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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Barthilas-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Stylist The Stylish FewBarthilas-US6848Not updated
2Thêdruid NewbeeBarthilas-US5933Not updated
3Arctrus  Barthilas-US5636Not updated
4Lebomilk AscensionBarthilas-US5341Not updated
5Asunå Band of RaidersBarthilas-US5250Not updated
6Malladus Blue LabelBarthilas-US5171Not updated
7Reubane  Barthilas-US4836Not updated
8Dktydi Blue LabelBarthilas-US4516Not updated
9Hylian StylinBarthilas-US4345Not updated
10Taidyox VortexBarthilas-US4161Not updated
11Alrightbro StylinBarthilas-US4015Not updated
12Brototype AudacityBarthilas-US3956Not updated
13Helium AudacityBarthilas-US3930Not updated
14Christopherz Controlled KaosBarthilas-US3808Not updated
15Sèvén UnboundBarthilas-US3756Not updated
16Skyshift Blue LabelBarthilas-US3606Not updated
17Doozie ImmuteBarthilas-US3555Not updated
18Peter The Fashionable ChapsBarthilas-US3555Not updated
19Scourgewitch MercilessBarthilas-US3551Not updated
20Alessandro VortexBarthilas-US3511Not updated
21Zaahr AcrimoniousBarthilas-US3446Not updated
22Provizus VorfreudeBarthilas-US3443Not updated
23Bademonium The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3443Not updated
24Chuxxy AscensionBarthilas-US3438Not updated
25Dragnoth The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3421Not updated
26Lunar Full ThrottleBarthilas-US3418Not updated
27Blighted  Barthilas-US3410Not updated
28Eme Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US3381Not updated
29Kandiflip VortexBarthilas-US3353Not updated
30Dkbob Birds of PreyBarthilas-US3343Not updated
31Ptea EnigmaBarthilas-US3341Not updated
32Snugglesqt IntoxicateBarthilas-US3341Not updated
33Mooie Blue LabelBarthilas-US3235Not updated
34Gyrfalkon Last WarningBarthilas-US3223Not updated
35Kreswin The Desired OnesBarthilas-US3185Not updated
36Jeffey RejectedBarthilas-US3170Not updated
37Rams RatsBarthilas-US3163Not updated
38Aryaii TempusBarthilas-US3150Not updated
39Maxasauraus SealedBarthilas-US3140Not updated
40Bennush  Barthilas-US3121Not updated
41Mágic LithiumBarthilas-US3121Not updated
42Barryson Pop CultureBarthilas-US3121Not updated
43Kimazui LCDBarthilas-US3120Not updated
44Manglúr  Barthilas-US3120Not updated
45Noobanidus Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US3105Not updated
46Cyner RuinBarthilas-US3071Not updated
47Brutel Play SchoolBarthilas-US3016Not updated
48Mobilitee VortexBarthilas-US3016Not updated
49Zevestra Swims in LavaBarthilas-US3011Not updated
50Skiinýmilk Band of RaidersBarthilas-US2918Not updated
51Octanol EnigmaBarthilas-US2851Not updated
52Erzanna MercilessBarthilas-US2845Not updated
53ßarbatus KeyboardTurnersBarthilas-US2618Not updated
54Keviibevii AscensionBarthilas-US2548Not updated
55Drazhar PrimalBarthilas-US2548Not updated
56Shourenwusen DanteBarthilas-US2538Not updated
57Blightfall  Barthilas-US2455Not updated
58Klogg Blue LabelBarthilas-US2440Not updated
59Kanaloa DisregardBarthilas-US2391Not updated
60Onke Well EquippedBarthilas-US2163Not updated
61Fpfpfpfpfpfp Blue LabelBarthilas-US2018Not updated
62Dkdaniel Wheres The Rum GoneBarthilas-US1936Not updated
63Beefcaketank Got BeefBarthilas-US1935Not updated
64Colalala Dragon Gate EscortBarthilas-US1886Not updated
65Onza DysfunctionalBarthilas-US1883Not updated
66Sleepzyo Unreal ReduxBarthilas-US1883Not updated
67Zenmode  Barthilas-US1881Not updated
68Zahrr AcrimoniousBarthilas-US1881Not updated
69Daboura Full TiltBarthilas-US1863Not updated
70Aelline SabertoothBarthilas-US1846Not updated
71Eddiemabo RatsBarthilas-US1756Not updated
72Symirhage DeadlineBarthilas-US1621Not updated
73Montblanc RatsBarthilas-US1620Not updated
74Drackzarenn MercilessBarthilas-US1615Not updated
75Saiyajin UntouchableBarthilas-US1611Not updated
76Powerfrostz DevilBarthilas-US1608Not updated
77Hecarion RatsBarthilas-US1565Not updated
78Mijake ForceBarthilas-US1550Not updated
79Valeria EnigmaBarthilas-US1546Not updated
80Wraythz  Barthilas-US1538Not updated
81Moshie RevereBarthilas-US1521Not updated
82Kayige  Barthilas-US1513Not updated
83Crusnikssin Its cold stop laughingBarthilas-US1508Not updated
84Fearghail Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US1456Not updated
85Maershon The ForgottenBarthilas-US1448Not updated
86Tyluk  Barthilas-US1445Not updated
87Xothic MinigameBarthilas-US1441Not updated
88Scootaloo Unreal ReduxBarthilas-US1440Not updated
89Tridosel AudacityBarthilas-US1428Not updated
90Des Warforged EmpireBarthilas-US1425Not updated
91Foeveralone DanteBarthilas-US1420Not updated
92Epiphañy Blue LabelBarthilas-US1370Not updated
93Botnus RehãbBarthilas-US1343Not updated
94Onsu DevourBarthilas-US1180Not updated
95Alaylee CeleritasBarthilas-US1170Not updated
96Gravewyrm EntityBarthilas-US956Not updated
97Marssyy AscensionBarthilas-US950Not updated
98Badpunchline RevereBarthilas-US936Not updated
99Riverune CRANKEDBarthilas-US928Not updated
100Tohm OrayaBarthilas-US915Not updated

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