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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wrathbringer-TW Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sololife 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW5594Not updated
2赤空 Reborn EvilWrathbringer-TW5499Not updated
3若有情未了  Wrathbringer-TW4897Not updated
4Kriz  Wrathbringer-TW4698Not updated
5Justas 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW4499Not updated
6一瓊恩雪諾一 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW4492Not updated
7羅德里格斯 Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW4396Not updated
8千軍太情  Wrathbringer-TW4298Not updated
9伊狄帕斯 Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW4295Not updated
10奶茶茶葉蛋 SomnusWrathbringer-TW4000Not updated
11Lynnio Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW3897Not updated
12蒼月煬 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3897Not updated
13克洛米 風凌渡Wrathbringer-TW3892Not updated
14胖嘟嘟熊  Wrathbringer-TW3882Not updated
15單挑王子 風凌渡Wrathbringer-TW3798Not updated
16凡夢  Wrathbringer-TW3796Not updated
17Numberfour 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3787Not updated
18福和路馮紹峰 性感演藝圈Wrathbringer-TW3696Not updated
19阿獁斯 When They CryWrathbringer-TW3695Not updated
20禾央禾央 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3693Not updated
21造反有理  Wrathbringer-TW3691Not updated
22魔衹 LiliumWrathbringer-TW3625Not updated
23涵洞冰霜  Wrathbringer-TW3598Not updated
24瑞克魯斯  Wrathbringer-TW3596Not updated
25Constantim 溫馨英雄會館Wrathbringer-TW3594Not updated
26Kuonet 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3591Not updated
27滂滂  Wrathbringer-TW3587Not updated
28放開那個法師 GhostWrathbringer-TW3575Not updated
29納命來小果凍  Wrathbringer-TW3551Not updated
30Emmalee  Wrathbringer-TW3489Not updated
31耕田大嬸 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3479Not updated
32米奇幻想世界 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3398Not updated
33洨庫巴 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3398Not updated
34光頭的民工 El NinoWrathbringer-TW3396Not updated
35Arcross 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3391Not updated
36籃風  Wrathbringer-TW3391Not updated
37幽影魂飛  Wrathbringer-TW3390Not updated
38闇滅魔幻師 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW3390Not updated
39銳楓 大地自然守護部族Wrathbringer-TW3386Not updated
40三角函術 Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW3384Not updated
41Jabawack ANGEL FORBIDDENWrathbringer-TW3383Not updated
42萊恩哈特 天使聯盟Wrathbringer-TW3381Not updated
43哭嗚哭 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3381Not updated
44霜火連天 學園都市Wrathbringer-TW3372Not updated
45風魔刀刃 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3367Not updated
46Blackball 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3353Not updated
47夏夜星影 SomnusWrathbringer-TW3299Not updated
48蛤蟆龍 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3298Not updated
49Possibility  Wrathbringer-TW3294Not updated
50乎郎害細  Wrathbringer-TW3293Not updated
51滄鶺 Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW3292Not updated
52夢芷殤 風凌渡Wrathbringer-TW3288Not updated
53神奇圈圈 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3281Not updated
54霸道 星光Wrathbringer-TW3230Not updated
55邪鋒 Eternal FlameWrathbringer-TW3192Not updated
56法伊佛羅萊特  Wrathbringer-TW3191Not updated
57Amdusias 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW3188Not updated
58復仇契約  Wrathbringer-TW3137Not updated
59雷恩亞當斯 風凌渡Wrathbringer-TW3115Not updated
60Devilwings 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW3100Not updated
61Supremacy  Wrathbringer-TW3100Not updated
62茶茤酚 El NinoWrathbringer-TW3100Not updated
63林朵朵 名人店Wrathbringer-TW3100Not updated
64莫莫獵 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3100Not updated
65鳳凰飛歷 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3100Not updated
66法球君 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3099Not updated
67耗子 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3099Not updated
68沒有回應 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3066Not updated
69Autumnkaede  Wrathbringer-TW3031Not updated
70花舞飛仙 El NinoWrathbringer-TW3015Not updated
71驅逐出境 神樣Wrathbringer-TW3011Not updated
72賊狐狸 ANGEL FORBIDDENWrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
73Salamander 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
74玩美甜心 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
75Akaar Paradise LostWrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
76周圍威 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
77Onogami 晨曦怕秋晴Wrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
78黑眼寇寇 名人店Wrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
79比利海靈頓 星光Wrathbringer-TW3000Not updated
80榮譽征服者  Wrathbringer-TW2899Not updated
81青野零 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW2898Not updated
82Absence 溫馨英雄會館Wrathbringer-TW2898Not updated
83蒼夜蝶 名人店Wrathbringer-TW2896Not updated
84我叫法師 至少還有我Wrathbringer-TW2791Not updated
85激囧人生 神樣Wrathbringer-TW2691Not updated
86Polymorph Voice of ChaosWrathbringer-TW2497Not updated
87聖殤信仰  Wrathbringer-TW2399Not updated
88微妙初體驗  Wrathbringer-TW2296Not updated
89暗影弒神 神樣Wrathbringer-TW2276Not updated
90幽冥血戰 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW1991Not updated
91雪漾的心情 溫馨英雄會館Wrathbringer-TW1977Not updated
92月光魔靈 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW1889Not updated
93特調可樂娜 神樣Wrathbringer-TW1884Not updated
94龍黎 Dead RisingWrathbringer-TW1863Not updated
95四處跑 閣樓上的王子Wrathbringer-TW1797Not updated
96喝電影看可樂 乘龍馭天Wrathbringer-TW1794Not updated
97我射得很準噢  Wrathbringer-TW1790Not updated
98時亡  Wrathbringer-TW1699Not updated
99薩西德 大地自然守護部族Wrathbringer-TW1696Not updated
100珍珠紅茶 晨曦怕秋晴Wrathbringer-TW1696Not updated

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