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Ysera-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Velico Impending Doom IIYsera-US4392
2Sijan Winter ShadowYsera-US3794
3Honou Jolly CooperationYsera-US3775
4Zedrik Jolly CooperationYsera-US3696
5Syncrowe PrimeYsera-US3687
6Rimbar Omega Res NovaeYsera-US3473
7Noctem Dark VisageYsera-US3390
8Argorwal SynergyYsera-US3366
9Imcoldheartd Jolly CooperationYsera-US3100
10Skreeme Impending Doom IIYsera-US2492Not updated
11Dakera RawR SmAshYsera-US2394Not updated
12Zanji Brutes of AmericaYsera-US1986Not updated
13Proxymity MethodYsera-US1894Not updated
14Sinjïn Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1798
15Maelzo Jolly CooperationYsera-US1797
16Kerï The Apes of Wrath IIYsera-US1699Not updated
17Viin  Ysera-US1693Not updated
18Thanoz  Ysera-US1670Not updated
19Bulldozér  Ysera-US1482
20Drífa End of EternityYsera-US1399
21Zbariir PrimeYsera-US1392
22Slugs SÿndicåtëYsera-US1392
23Theharbinger Escaping into InsanityYsera-US1390
24Sheepington  Ysera-US1299Not updated
25Vyndrolan Omega Res NovaeYsera-US1299Not updated
26Zachariahs  Ysera-US1284Not updated
27Rejoice Oath of XYsera-US979Not updated
28Glorifindel  Ysera-US896Not updated
29Thetonka Impending Doom IIYsera-US895
30Murámasa Systematic ChaosYsera-US889Not updated
31Deathaxe Omega Res NovaeYsera-US889
32Arieh GrapesYsera-US884
33Adversity VitiateYsera-US799Not updated
34Ashido Deadly IntentYsera-US799
35Abrakastabya VitiateYsera-US798Not updated
36Rahlgar RawR SmAshYsera-US797
37Raechelle Omega Res NovaeYsera-US793Not updated
38Razers SÿndicåtëYsera-US792
39Kantler Anam CaraYsera-US791
40Muji Lowered ExpectationsYsera-US790Not updated
41Jayubull SynergyYsera-US785
42Nem Impending Doom IIYsera-US699
43Gililore RawR SmAshYsera-US698Not updated
44Twicebaked  Ysera-US694Not updated
45Longfei The Dreamers WardsYsera-US691Not updated
46Wildthingjr SÿndicåtëYsera-US690
47Rohler  Ysera-US690Not updated
48Krayzeh The Royals Red DevilsYsera-US687
49Keltos PrimeYsera-US683
50Redbirdfever Queen Annes RevengeYsera-US679
51Neverafter Zero RequiemYsera-US678
52Vex  Ysera-US664Not updated
53Soalare PrivilegeYsera-US653Not updated
54Skîll Escaping into InsanityYsera-US597
55Raistlen Heroes of the LanceYsera-US596
56Charuo Caster LewtzYsera-US593
57Zeos Eternal ForceYsera-US591
58Oraan DeniedYsera-US591Not updated
59Zrimm Jolly CooperationYsera-US587
60Cramp DeniedYsera-US583Not updated
61Chuttbeeks Winter ShadowYsera-US486Not updated
62Disarmed DeniedYsera-US485Not updated
63Wenchofwoe Escaping into InsanityYsera-US473
64Doomlordkt Systematic ChaosYsera-US399Not updated
65Shinnie CitadelYsera-US398
66Bloodtista  Ysera-US398Not updated
67Bludde Phat AggressionYsera-US398Not updated
68Cheweh SÿndicåtëYsera-US397
69Kithia GunbatsuYsera-US395
70Exahtaed League of ShadowsYsera-US395
71Sindareus The OverlordsYsera-US393Not updated
72Valore Jolly CooperationYsera-US393
73Tarilien Para BellumYsera-US393
74Veloxtus PrimeYsera-US392
75Ballistíc Avid IndoorsmenYsera-US392
76Shortslock The Dreamers WardsYsera-US390
77Ben GrapesYsera-US388
78Wraithè Avid IndoorsmenYsera-US388Not updated
79Carnisoul Reclaiming what is OursYsera-US387Not updated
80Knucklebump PrivilegeYsera-US385
81Warstar Deadly IntentYsera-US384
82Nuyfixxy SolidYsera-US384
83Jrthesavage Dazed and ConfusedYsera-US381Not updated
84Deshua GunbatsuYsera-US372
85Jorel Jolly CooperationYsera-US369
86Unforsaken Dark VisageYsera-US358
87Vux The Fairies and GoblinsYsera-US357Not updated
88Mindox Omega Res NovaeYsera-US357
89Disconnected Winter ShadowYsera-US354
90Tyrgarde PrimeYsera-US299
91Careena GunbatsuYsera-US298
92Hindquarters  Ysera-US297Not updated
93Steakemz  Ysera-US297
94Chaozhou Lilith in the GardenYsera-US295Not updated
95Vidatu NO QUARTERYsera-US295
96Slapchøp Anam CaraYsera-US294
97Craghammer SynergyYsera-US294
98Dash Contract KillazYsera-US290Not updated
99Demontista Zero RequiemYsera-US282
100Blur GrapesYsera-US279

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