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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Intentful ImminentArea 52-US5181Not updated
2Americium LêgêndsArea 52-US4845Not updated
3Huxilai Insidious SoulsArea 52-US4766Not updated
4Nôxious Reckless AmbitionArea 52-US4183Not updated
5Rajiv Insidious SoulsArea 52-US4163Not updated
6Ursoc Legacy RebornArea 52-US4156Not updated
7Charlie Muscle MilkstacheArea 52-US3870Not updated
8Meledor AffinityArea 52-US3870Not updated
9Alyzai  Area 52-US3853Not updated
10Kirikae High FiveArea 52-US3850Not updated
11Rhenji Delicious CakeArea 52-US3846Not updated
12Polypheme No NonsenseArea 52-US3843Not updated
13Dkn Bellum AeternusArea 52-US3646Not updated
14Akrateia Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US3645Not updated
15Ninö Aggressive OppositionArea 52-US3640Not updated
16Smútt Ladies OnlyArea 52-US3638Not updated
17Bozalosctwo CitadelArea 52-US3635Not updated
18Lightmáre Fists of FurryArea 52-US3631Not updated
19Xantheris Six Beers DeepArea 52-US3616Not updated
20Druhzal High FiveArea 52-US3615Not updated
21Druidjezus Natural SelectionArea 52-US3611Not updated
22Tysonstheory Delicious CakeArea 52-US3610Not updated
23Bloodysox NegatoryArea 52-US3598Not updated
24Mutaunt DefiantArea 52-US3580Not updated
25Wapol Natural SelectionArea 52-US3575Not updated
26Laslen Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3565Not updated
27Lînkz BloodForgedArea 52-US3551Not updated
28Knapp Ladies OnlyArea 52-US3543Not updated
29Flóyd We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3541Not updated
30Heavyheart The Dark RidersArea 52-US3541Not updated
31Amonutrix EchoesArea 52-US3540Not updated
32Crashdyna The DawnbringerArea 52-US3533Not updated
33Mizumi  Area 52-US3513Not updated
34Azrogol Knows NothingArea 52-US3511Not updated
35Creepur Ladies OnlyArea 52-US3510Not updated
36Ahtomatahn P A R A D I G MArea 52-US3448Not updated
37Nattyphysque GiggityArea 52-US3423Not updated
38Mungtaohu ArtificeArea 52-US3423Not updated
39Katastrophy Grey EminenceArea 52-US3415Not updated
40Blackwarhoof We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US3413Not updated
41Ilunne Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US3413Not updated
42Päst Natural SelectionArea 52-US3335Not updated
43Seihil Team Umi ZumiArea 52-US3321Not updated
44Coäl GiggityArea 52-US3240Not updated
45Samiyam Celestial DawnArea 52-US3238Not updated
46Valkerion ImminentArea 52-US3228Not updated
47Xraus RepriseArea 52-US3205Not updated
48Kittredge complexityArea 52-US3173Not updated
49Goodbiscuit The Peoples YardArea 52-US3173Not updated
50Slainfate InfluenceArea 52-US3163Not updated
51Forgivon Chain ReactionArea 52-US3158Not updated
52Chronoreaver Five Minute BreakArea 52-US3153Not updated
53Egaron PotentArea 52-US3153Not updated
54Mcgrane Aggressive OppositionArea 52-US3123Not updated
55Bestchance  Area 52-US3123Not updated
56Ðd Defiant UnityArea 52-US3123Not updated
57Runeshoes BIG SUSHIArea 52-US3121Not updated
58Winamas RoarArea 52-US3121Not updated
59Xiazaki ShadowFlame IncArea 52-US3031Not updated
60Naruon TechniqueArea 52-US3021Not updated
61Keylares TechniqueArea 52-US3020Not updated
62Daneyellsun Your Mother Is A HordeArea 52-US3020Not updated
63Anima Volatilè DèathArea 52-US3015Not updated
64Chisauce ScornArea 52-US2940Not updated
65Jetlí Reign of Fallen AngelsArea 52-US2938Not updated
66Arkhangelsk Legacy RebornArea 52-US2933Not updated
67Klosterbro BàllisticArea 52-US2846Not updated
68Hatesfury We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US2818Not updated
69Juggernâut Order of Chuck NorrisArea 52-US2813Not updated
70Mikuzu ExodusArea 52-US2655Not updated
71Voidra Random ThoughtsArea 52-US2643Not updated
72Knocturne Ladies OnlyArea 52-US2638Not updated
73Ratfinx  Area 52-US2623Not updated
74Sñowpâw  Area 52-US2621Not updated
75Dorianish Reign of Fallen AngelsArea 52-US2611Not updated
76Nuever Chaos OrderArea 52-US2610Not updated
77Fwinn Reckless AmbitionArea 52-US2586Not updated
78Bloodward SynchronismArea 52-US2585Not updated
79Yogurto Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US2548Not updated
80Seunkii YuenglingArea 52-US2535Not updated
81Alinthos Sick SocietyArea 52-US2423Not updated
82Bashler  Area 52-US2350Not updated
83Sandaron Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US2345Not updated
84Creapur Ladies OnlyArea 52-US2248Not updated
85Wojciecha The Chosen JuansArea 52-US2226Not updated
86Crogoth We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US2168Not updated
87Kaethur UntoldArea 52-US2165Not updated
88Abzsalom Bellum AeternusArea 52-US2160Not updated
89Doughnuts RigorousArea 52-US2140Not updated
90Wreckingbull Chosen ExileArea 52-US1936Not updated
91Frostavenger Natural SelectionArea 52-US1936Not updated
92Mcpwnster Natural SelectionArea 52-US1935Not updated
93Kataklism Chocolate Bunny MeltdownArea 52-US1935Not updated
94Gerfdort CryogenArea 52-US1933Not updated
95Mists Chain ReactionArea 52-US1933Not updated
96Ramparurur ToastyArea 52-US1890Not updated
97Jermo Intrinsic DarknessArea 52-US1875Not updated
98Dyson CausticArea 52-US1875Not updated
99Somá DivinationArea 52-US1858Not updated
100Lovy Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US1856Not updated

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