Not updated
73紺碧的彷徨 一零八師Crystalpine Stinger-TW1615
74小菊花瓣 VioletCrystalpine Stinger-TW1610Not updated
75請叫我兔牙 CrystalCrystalpine Stinger-TW1590
76死骑威威 StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW1558Not updated
77貓仙人 EssenceCrystalpine Stinger-TW1556
78行為主義 降魔殿Crystalpine Stinger-TW1513
79牛小光 New BornCrystalpine Stinger-TW1443Not updated
80桑野先生 怎麼跟你交流Crystalpine Stinger-TW1421
81Rutterzz MaeIstromCrystalpine Stinger-TW1415
82大鎚啪打碰 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW1411
83索羅門惡夢 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW1361
84無敵之怒 AXISCrystalpine Stinger-TW1186
85傲冷狂鋒 締七天堂Crystalpine Stinger-TW1180
86卡爾施密特 瀟灑之風Crystalpine Stinger-TW1156Not updated
87念梧桐 AngelCrystalpine Stinger-TW963
88馬力刻 醉心小築Crystalpine Stinger-TW896
89影潘黑衣衛 FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW886Not updated
90塔拉斯克  Crystalpine Stinger-TW873
91雪若兒 小百合只招收低等級玩家滿級必須離開公會Crystalpine Stinger-TW873
92Pillow Spade AceCrystalpine Stinger-TW853
93Ssoao 诸神黃昏Crystalpine Stinger-TW846
94Dreamkillers 水晶之顛Crystalpine Stinger-TW845
95熏風醉  Crystalpine Stinger-TW845Not updated
96傻的嗎 EssenceCrystalpine Stinger-TW816
97喔哈 FreeCrystalpine Stinger-TW811Not updated
98魅絲莉雅 鏡中伊甸Crystalpine Stinger-TW780
99游泳上北極 HOME OF WOWERCrystalpine Stinger-TW636
100騰逸 春天花花同學會Crystalpine Stinger-TW635Not updated

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