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Winterhoof-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Ritsu EclipseWinterhoof-US4493
2Stahlfaust Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US3399
3Satanica  Winterhoof-US3386Not updated
4Temuchin  Winterhoof-US3183Not updated
5Neilf Rated MWinterhoof-US3000
6Aiurus RubiconWinterhoof-US3000
7Akilav Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US1886
8Gabrai Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US1768
9Brewie  Winterhoof-US1691Not updated
10Shadörd  Winterhoof-US1690Not updated
11Minsin Cold Steel CrusadersWinterhoof-US1683
12Illifra Pain VendorWinterhoof-US1434
13Ninkasi Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US1383
14Akiyama Adorned ToastWinterhoof-US1374Not updated
15Xabbus  Winterhoof-US1175Not updated
16Nagash Society of the Blue MothWinterhoof-US994Not updated
17Tsering The UnguildedWinterhoof-US952Not updated
18Reinhart Pain VendorWinterhoof-US898
19Irës Rated MWinterhoof-US889
20Rukkie CamelotWinterhoof-US885Not updated
21Kungmoo The UnguildedWinterhoof-US791
22Njore Deus InvictusWinterhoof-US775
23Shiftypaws Rated MWinterhoof-US769Not updated
24Voyant BanishedWinterhoof-US699
25Sparffles BanishedWinterhoof-US694
26Ires Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US690
27Tulnar The UnguildedWinterhoof-US688
28Orihime EclipseWinterhoof-US686
29Gajin Chaotic LegionWinterhoof-US684
30Changedname The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US681
31Petboy The UnguildedWinterhoof-US666
32Melway Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US598
33Delta Allance RaidersWinterhoof-US399
34Syllinara Rated MWinterhoof-US399
35Apisflorea BrothersWinterhoof-US398Not updated
36Darkçlaw MythosWinterhoof-US397Not updated
37Terminated Serenity NowWinterhoof-US393
38Pxxena Pain VendorWinterhoof-US389
39Ephlock Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US383
40Jhetfield The Knights TemplarWinterhoof-US381
41Woffin Pain VendorWinterhoof-US379Not updated
42Hectorkilla  Winterhoof-US379Not updated
43Norii Kalimdors FinestWinterhoof-US357
44Føxtrap EclipseWinterhoof-US349
45Rageapples Wickedy WooWinterhoof-US299Not updated
46Fordram EclipseWinterhoof-US297
47Kraeton The UnguildedWinterhoof-US297Not updated
48Xaven Pain VendorWinterhoof-US296
49Boawrin Godless HeathensWinterhoof-US296Not updated
50Rushs Pain VendorWinterhoof-US292
51Lunura Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US290
52Tardovski Rated MWinterhoof-US287
53Naphista Pain VendorWinterhoof-US282Not updated
54Syldinda  Winterhoof-US280Not updated
55Mooalotesq I Need An ÅdultWinterhoof-US196
56Noxpredor Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US194
57Thingone Sheer Slap NuttsWinterhoof-US193Not updated
58Liefde Knights of DeathbridgeWinterhoof-US191
59Radius Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US188
60Ohshi The MooninitesWinterhoof-US186Not updated
61Bralgar IrondeathWinterhoof-US182Not updated
62Aam The Riddle of SteelWinterhoof-US180
63Ronalin EclipseWinterhoof-US164
64Zombieknight Hordes BroodWinterhoof-US100
65Paedia Ministry of TruthWinterhoof-US92

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