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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Edarling OutragedBlackrock-US8171Not updated
2Key ReformBlackrock-US6443Not updated
3Pète Standard DeviationBlackrock-US5868Not updated
4Cownado NevermoreBlackrock-US5046Not updated
5Sharm FrozenfireBlackrock-US4580Not updated
6Amorisse AfterLifeBlackrock-US4440Not updated
7Ragesong Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3935Not updated
8Ackbar HellBlackrock-US3885Not updated
9Ruhye RivenBlackrock-US3861Not updated
10Hugeolddk Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3848Not updated
11Zutzo Stacks In FireBlackrock-US3636Not updated
12Megaah OninekoBlackrock-US3635Not updated
13Angarr TurksBlackrock-US3633Not updated
14Grimdeeds  Blackrock-US3616Not updated
15Danîchi EquilibriumBlackrock-US3603Not updated
16Kaotikz We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US3551Not updated
17Monkoa MilbonBlackrock-US3545Not updated
18Sunhwa Standard DeviationBlackrock-US3518Not updated
19Phattank DefineBlackrock-US3443Not updated
20Sonofalitch OninekoBlackrock-US3430Not updated
21Cixy Ctrl ZBlackrock-US3401Not updated
22Speedeman TeamworkBlackrock-US3375Not updated
23Brollun Try HardsBlackrock-US3353Not updated
24Dkbob NoxBlackrock-US3343Not updated
25Hóngo Something NovelBlackrock-US3321Not updated
26Scáryspice Twisted AmbitionsBlackrock-US3190Not updated
27Meshugga The Lost ChaptersBlackrock-US3171Not updated
28Bhikhu RavenwolfBlackrock-US3168Not updated
29Wenzilbrah Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US3166Not updated
30Rawtasaur OninekoBlackrock-US3163Not updated
31Skillcapped TurksBlackrock-US3153Not updated
32Steihl TurksBlackrock-US3048Not updated
33Qauanta SolaceBlackrock-US3040Not updated
34Deezingworth Really Bad PlayersBlackrock-US3033Not updated
35Avadk Bank of AvaBlackrock-US2950Not updated
36Eskashift Tough CookiesBlackrock-US2883Not updated
37Nadajab ReformBlackrock-US2878Not updated
38Caydénn TrapBlackrock-US2871Not updated
39Eclairlol Far East EndgameBlackrock-US2865Not updated
40Flyingpasta DefenestrateBlackrock-US2820Not updated
41Bus  Blackrock-US2625Not updated
42Zolomon  Blackrock-US2520Not updated
43Danî EquilibriumBlackrock-US2435Not updated
44Keyboardcatz Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US2430Not updated
45Bromacht NevermoreBlackrock-US2418Not updated
46Nochiforyou Champions of DraenorBlackrock-US2398Not updated
47Chaoxing  Blackrock-US2170Not updated
48Esens MontblancBlackrock-US2130Not updated
49Kedelacia DefenestrateBlackrock-US1931Not updated
50Kathrius Saves The DayBlackrock-US1880Not updated
51Deathmind ArroganceBlackrock-US1875Not updated
52Dvastate MontblancBlackrock-US1873Not updated
53Ravedx The DENNIS SystemBlackrock-US1858Not updated
54Hancom MontblancBlackrock-US1858Not updated
55Lepenthe Thug LifeBlackrock-US1848Not updated
56Lomahka SupernovaBlackrock-US1846Not updated
57Saurfang RegicideBlackrock-US1846Not updated
58Hamboigaz Soft EnrageBlackrock-US1845Not updated
59Billygoob Stacks In FireBlackrock-US1836Not updated
60Startouch Young RepublicansBlackrock-US1820Not updated
61Phexx The AfflictedBlackrock-US1796Not updated
62Drteabaggins Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US1766Not updated
63Strâga At Wars EndBlackrock-US1636Not updated
64Shiela  Blackrock-US1628Not updated
65Watever OninekoBlackrock-US1623Not updated
66Drekzarg Stacks In FireBlackrock-US1553Not updated
67Decembyr OutragedBlackrock-US1551Not updated
68Sayumaengkis  Blackrock-US1548Not updated
69Shimpz Team ThougsBlackrock-US1548Not updated
70Fizzkik RavenwolfBlackrock-US1543Not updated
71Viletta DefenestrateBlackrock-US1543Not updated
72Parasitîc My Time Is NowBlackrock-US1395Not updated
73Atmomixani ArchaicBlackrock-US1171Not updated
74Lemonation Death In Every WayBlackrock-US1170Not updated
75Felscream i hate this placeBlackrock-US1168Not updated
76Sunxia Something WickedBlackrock-US1168Not updated
77Eyee MontblancBlackrock-US1163Not updated
78Drsoup High TreasonBlackrock-US1161Not updated
79Danï EquilibriumBlackrock-US1153Not updated
80Sazab PantheonBlackrock-US963Not updated
81Kirshka BWCBlackrock-US938Not updated
82Snubub OninekoBlackrock-US936Not updated
83Nebix Soft EnrageBlackrock-US933Not updated
84Rékkr ArenaphiliaBlackrock-US933Not updated
85Inspyred  Blackrock-US885Not updated
86Darcitus  Blackrock-US880Not updated
87Draize  Blackrock-US878Not updated
88Cimetiere Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US871Not updated
89Physx Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US871Not updated
90Peggysui OninekoBlackrock-US866Not updated
91Gunnard TherapistsBlackrock-US866Not updated
92Verwijder Udder MadnessBlackrock-US860Not updated
93Rumnbaileys AtrophyBlackrock-US855Not updated
94Vdiev MontblancBlackrock-US853Not updated
95Bruhgly tweet holinkaBlackrock-US851Not updated
96Zendronz Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US851Not updated
97Jetstreak RivenBlackrock-US848Not updated
98Taurus MontblancBlackrock-US846Not updated
99Saaji Ctrl ZBlackrock-US841Not updated
100Yangfang  Blackrock-US840Not updated

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