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Zuluhed-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Whitethistle  Zuluhed-US4385Not updated
2Ozaí Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US4381
3Chordon Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US3854Not updated
4Lamps ExódusZuluhed-US3484
5Sway Last ChapterZuluhed-US3098
6Dumbs Last ChapterZuluhed-US1796
7Bownd ExódusZuluhed-US1796
8Drdinkle Last ChapterZuluhed-US1695
9Dijubu Finales FunkelnZuluhed-US1670Not updated
10Mikun Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US1596
11Elfinia  Zuluhed-US1399Not updated
12Mavelysdeath Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US1399
13Squirtlle Last ChapterZuluhed-US1195
14Scarecrows Last ChapterZuluhed-US994
15Kristinkreuk OverratedZuluhed-US974
16Necroticx ApexZuluhed-US895
17Bigdamnhero Last ChapterZuluhed-US893
18Bonkérz  Zuluhed-US892
19Brutálity SHUT UP AND KISS MEZuluhed-US889Not updated
20Needshead CamelotZuluhed-US791Not updated
21Drakê OverratedZuluhed-US789
22Thienha War of the DeadZuluhed-US699Not updated
23Dizzybones We Are All Going to DieZuluhed-US698
24Copulatronic Roll of the DiceZuluhed-US693Not updated
25Daktori The Horde EmpireZuluhed-US689
26Deathjaguar THE PLAYAZZuluhed-US687Not updated
27Skyê BloodBath And BeyondZuluhed-US684Not updated
28Slege OverratedZuluhed-US665Not updated
29Robenhud The Mobile InfantryZuluhed-US598
30Eifersucht Hand PickedZuluhed-US499
31Micromowhawk SanctuaryZuluhed-US497Not updated
32Sportsman ContemptZuluhed-US432Not updated
33Materium Last ChapterZuluhed-US399Not updated
34Leadreign  Zuluhed-US399Not updated
35Zombian Lords Of PandaraZuluhed-US399Not updated
36Scylal Last ChapterZuluhed-US398
37Bonc Hand PickedZuluhed-US398
38Velrock Last ChapterZuluhed-US396
39Pezco FadedZuluhed-US396
40Descention The PenetratorsZuluhed-US396
41Soullreaper Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US393
42Pokeboy Shadow WarriorsZuluhed-US392Not updated
43Jellythedog Tauren TippingZuluhed-US392Not updated
44Blastrmaster JamboysZuluhed-US389Not updated
45Cledussnow BadAngelsZuluhed-US386Not updated
46Tattooist Warsong OutridersZuluhed-US384
47Doobeez  Zuluhed-US384Not updated
48Altairz Last ChapterZuluhed-US356Not updated
49Ghostlyvirus Dumbledores ArmyZuluhed-US299Not updated
50Sapphiro Lords of WarZuluhed-US297Not updated
51Kamahri Last ChapterZuluhed-US296
52Mercyshot Tauren TippingZuluhed-US296
53Dyrone Scholomance Chess TeamZuluhed-US294Not updated
54Zadriad Order of the Iron MonkeyZuluhed-US293Not updated
55Melliottest The Blàck TowerZuluhed-US293Not updated
56Unlockable HellraisersZuluhed-US286Not updated
57Heiheihei Dardani VigescoZuluhed-US278Not updated
58Kmahs ExódusZuluhed-US270
59Scarai  Zuluhed-US194Not updated
60Lêgolâs  Zuluhed-US191Not updated
61Allygriper Lords Of PandaraZuluhed-US191
62Rageñ Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US191
63Ulfhednarous  Zuluhed-US191Not updated
64Zigmaros Faded HerosZuluhed-US190Not updated
65Marrz ShadeZuluhed-US182Not updated
66Lunaverse FadedZuluhed-US97
67Thetongue VulgarZuluhed-US96
68Cryptson  Zuluhed-US57

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