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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azralon-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Leggomyaggro WICKED SICKAzralon-US6346Not updated
2Splinther Stack e AoEAzralon-US5630Not updated
3Brudi OverhaliumAzralon-US4815Not updated
4Munkin oh NOESAzralon-US4770Not updated
5Blacksickle Rise AboveAzralon-US4626Not updated
6Relektos WhostheTankAzralon-US4603Not updated
7Tartifa WhostheTankAzralon-US4593Not updated
8Rock Toca do GoblinAzralon-US4511Not updated
9Ryuki DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US4370Not updated
10Kathel ExcidiumAzralon-US4360Not updated
11Casteleiro FluxAzralon-US4341Not updated
12Palashb Pug and PrayAzralon-US4318Not updated
13Holst  Azralon-US4148Not updated
14Askor ConfrariaAzralon-US4145Not updated
15Jobertilda ExcidiumAzralon-US3953Not updated
16Baelski Brotherhood of BloodAzralon-US3946Not updated
17Splinthim Stack e AoEAzralon-US3936Not updated
18Velvanick FluxAzralon-US3936Not updated
19Creynaix EndGameAzralon-US3888Not updated
20Vacuxo FluxAzralon-US3883Not updated
21Piero YOLOAzralon-US3863Not updated
22Akhileus  Azralon-US3856Not updated
23Warkrulzy AesirAzralon-US3855Not updated
24Huekaïser Game øf ThronesAzralon-US3851Not updated
25Stìxx WICKED SICKAzralon-US3848Not updated
26Dieinfaith Tropa de Elite HordaAzralon-US3818Not updated
27Ringthebel SinnersAzralon-US3783Not updated
28Foley Virtual InsanityAzralon-US3660Not updated
29Janinah A IrmandadeAzralon-US3648Not updated
30Grossa Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US3643Not updated
31Acrianø ManthraAzralon-US3641Not updated
32Pusycattroll Rise AboveAzralon-US3640Not updated
33Gitz LastOneAzralon-US3638Not updated
34Nosh InnkeeperAzralon-US3638Not updated
35Pyrine Tropa de Elite HordaAzralon-US3633Not updated
36Donwax ExcidiumAzralon-US3630Not updated
37Baki XEQUE PVPAzralon-US3621Not updated
38Rogroxxarim Titan IncAzralon-US3611Not updated
39Trevor SpectrumAzralon-US3606Not updated
40Krankk LastOneAzralon-US3606Not updated
41Michelzord EndGameAzralon-US3605Not updated
42Boiparrudo OceanidsAzralon-US3558Not updated
43Louiis Taunta Que Eu AggreiAzralon-US3551Not updated
44Badbøi DemangeAzralon-US3545Not updated
45Kojï Iron BornAzralon-US3543Not updated
46Rafahel UltimaAzralon-US3531Not updated
47Marotíssima Orgrim BloodAzralon-US3528Not updated
48Yeew LastOneAzralon-US3521Not updated
49Aldèbaran PARAMITAAzralon-US3511Not updated
50Hellvete ExcidiumAzralon-US3510Not updated
51Keepah Temple of DeathAzralon-US3508Not updated
52Jébas The Last LegionAzralon-US3428Not updated
53Shizune Rise AboveAzralon-US3425Not updated
54Nouwayi WICKED SICKAzralon-US3425Not updated
55Nouwayí  Azralon-US3425Not updated
56Krushak Breaking the LawAzralon-US3415Not updated
57Obeliscð Chaos LegionAzralon-US3410Not updated
58Zaborg WICKED SICKAzralon-US3408Not updated
59Gromhal NullAzralon-US3405Not updated
60Hontwor Born To Be HordeAzralon-US3400Not updated
61Battants Blood FuryAzralon-US3388Not updated
62Wildman oh NOESAzralon-US3386Not updated
63Lazyfoot TemptationAzralon-US3373Not updated
64Sigmundys Sindorei AvengersAzralon-US3371Not updated
65Úrsão Sons of AiurAzralon-US3370Not updated
66Drakeson Tropa de Elite HordaAzralon-US3370Not updated
67Stig oh NOESAzralon-US3358Not updated
68Ferozan Rise AboveAzralon-US3353Not updated
69Belmore ShowtimeAzralon-US3353Not updated
70Watos ShowtimeAzralon-US3351Not updated
71Hanih ExcidiumAzralon-US3348Not updated
72Wintermaul EternityAzralon-US3341Not updated
73Dakimakura The Last LegionAzralon-US3323Not updated
74Chacalzinha GodSAzralon-US3310Not updated
75Luri Prossai GranadoAzralon-US3248Not updated
76Maerlimu  Azralon-US3228Not updated
77Kapirotø Midnight OwlAzralon-US3225Not updated
78Anatsonomun ShowtimeAzralon-US3221Not updated
79Alexandrin  Azralon-US3190Not updated
80Renmazuo EL DiabloAzralon-US3173Not updated
81Luvmyblade Os EsquecidosAzralon-US3166Not updated
82Hellskill Tropa de Elite HordaAzralon-US3165Not updated
83Satuf YOLOAzralon-US3165Not updated
84Gjowned Rise AboveAzralon-US3163Not updated
85Danaric Stack e AoEAzralon-US3163Not updated
86Gomaluco EndGameAzralon-US3158Not updated
87Pørpeta Ghøst MenaceAzralon-US3151Not updated
88Nikov Prossai GranadoAzralon-US3141Not updated
89Auyn Brotherhood of BloodAzralon-US3131Not updated
90Deadly DotA AR BR Banlist ONAzralon-US3125Not updated
91Darkwartank BlackListAzralon-US3123Not updated
92Lage Divide et ImperaAzralon-US3123Not updated
93Coven Pug and PrayAzralon-US3123Not updated
94Tyranitus Rock LobsterAzralon-US3121Not updated
95Googlemonk WhostheTankAzralon-US3121Not updated
96Salkiing Los PicasAzralon-US3121Not updated
97Vardamir AftermathAzralon-US3121Not updated
98Sanniee Los PicasAzralon-US3120Not updated
99Goldas ExileAzralon-US3103Not updated
100Nouway WICKED SICKAzralon-US3096Not updated

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