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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Auchindoun-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Zilmoria ApathyAuchindoun-EU5936Not updated
2Mälexï Nullus AnxietasAuchindoun-EU5348Not updated
3Vyperia Dyslectic DefnendersAuchindoun-EU4863Not updated
4Päronsaft Super Mega Awesome GuildAuchindoun-EU4641Not updated
5Ucantmilkdat Leveling SquadAuchindoun-EU4610Not updated
6Cohesion icecreamAuchindoun-EU4410Not updated
7Lythz DeterminationAuchindoun-EU3880Not updated
8Chili  Auchindoun-EU3860Not updated
9Korgard  Auchindoun-EU3858Not updated
10Zoey Pokémon MasterAuchindoun-EU3845Not updated
11Kissetone Kickass UnicornsAuchindoun-EU3813Not updated
12Jinda SnowblindAuchindoun-EU3641Not updated
13Lillpapps Super Mega Awesome GuildAuchindoun-EU3633Not updated
14Sal WhateverAuchindoun-EU3631Not updated
15Lillejje Super Mega Awesome GuildAuchindoun-EU3628Not updated
16Bluesamurai Bad BloodAuchindoun-EU3615Not updated
17Milaz DeterminationAuchindoun-EU3608Not updated
18Heektiq HandpickedAuchindoun-EU3603Not updated
19Dumboslayer CageFightersAuchindoun-EU3586Not updated
20Slíthíce icecreamAuchindoun-EU3580Not updated
21Jeckýll InsurrectionAuchindoun-EU3555Not updated
22Seethé Technical DifficultiesAuchindoun-EU3418Not updated
23Naragoth Bank of NorwayAuchindoun-EU3418Not updated
24Bampooze UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU3415Not updated
25Icegrlslave Deeprun Tram SecurityAuchindoun-EU3380Not updated
26Exälted OneAuchindoun-EU3341Not updated
27Gramb WarcryAuchindoun-EU3225Not updated
28Rivenash Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU3175Not updated
29Deliverer DeterminationAuchindoun-EU3168Not updated
30Augusta UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU3161Not updated
31Conclusiv SnowblindAuchindoun-EU3148Not updated
32Reglitch Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU3145Not updated
33Tranced TokidokiAuchindoun-EU3140Not updated
34Bestdkworld HandpickedAuchindoun-EU3126Not updated
35Badkítty SnowblindAuchindoun-EU3121Not updated
36Twinkzor SnowblindAuchindoun-EU3041Not updated
37Justinsan Red DawnAuchindoun-EU3041Not updated
38Thorei WarcryAuchindoun-EU3020Not updated
39Pîsces SinAuchindoun-EU3020Not updated
40Dvärgkvinxyz  Auchindoun-EU3015Not updated
41Chikie Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU3015Not updated
42Igoudala DisbandedAuchindoun-EU3015Not updated
43Golfclap Keeper of NorthrendAuchindoun-EU2868Not updated
44Bakadk  Auchindoun-EU2860Not updated
45Mayera InsurrectionAuchindoun-EU2838Not updated
46Jozeheroique The CovenantAuchindoun-EU2641Not updated
47Failize  Auchindoun-EU2608Not updated
48Aevensis Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU2571Not updated
49Nyxix  Auchindoun-EU2570Not updated
50Medrux T J P FAuchindoun-EU2550Not updated
51Nitori DeliveranceAuchindoun-EU2445Not updated
52Rizelii The CovenantAuchindoun-EU2401Not updated
53Teysa Technical DifficultiesAuchindoun-EU2376Not updated
54Miqu iNvertAuchindoun-EU2350Not updated
55Zayde  Auchindoun-EU1936Not updated
56Thaelarion  Auchindoun-EU1880Not updated
57Jackthelad DeterminationAuchindoun-EU1875Not updated
58Lysty ArchangelAuchindoun-EU1873Not updated
59Baltazzare icecreamAuchindoun-EU1860Not updated
60Julong WarcryAuchindoun-EU1848Not updated
61Morgeith WhateverAuchindoun-EU1816Not updated
62Deken Team Action ForceAuchindoun-EU1648Not updated
63Spankÿ WorldAuchindoun-EU1638Not updated
64Salfori T J P FAuchindoun-EU1630Not updated
65Iggly iNvertAuchindoun-EU1628Not updated
66Rhythm EndlessAuchindoun-EU1536Not updated
67Sötsak Red DawnAuchindoun-EU1515Not updated
68Righteouss Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU1438Not updated
69Sunta Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU1435Not updated
70Camulos DisbandedAuchindoun-EU1428Not updated
71Ronger TokidokiAuchindoun-EU1416Not updated
72Boboliina Ancient CircleAuchindoun-EU1413Not updated
73Groges UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU1410Not updated
74Grambula WarcryAuchindoun-EU1365Not updated
75Merberan DisbandedAuchindoun-EU1353Not updated
76Mokow DeterminationAuchindoun-EU1171Not updated
77Adlian WarcryAuchindoun-EU1000Not updated
78Smootiez SPQRAuchindoun-EU936Not updated
79Patteh SnowblindAuchindoun-EU935Not updated
80Liquídator TokidokiAuchindoun-EU906Not updated
81Slithîce icecreamAuchindoun-EU881Not updated
82Alandoren Guardians of LordaeronAuchindoun-EU880Not updated
83Køleskab  Auchindoun-EU873Not updated
84Lizs Super Mega Awesome GuildAuchindoun-EU873Not updated
85Sunders DisbandedAuchindoun-EU846Not updated
86Syó T J P FAuchindoun-EU845Not updated
87Faamous Super Mega Awesome GuildAuchindoun-EU835Not updated
88Uredd Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU796Not updated
89Zizek WhateverAuchindoun-EU758Not updated
90Blamethétank  Auchindoun-EU658Not updated
91Noxaris T J P FAuchindoun-EU645Not updated
92Malechka C T P A XAuchindoun-EU641Not updated
93Susanivanova  Auchindoun-EU638Not updated
94Morgadishu Rise of the FallenAuchindoun-EU638Not updated
95Zexybeast Grandmas EliteAuchindoun-EU638Not updated
96Alkisbjörn Apocalypse RisingAuchindoun-EU631Not updated
97Blitzparkz StokaAuchindoun-EU631Not updated
98Faitlesy SnowblindAuchindoun-EU630Not updated
99Azlar ArchangelAuchindoun-EU628Not updated
100Kriez Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU628Not updated

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