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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Whisperwind-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Vaelds Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US7695Not updated
2Esoth Something WickedWhisperwind-US6895Not updated
3Speakz Something WickedWhisperwind-US5785Not updated
4Vaerds Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US5693Not updated
5Goatblamer Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US5398Not updated
6Tupacsdabest AlphaWhisperwind-US5377Not updated
7Ulrick Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US4797Not updated
8Ladîesman  Whisperwind-US4589Not updated
9Lennícs  Whisperwind-US4499Not updated
10Parox AlphaWhisperwind-US4494Not updated
11Seanx AlphaWhisperwind-US4422Not updated
12Zaythan Something WickedWhisperwind-US4099Not updated
13Shikieiki  Whisperwind-US3998Not updated
14Uxor Retributive JusticeWhisperwind-US3994Not updated
15Spectie  Whisperwind-US3990Not updated
16Ikatus Something WickedWhisperwind-US3898Not updated
17Sharke Rude AwakeningWhisperwind-US3895Not updated
18Selenar Whisperwind ElevenWhisperwind-US3892Not updated
19Kwaky  Whisperwind-US3884Not updated
20Niblette The AftermathWhisperwind-US3789Not updated
21Kusoyaro The Ashen OrderWhisperwind-US3789Not updated
22Lampi  Whisperwind-US3699Not updated
23Oversaurus Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3696Not updated
24Saadistic Bound By BloodWhisperwind-US3695Not updated
25Visner CarriedWhisperwind-US3694Not updated
26Flippancy Motivate meWhisperwind-US3686Not updated
27Zey Something WickedWhisperwind-US3681Not updated
28Metsuki Something WickedWhisperwind-US3597Not updated
29Xandon AlphaWhisperwind-US3597Not updated
30Kreljnok Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3591Not updated
31Leorick Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3498Not updated
32Stinkyfiend SortedWhisperwind-US3498Not updated
33Perculia Something WickedWhisperwind-US3497Not updated
34Sigma Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3496Not updated
35Ansys VolatileWhisperwind-US3490Not updated
36Derplexed Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US3486Not updated
37Creyos  Whisperwind-US3485Not updated
38Flars Crimson TempestWhisperwind-US3475Not updated
39Zipdisk  Whisperwind-US3399Not updated
40Atroxed Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3399Not updated
41Wulfrem The AftermathWhisperwind-US3399Not updated
42Pogiface Rude AwakeningWhisperwind-US3396Not updated
43Silverios Tactical AssassinsWhisperwind-US3394Not updated
44Phillyphil Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3393Not updated
45Bentfork User ErrorWhisperwind-US3393Not updated
46Zalrick Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3383Not updated
47Rensia AlphaWhisperwind-US3383Not updated
48Davoh Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3381Not updated
49Spheroc AlphaWhisperwind-US3374Not updated
50Lighterdream ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US3368Not updated
51Endijor Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US3299Not updated
52Zyther Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3297Not updated
53Azelea AbyssWhisperwind-US3297Not updated
54Xentropy  Whisperwind-US3297Not updated
55Turtle Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3296Not updated
56Brettskii EnvyWhisperwind-US3291Not updated
57Omegal Something WickedWhisperwind-US3277Not updated
58Galluccio Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US3209Not updated
59Merìngue Beta TestingWhisperwind-US3200Not updated
60Wokfù AbyssWhisperwind-US3200Not updated
61Twentyfivè Lets Get WeirdWhisperwind-US3198Not updated
62Magdalena Something WickedWhisperwind-US3197Not updated
63Pixells I Take CandleWhisperwind-US3197Not updated
64Juicep MortalWhisperwind-US3194Not updated
65Xplodes Hordes of ChaosWhisperwind-US3186Not updated
66Rhazer  Whisperwind-US3150Not updated
67Mbdtf Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US3131Not updated
68Soylentgreen AlphaWhisperwind-US3100Not updated
69Twilightfang  Whisperwind-US3100Not updated
70Sougenmu MortalWhisperwind-US3100Not updated
71Gnas AlphaWhisperwind-US3100Not updated
72Maou ArchivumWhisperwind-US3100Not updated
73Tarayaki AlphaWhisperwind-US3098Not updated
74Zlan AbyssWhisperwind-US3054Not updated
75Torima Something WickedWhisperwind-US3000Not updated
76Ahuramazda Something WickedWhisperwind-US3000Not updated
77Ursikaria Something WickedWhisperwind-US3000Not updated
78Philenium Ascension AsylumWhisperwind-US3000Not updated
79Ohteedubz EverclearWhisperwind-US2991Not updated
80Vulrin AlphaWhisperwind-US2891Not updated
81Suena FaultyWhisperwind-US2887Not updated
82Melnick Of Hells DesignWhisperwind-US2697Not updated
83Bamboopanda ONE O EIGHTWhisperwind-US2696Not updated
84Sondicee Rude AwakeningWhisperwind-US2394Not updated
85Nanubren SuperfriendsWhisperwind-US2390Not updated
86Rhymez Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US2378Not updated
87Krovvy Something WickedWhisperwind-US2297Not updated
88Enti MorituriWhisperwind-US1996Not updated
89Minxk AlphaWhisperwind-US1994Not updated
90Lotek AlphaWhisperwind-US1977Not updated
91Khander Dragons MarchWhisperwind-US1893Not updated
92Skítz Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1889Not updated
93Rainös Mature ContentWhisperwind-US1838Not updated
94Worghuntard Ascension AsylumWhisperwind-US1799Not updated
95Armacon Ascension AsylumWhisperwind-US1797Not updated
96Cristaqtxx Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1796Not updated
97Grinf Victory or WhateverWhisperwind-US1796Not updated
98Xenophylus  Whisperwind-US1780Not updated
99Ooryl ParticleWhisperwind-US1778Not updated
100Deadunït  Whisperwind-US1699Not updated

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