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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mærzønidàz RebbellionAegwynn-EU6648Not updated
2Ishiyda ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU5358Not updated
3Downtown DhrúnAegwynn-EU4551Not updated
4Sílberhand MoP IncAegwynn-EU4140Not updated
5Chocobär Flieht Ihr NarrenAegwynn-EU3935Not updated
6Acemi pandoras boxAegwynn-EU3865Not updated
7Lynethesie Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU3861Not updated
8Fagortha Lá FamiliaAegwynn-EU3856Not updated
9Wooty CyneticAegwynn-EU3846Not updated
10Aronsolol Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU3833Not updated
11Tÿrel  Aegwynn-EU3778Not updated
12Lunni Allys WonderlandAegwynn-EU3751Not updated
13Aryáqt Inspiration ProAegwynn-EU3633Not updated
14Zyaro Last ExileAegwynn-EU3631Not updated
15Shroomee CyneticAegwynn-EU3626Not updated
16Asmodon  Aegwynn-EU3551Not updated
17Velyra In flagrantìAegwynn-EU3525Not updated
18Necrism ProformaAegwynn-EU3518Not updated
19Bloodspirit  Aegwynn-EU3510Not updated
20Amoénya Last InstanceAegwynn-EU3448Not updated
21Drantura  Aegwynn-EU3431Not updated
22Cryagain Flippige BoysAegwynn-EU3410Not updated
23Tronka KonquestAegwynn-EU3375Not updated
24Míyû Error Thirty SevenAegwynn-EU3350Not updated
25Ariqo Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU3345Not updated
26Lírazel no returnAegwynn-EU3233Not updated
27Seuchenherz EsperAegwynn-EU3230Not updated
28Tiodan Last InstanceAegwynn-EU3230Not updated
29Vendred ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU3218Not updated
30Lithîas Allys WonderlandAegwynn-EU3198Not updated
31Kayzee Slow MotionAegwynn-EU3181Not updated
32Yalyra ResilientAegwynn-EU3163Not updated
33Paddels ResilientAegwynn-EU3163Not updated
34Råckcity MadboysAegwynn-EU3156Not updated
35Daikia Last ExileAegwynn-EU3156Not updated
36Tisas Last ExileAegwynn-EU3145Not updated
37Elnor ResilientAegwynn-EU3123Not updated
38Neyron incinerateAegwynn-EU3123Not updated
39Maithaí RainyDaysAegwynn-EU3078Not updated
40Yasazeranius AdeptAegwynn-EU3056Not updated
41Hellboý Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU3020Not updated
42Jambollo How I met my lootAegwynn-EU3020Not updated
43Tazuø Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU3018Not updated
44Iren  Aegwynn-EU2930Not updated
45Palladinum RocKs of AegwynnAegwynn-EU2885Not updated
46Lionz RocKs of AegwynnAegwynn-EU2865Not updated
47Lynashira Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU2848Not updated
48Amphithree ResilientAegwynn-EU2808Not updated
49Brezensoizer  Aegwynn-EU2648Not updated
50Peaceman The Lights of EloonAegwynn-EU2643Not updated
51Gingsgar Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU2638Not updated
52Suiyy CyneticAegwynn-EU2621Not updated
53Avaeris Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU2608Not updated
54Summérgale infusionAegwynn-EU2551Not updated
55Symoli CyneticAegwynn-EU2518Not updated
56Skaleel  Aegwynn-EU2408Not updated
57Cornwallace placeholderAegwynn-EU2215Not updated
58Rootme OutcastAegwynn-EU2166Not updated
59Bazgal In flagrantìAegwynn-EU2041Not updated
60Môbô  Aegwynn-EU1936Not updated
61Chitus Prophets of DawnAegwynn-EU1935Not updated
62Adamant OutcastAegwynn-EU1928Not updated
63Acsty  Aegwynn-EU1923Not updated
64Malakodd Inspiration ProAegwynn-EU1883Not updated
65Azureya banishedAegwynn-EU1881Not updated
66Delandraa In flagrantìAegwynn-EU1880Not updated
67Ziplix no returnAegwynn-EU1880Not updated
68Ludjj Banane in ZehnAegwynn-EU1860Not updated
69Ondîne Quarter of SilenceAegwynn-EU1858Not updated
70Imortaliya Error Thirty SevenAegwynn-EU1850Not updated
71Tombthroat Wings of YsondreAegwynn-EU1846Not updated
72Sáphira Wölfe der ZeitAegwynn-EU1808Not updated
73Crisiscore EODEMAegwynn-EU1806Not updated
74Ilyanâ Error Thirty SevenAegwynn-EU1648Not updated
75Jackmacktack ResilientAegwynn-EU1641Not updated
76Laríssá MoP IncAegwynn-EU1638Not updated
77Epi ResilientAegwynn-EU1631Not updated
78Dravedorn EODEMAegwynn-EU1631Not updated
79Creaxxy Fearless DeceptionAegwynn-EU1618Not updated
80Bouncypouncy ValarMorghulisAegwynn-EU1613Not updated
81Merverus  Aegwynn-EU1535Not updated
82Sotara inLøveAegwynn-EU1516Not updated
83Gawno TenguAegwynn-EU1513Not updated
84Sinphony Gib mir drei MinutenAegwynn-EU1441Not updated
85Khrystâal  Aegwynn-EU1370Not updated
86Shiyanyun Swiss SMPAegwynn-EU1358Not updated
87Landstrasser Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU1346Not updated
88Suíy CyneticAegwynn-EU1343Not updated
89Pwnownpwnown HAT DEN LETZTEN GENOMMENAegwynn-EU1241Not updated
90Sevona Communitas AureaAegwynn-EU1220Not updated
91Regîs Wipe OutAegwynn-EU1168Not updated
92Monkmaschine Minty fresh DeathbreathAegwynn-EU1168Not updated
93Mortivore CyneticAegwynn-EU1161Not updated
94Malarya  Aegwynn-EU1161Not updated
95Yanirá ResilientAegwynn-EU1155Not updated
96Xolthros AdeptAegwynn-EU1153Not updated
97Beeyou Wir wipen in KneipenAegwynn-EU940Not updated
98Shayquoir Pelvic ThrustAegwynn-EU936Not updated
99Morfidio Dark GuardiansAegwynn-EU898Not updated
100Kegami Sneakers and High HealsAegwynn-EU896Not updated

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