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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Wrathbringer-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Wâllshok Why MeWrathbringer-EU5199Not updated
2Shazuk NANANANA BATMANWrathbringer-EU4681Not updated
3Smuddayo Why MeWrathbringer-EU4399Not updated
4Xerwo Why MeWrathbringer-EU4399Not updated
5Päonie HarlequinWrathbringer-EU4395Not updated
6Aixiong Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU3984Not updated
7Dêvilfish ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU3799Not updated
8Onilink harmful clownsWrathbringer-EU3791Not updated
9Thraya Wrath of RagnarosWrathbringer-EU3790Not updated
10Inpetto Why MeWrathbringer-EU3599Not updated
11Cebolla HarlequinWrathbringer-EU3598Not updated
12Wonder Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU3597Not updated
13Incredibull ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU3595Not updated
14Ayamy I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU3399Not updated
15Nair rdpXWrathbringer-EU3383Not updated
16Duffman BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU3363Not updated
17Summergale ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU3359Not updated
18Narash Why MeWrathbringer-EU3200Not updated
19Homizid Politically IncorrectWrathbringer-EU3138Not updated
20Smäny ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU3100Not updated
21Segathor BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU3048Not updated
22Charline ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU2399Not updated
23Neik StonetreesWrathbringer-EU2395Not updated
24Cocosraspel Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU2393Not updated
25Bambusbernd Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU2299Not updated
26Cizee whackWrathbringer-EU2298Not updated
27Vijec StonetreesWrathbringer-EU1997Not updated
28Swarléy  Wrathbringer-EU1985Not updated
29Septia Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU1894Not updated
30Celine BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU1888Not updated
31Celdra I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU1884Not updated
32Viktoria I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU1882Not updated
33Bizar BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU1797Not updated
34Kettenkurt rágeWrathbringer-EU1792Not updated
35Azog Cataclysm Leveling ZweiWrathbringer-EU1782Not updated
36Dontpissme Old School GamerWrathbringer-EU1699Not updated
37Khalis ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU1698Not updated
38Irrwisch Visio AeternaWrathbringer-EU1697Not updated
39Traductus Awoken KitesWrathbringer-EU1694Not updated
40Tamýra Come Out and PlayWrathbringer-EU1688Not updated
41Chilblain Pech und SchwefelWrathbringer-EU1600Not updated
42Tekknix whackWrathbringer-EU1598Not updated
43Jujope  Wrathbringer-EU1498Not updated
44Wôôldôôr  Wrathbringer-EU1483Not updated
45Belïar Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1483Not updated
46Zottel StonetreesWrathbringer-EU1393Not updated
47Schelmi ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU1296Not updated
48Wyrath Wrath of RagnarosWrathbringer-EU1193Not updated
49Imbaschurke Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU1192Not updated
50Zalzanus StonetreesWrathbringer-EU998Not updated
51Æpocalypsis whackWrathbringer-EU994Not updated
52Acrolytus  Wrathbringer-EU987Not updated
53Zazuke whackWrathbringer-EU985Not updated
54Mínok Awoken KitesWrathbringer-EU982Not updated
55Branch ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU982Not updated
56Ôhura Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU967Not updated
57Nefine ScytheWrathbringer-EU936Not updated
58Krushka ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU898Not updated
59Ekolten intactilisWrathbringer-EU896Not updated
60Smudda Why MeWrathbringer-EU895Not updated
61Leutezar Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU895Not updated
62Bifidk BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU894Not updated
63Eraqus harmful clownsWrathbringer-EU894Not updated
64Llynya  Wrathbringer-EU890Not updated
65Cremâre Samurai Pizza CatsWrathbringer-EU885Not updated
66Djanjan Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU799Not updated
67Squizzle  Wrathbringer-EU797Not updated
68Armagor HarlequinWrathbringer-EU796Not updated
69Bigforfún ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU789Not updated
70Nairi Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU771Not updated
71Druidefeld Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU760Not updated
72Endorphine intactilisWrathbringer-EU699Not updated
73Megoo BloodhuntersWrathbringer-EU693Not updated
74Kidon NullAchtFünfZehnWrathbringer-EU693Not updated
75Greenarrów HarlequinWrathbringer-EU691Not updated
76Eonosh HarlequinWrathbringer-EU688Not updated
77Ayané I Legendary IWrathbringer-EU685Not updated
78Physalia ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU684Not updated
79Xqzme Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU682Not updated
80Prêyme Why MeWrathbringer-EU681Not updated
81Ulimea HellhoundzWrathbringer-EU678Not updated
82Scarecrowe SynergieWrathbringer-EU671Not updated
83Tompo AssistedSuicideWrathbringer-EU494Not updated
84Sangeet  Wrathbringer-EU489Not updated
85Zaak Why MeWrathbringer-EU487Not updated
86Tèlky Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU399Not updated
87Stamper HarlequinWrathbringer-EU399Not updated
88Koedoron Mental MadnessWrathbringer-EU398Not updated
89Psychose Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU397Not updated
90Nazgal Das Siebte ZeichenWrathbringer-EU397Not updated
91Onyxaurel SynergieWrathbringer-EU396Not updated
92Kramles Why MeWrathbringer-EU395Not updated
93Flooper intactilisWrathbringer-EU392Not updated
94Solmýr  Wrathbringer-EU392Not updated
95Raymezz Why MeWrathbringer-EU391Not updated
96Nalasia ResurrectionWrathbringer-EU387Not updated
97Finjie Wrath of RagnarosWrathbringer-EU386Not updated
98Nysos Todesengel von KalimdorWrathbringer-EU384Not updated
99Salasaar Legend of KVAWrathbringer-EU382Not updated
100Néôphyte SynergieWrathbringer-EU382Not updated

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