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Arthas-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Wildmelody  Arthas-US6801
2Aest SkillArthas-US6590
3Phry AdelanteArthas-US5928
4Legendury Nerd CrewArthas-US5341
5Sylpheed AshesArthas-US4850
6Evildemise Damage ControlArthas-US4610
7Tohil DrunkiesArthas-US4398
8Gwockomole The SwornArthas-US4378
9Deseireu Baby BursArthas-US3883Not updated
10Ulrìk Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US3806
11Karrigar Baby BunniesArthas-US3773Not updated
12Albinohorns ContrabandArthas-US3643
13Tookwesheebe Nothing But TroubleArthas-US3643
14Cigaraa The Seven WarlordsArthas-US3628
15Grawd TGArthas-US3618Not updated
16Aurumn Matt DamonArthas-US3446
17Daspirits  Arthas-US3446
18Taurtron SuspectArthas-US3436
19Thanxobama Juß JußArthas-US3406
20Wuveria ClarityArthas-US3368
21Protip Gates of Dead SoulsArthas-US3190
22Funze  Arthas-US3161
23Fnzy SuspectArthas-US3161
24Angelflavor Ward of DawnArthas-US3158
25Ricky ProvidenceArthas-US3108
26Fugglesan The Seven WarlordsArthas-US3070
27Riukushin EFFIN MACH SPEEDArthas-US3036
28Funzy SuspectArthas-US2935
29Free  Arthas-US2930Not updated
30Fenaro VenomArthas-US2885
31Voidful Damage ControlArthas-US2876Not updated
32Girn AdelanteArthas-US2876
33Galactico Matt DamonArthas-US2873
34Arrinitytwo Perks And PurpzArthas-US2855Not updated
35Potatoform RagesArthas-US2850
36Shwinks Nothing But TroubleArthas-US2635
37Exer RazziaArthas-US2548
38Elimist Bone BrigadeArthas-US2416Not updated
39Resentz The Fallen AngelsArthas-US2413
40Kostyan Southern ComfortArthas-US2360
41Arrinity Perks And PurpzArthas-US1943
42Silnafawn Thirteen Cent KillersArthas-US1928Not updated
43Rêkt The Art of WarArthas-US1880
44Jybydose ImperiumArthas-US1875Not updated
45Vylee ImperviousArthas-US1868
46Rainak THE BUSINESSArthas-US1848Not updated
47Nkforthewin RandomArthas-US1836Not updated
48Skaadoosh The Selected FewArthas-US1821
49Solving  Arthas-US1646
50Validante AscendantsArthas-US1646
51Flomow  Arthas-US1643
52Greatpoet RiotRiotArthas-US1633
53Jymiron AmplifiedArthas-US1615
54Fason Fat Kids Are Hard To CCArthas-US1613
55Lybbi ImperiumArthas-US1608Not updated
56Maiyuri LuminescenceArthas-US1603
57Bnoski Kraklenheit IndustriesArthas-US1588Not updated
58Garnette LuminescenceArthas-US1583
59Vaulty AdelanteArthas-US1571
60Blutmark Ye Ole HangmenArthas-US1558
61Faylanx Bone BrigadeArthas-US1548Not updated
62Solarstrasza DragonforgedArthas-US1536
63Suo Fair EnoughArthas-US1520
64Broadinz UnhumanArthas-US1515
65Excrusader Lusting on TrashArthas-US1513
66Thestick InstinctiveArthas-US1443
67Lentø PurityArthas-US1415
68Rôvan UnhumanArthas-US1353
69Wildholycat M I CArthas-US1346
70Braeks  Arthas-US1173Not updated
71Nerthfu RazziaArthas-US1165
72Takami RiotRiotArthas-US1136
73Funzyx SuspectArthas-US995
74Lipio Bone BrigadeArthas-US990Not updated
75Dorkstick AdelanteArthas-US933
76Hävók Damage ControlArthas-US891
77Slerne The Wicked WheelArthas-US885
78Deadforyou Morning AfterArthas-US885
79Ironjezus Marshmallow CupcakesArthas-US883
80Sydaara The SwornArthas-US883
81Kegherder Gates of Dead SoulsArthas-US881Not updated
82Raxtoper Thirteen Cent KillersArthas-US880
83Coffinz Fair EnoughArthas-US876
84Thompbry DrunkiesArthas-US876
85Chronyz kitty catArthas-US875Not updated
86Brozka  Arthas-US870Not updated
87Nidochrosite Situational AwarenessArthas-US860
88Puhtz  Arthas-US855
89Topgunn  Arthas-US853Not updated
90Cathesia M I CArthas-US850
91Ouyang Unforgivable SinsArthas-US848Not updated
92Joshbudd ProvidenceArthas-US846Not updated
93Indignum LFR HeroesArthas-US840
94Theodious AshesArthas-US840
95Framer Bone BrigadeArthas-US840Not updated
96Amayi SinArthas-US810Not updated
97Gelanor Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US808Not updated
98Spinandwin The First RespondersArthas-US760Not updated
99Akharn Unlimited PotentialArthas-US758
100Hám Into the FireArthas-US651

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