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TW Proving Grounds Tank
GuildRealmMax Score
1同性戀獸人 Night WalkerSpirestone-TW8578Not updated
2深紅虞美人 凱蒂海賊團Shadowmoon-TW7931Not updated
3逐風之吻 Light ElvesLight's Hope-TW7236Not updated
4微笑依舊 張君雅小妹妹家暴中心Hellscream-TW6590Not updated
5幼陳海嘯果汁 Shadow of BalderSpirestone-TW5645Not updated
6夜色溫柔 天下佈武World Tree-TW5616Not updated
7天草咲 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW5586Not updated
8囧燒餅 Final DawnFrostmane-TW5551Not updated
9屎亡之翼 Elfen LiedMenethil-TW5353Not updated
10不羈的殘兵訣 Glory of NightwishFrostmane-TW5025Not updated
11圈叉你個三角 LunaShadowmoon-TW4933Not updated
12沉睡緋紅  Arthas-TW4885Not updated
13一趙奕歡一  Icecrown-TW4880Not updated
14史密斯法蘭迪 玫瑰之劍Nightsong-TW4866Not updated
15乳牛小弟 奶油雄獅軍團Zealot Blade-TW4860Not updated
16浣花洗劍 SoFSundown Marsh-TW4846Not updated
17快滾阿小女孩 happy worldFrostmane-TW4640Not updated
18江南流風 鋼鐵部落Crystalpine Stinger-TW4640Not updated
19緹琺 LunaShadowmoon-TW4600Not updated
20惡鬼故事 El NinoWrathbringer-TW4563Not updated
21聯盟狗頗呵 愛羅武勇Zealot Blade-TW4556Not updated
22Inory UnicusShadowmoon-TW4555Not updated
23Bestmanpower Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW4555Not updated
24Zenophobia Aluvantrainse SaluvationWorld Tree-TW4553Not updated
25強顏歡笑 Myth renewedNightsong-TW4553Not updated
26Miterl Survival ModeLight's Hope-TW4551Not updated
27Wsgreaser 黎明之巔Bleeding Hollow-TW4545Not updated
28維尼吃哈密瓜  Spirestone-TW4535Not updated
29笨蛋死騎 Blood ThirstersMenethil-TW4535Not updated
30夜織雪 SnowElysiumArygos-TW4518Not updated
31Aabbccddeeff  Shadowmoon-TW4445Not updated
32賣鬧阿 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW4433Not updated
33也是超好玩 Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW4431Not updated
34凍凍腦 FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW4411Not updated
35無限衝鋒 白木屋Nightsong-TW4405Not updated
36凡夢  Wrathbringer-TW4393Not updated
37牧賴紅莉棲 執著Chillwind Point-TW4381Not updated
38三角龍 BellicoseZealot Blade-TW4346Not updated
39惡魔協奏曲 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW4233Not updated
40Olivert Immortal ArmageddonDragonmaw-TW4230Not updated
41舞小風 枕葉不睡覺Hellscream-TW4168Not updated
42奧克塔娃  Menethil-TW4166Not updated
43黑渡頭的彼端 牧歌Whisperwind-TW4166Not updated
44Dkcow Bad ApPleChillwind Point-TW4161Not updated
45Eesha Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW4156Not updated
46滄鶺 Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW4150Not updated
47寧姆芙 夢想之旅Light's Hope-TW4146Not updated
48黑澤冬二 Endless StoryCrystalpine Stinger-TW4121Not updated
49嶄玥 Wretches And KingsSundown Marsh-TW4033Not updated
50星神幻影 Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold-TW4020Not updated
51Lancelotine GlorylandSilverwing Hold-TW4016Not updated
52玄冬 灰燼裁決Skywall-TW3955Not updated
53天使飛楊 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW3951Not updated
54未來領域 dangue fireArthas-TW3950Not updated
55愛睡十三 愛予晴空Silverwing Hold-TW3936Not updated
56狗老大 冰雪楓情Light's Hope-TW3935Not updated
57Dirtypopo Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW3935Not updated
58亞利斯特 Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW3931Not updated
59黑眼寇寇 名人店Wrathbringer-TW3923Not updated
60星城死騎 鋒芒Silverwing Hold-TW3888Not updated
61你點到騎士 The HomeSilverwing Hold-TW3888Not updated
62一安都瑞爾一 溫馨小窩Silverwing Hold-TW3888Not updated
63Constantim 溫馨英雄會館Wrathbringer-TW3886Not updated
64水果唯依 黑手團Silverwing Hold-TW3886Not updated
65博學行者阿洲 AsgardNightsong-TW3885Not updated
66彌陀 月古樹神殿Crystalpine Stinger-TW3883Not updated
67千葉紅葉  Dragonmaw-TW3881Not updated
68菲麗克斯  Wrathbringer-TW3878Not updated
69望月星野  Bleeding Hollow-TW3878Not updated
70索瀧 Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW3876Not updated
71開怪就爆炸 龍之逆鱗Arthas-TW3876Not updated
72邪鋒 Eternal FlameWrathbringer-TW3871Not updated
73Hoder 在艾澤拉斯的中心呼喚囧Silverwing Hold-TW3860Not updated
74熊臉欠糊 PulseSundown Marsh-TW3860Not updated
75Basilr ElantrisSpirestone-TW3858Not updated
76阿咘咘 Elfen LiedMenethil-TW3845Not updated
77捏捏飛揚 翡翠幻鏡Light's Hope-TW3845Not updated
78幸福的顫抖 永恆不朽Chillwind Point-TW3845Not updated
79Doomscream 花好玥園Arygos-TW3845Not updated
80文和亂武 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3840Not updated
81肥柯圓滾滾 Age of InnocenceFrostmane-TW3836Not updated
82巴爾羅德 VioletCrystalpine Stinger-TW3833Not updated
83Einsatz Endless CometWhisperwind-TW3823Not updated
84Nuresproc  Shadowmoon-TW3811Not updated
85囡囡熊貓 天幻Spirestone-TW3810Not updated
86哆啦潘達 DONT U EVER STOPSpirestone-TW3771Not updated
87弒君蝶 WannaNightsong-TW3760Not updated
88低級下流 噗噗瘋人院Arygos-TW3758Not updated
89許薔 愛予晴空Silverwing Hold-TW3751Not updated
90Stunner  Wrathbringer-TW3750Not updated
91Laughingor FatalityCrystalpine Stinger-TW3750Not updated
92硬條小菊 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3745Not updated
93銀鞍照白馬 Zenith Of HeavenDragonmaw-TW3651Not updated
94酷拽舞神 黑耀眼Crystalpine Stinger-TW3648Not updated
95銀劍傻傻 Beginning of the EndChillwind Point-TW3643Not updated
96闇之契約 名人店Wrathbringer-TW3641Not updated
97月影寒 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW3641Not updated
98鋒之煞 indexDemon Fall Canyon-TW3640Not updated
99戰與世無爭 鳳翼天翔Crystalpine Stinger-TW3640Not updated
100亞修月凌 休閒團Arygos-TW3638Not updated

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