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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Al'Akir-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Oi  Al'Akir-EU5643Not updated
2Murderslayer DSVAl'Akir-EU4605Not updated
3Pulkmannen NineStraightGuysAl'Akir-EU4541Not updated
4Babenana AtieshAl'Akir-EU4443Not updated
5Hseita AtieshAl'Akir-EU4405Not updated
6Lexlicious Local TalentAl'Akir-EU3971Not updated
7Shuggacup After EffectAl'Akir-EU3876Not updated
8Norski IntentAl'Akir-EU3866Not updated
9Fatbutcher HashtagBelieveTwoAl'Akir-EU3860Not updated
10Lexcruel Local TalentAl'Akir-EU3848Not updated
11Rza After EffectAl'Akir-EU3846Not updated
12Bearformdps Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU3643Not updated
13Wolfetone Local TalentAl'Akir-EU3633Not updated
14Rothu Laid BackAl'Akir-EU3631Not updated
15Jurrian AztecsAl'Akir-EU3593Not updated
16Fedthelast FaithlessAl'Akir-EU3580Not updated
17Realmrazer ShadowlessAl'Akir-EU3543Not updated
18Cratenpala  Al'Akir-EU3433Not updated
19Wubbox  Al'Akir-EU3350Not updated
20Irl ApexAl'Akir-EU3325Not updated
21Ravengar ApexAl'Akir-EU3141Not updated
22Aegar HalcyonAl'Akir-EU3120Not updated
23Cerk Local TalentAl'Akir-EU3035Not updated
24Cowlee SynergyAl'Akir-EU3020Not updated
25Snoopshizzle Friends w benefitsAl'Akir-EU3020Not updated
26Brewslèe V v VAl'Akir-EU3018Not updated
27Egorxq Panda SafariAl'Akir-EU3018Not updated
28Mafakamonk V v VAl'Akir-EU3016Not updated
29Aveira ApexAl'Akir-EU3006Not updated
30Katashii CrimsonAl'Akir-EU3000Not updated
31Miasol Local TalentAl'Akir-EU3000Not updated
32Taerina DSVAl'Akir-EU2938Not updated
33Pulsarite CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2863Not updated
34Bonizzy KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU2840Not updated
35Picaza KLBNAl'Akir-EU2650Not updated
36Lorinz FacelessAl'Akir-EU2643Not updated
37Ironhidè SynergyAl'Akir-EU2583Not updated
38Mushedcow CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2573Not updated
39Wotwentwong WallAl'Akir-EU2573Not updated
40Aydara CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2385Not updated
41Igumeeni EpäreilukerhoAl'Akir-EU1936Not updated
42Camman FacelessAl'Akir-EU1935Not updated
43Samyeong GifuAl'Akir-EU1863Not updated
44Tilen Elder GodsAl'Akir-EU1860Not updated
45Cittykat Laid BackAl'Akir-EU1851Not updated
46Nosturi  Al'Akir-EU1850Not updated
47Elinora ApexAl'Akir-EU1848Not updated
48Naimoo SnaginaneshAl'Akir-EU1846Not updated
49Tïtan  Al'Akir-EU1840Not updated
50Baboucarr Friends w benefitsAl'Akir-EU1836Not updated
51Nuel HammerheartAl'Akir-EU1760Not updated
52Newsom ApexAl'Akir-EU1628Not updated
53Majuri GifuAl'Akir-EU1628Not updated
54Alarajin CrimsonAl'Akir-EU1628Not updated
55Sizar Milk was a Bad ChoiceAl'Akir-EU1568Not updated
56Djenghis Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU1515Not updated
57Linneboll  Al'Akir-EU1515Not updated
58Rassenette AeperviusAl'Akir-EU1351Not updated
59Assazzin LiquidAl'Akir-EU1346Not updated
60Unisade The Iron HordeAl'Akir-EU1165Not updated
61Abrums LiquidAl'Akir-EU963Not updated
62Twentytwo Clearly BoostedAl'Akir-EU943Not updated
63Raonn IONAl'Akir-EU938Not updated
64Öglömöglö EpäreilukerhoAl'Akir-EU933Not updated
65Bloodyrune ApexAl'Akir-EU886Not updated
66Jelte CrimsonAl'Akir-EU885Not updated
67Sindrome DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU873Not updated
68Bellyfat PrestigeAl'Akir-EU873Not updated
69Mifké Living LegendsAl'Akir-EU873Not updated
70Bráids ApexAl'Akir-EU865Not updated
71Deathreape RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU861Not updated
72Xiuxing Local TalentAl'Akir-EU860Not updated
73Xenoneyes ShadowlessAl'Akir-EU853Not updated
74Azranoz AversionAl'Akir-EU851Not updated
75Fruitiee Wild ThingsAl'Akir-EU850Not updated
76Närayan FaithlessAl'Akir-EU850Not updated
77Irwarrior Echo of AgesAl'Akir-EU848Not updated
78Luzzilla LiquidAl'Akir-EU826Not updated
79Calx SynergyAl'Akir-EU821Not updated
80Reksi DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU816Not updated
81Gonke InvidusAl'Akir-EU816Not updated
82Rapattack Ten Inches UñbuffedAl'Akir-EU815Not updated
83Evòn V v VAl'Akir-EU808Not updated
84Ryân PerseveranceAl'Akir-EU756Not updated
85Gillidor SerotoninAl'Akir-EU653Not updated
86Eemcee HashtagBelieveTwoAl'Akir-EU650Not updated
87Niom SnaginaneshAl'Akir-EU638Not updated
88Rohkemtäppe KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU636Not updated
89Zarisu FacelessAl'Akir-EU636Not updated
90Immodicus DSVAl'Akir-EU625Not updated
91Zuraei AversionAl'Akir-EU618Not updated
92Cherrycrown ApexAl'Akir-EU615Not updated
93Fireflight TenacityAl'Akir-EU613Not updated
94Muudo  Al'Akir-EU581Not updated
95Evnana AtieshAl'Akir-EU578Not updated
96Reactiionz RevenantAl'Akir-EU575Not updated
97Westersø PrestigeAl'Akir-EU575Not updated
98Malacrux Blood RainAl'Akir-EU573Not updated
99Ravengaar ApexAl'Akir-EU553Not updated
100Reziel Pro WOW TeamAl'Akir-EU551Not updated

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