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Velen-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Lue  Velen-US5596
2Digital VeritasVelen-US4298
3Penthe SynthesisVelen-US3799
4Ofarian VeritasVelen-US3787
5Artaniz  Velen-US3780
6Nythelanai CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US3770
7Sporkz  Velen-US3699Not updated
8Noble VeritasVelen-US3688
9Kelonaar VeritasVelen-US3599
10Pwninn  Velen-US3498Not updated
11Mattsmage RepriseVelen-US3495
12Cobane Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3493
13Freze Ring of DestinyVelen-US3399
14Paduk VeritasVelen-US3398
15Antimateriel Walter Whites Car WashVelen-US3397Not updated
16Haseoh Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3396
17Matches  Velen-US3393
18Hamromen Legendary Soul HuntersVelen-US3393
19Mattshunter AriseVelen-US3391Not updated
20Deathíon Shade of ArrowsVelen-US3381
21Sel Ring of DestinyVelen-US3135
22Brucemighty LucidityVelen-US3028Not updated
23Gorbell CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US2697
24Dalsum  Velen-US2485Not updated
25Paragon Shade of ArrowsVelen-US2399
26Brahs  Velen-US2375
27Babzy  Velen-US2099Not updated
28Kripplen  Velen-US1890
29Reckléss  Velen-US1787
30Samboro Shade of ArrowsVelen-US1699
31Raszagal Ring of DestinyVelen-US1683
32Raqezor CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US1480
33Mahot E M P I R EVelen-US1393
34Abrahadabra CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US1391
35Shadaloo InfinityVelen-US1391
36Darkrei Shade of ArrowsVelen-US1037
37Asami The Betty Horde ClinicVelen-US997
38Village BlacklistedVelen-US996
39Dëath Legendary RaidersVelen-US994Not updated
40Krocc CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US977
41Adreb HarbingerVelen-US973
42Anggus CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US966
43Lilfatpig Shade of ArrowsVelen-US898Not updated
44Norimason DestructionVelen-US883
45Garrod Shade of ArrowsVelen-US871
46Gnominatrix RepriseVelen-US861
47Zaldion  Velen-US795Not updated
48Ravner Raiders of DestinyVelen-US792
49Gpizzle VènumVelen-US792
50Iceball Draconic IntentionsVelen-US791
51Holyforlife AriseVelen-US785
52Zathrus OutlandishVelen-US780
53Draxum  Velen-US697Not updated
54Mauhan CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US697
55Dezkant CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US692
56Símple Another Year Of DisasterVelen-US689Not updated
57Acrolein CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US687
58Sephirother Dark TranquilityVelen-US686
59Gurio Shade of ArrowsVelen-US685
60Hitmeharder Maelstrom LegionVelen-US682
61Parthmakeyo  Velen-US679Not updated
62Checkmates Why You Heff to be MadVelen-US677
63Projekte AriseVelen-US673Not updated
64Mortemir SynthesisVelen-US671
65Wariorhunt AriseVelen-US599
66Dägden SarcasmVelen-US593Not updated
67Deathhamarf Legendary Soul HuntersVelen-US591
68Asunders LunacyVelen-US591
69Banzad  Velen-US499Not updated
70Stacy Shade of ArrowsVelen-US499
71Blizblaze Shade of ArrowsVelen-US497
72Malica Ring of DestinyVelen-US494
73Velthaes CaReBeaR CluBVelen-US490
74Qpìd Maelstrom LegionVelen-US490
75Encrow Spanish InquisitionVelen-US477
76Einzigër RuthlessVelen-US458
77Eyun BlacklistedVelen-US430
78Vudu RuthlessVelen-US399
79Lëyl Shade of ArrowsVelen-US397
80Zede InfinityVelen-US397
81Alveria OutlandishVelen-US395Not updated
82Closer Orphans of WowVelen-US395Not updated
83Snappledrank Ring of DestinyVelen-US393
84Pellet Shade of ArrowsVelen-US393Not updated
85Reidsy Ring of DestinyVelen-US390
86Zerodivider Wipe it UpVelen-US388Not updated
87Haraz Good CompanyVelen-US388Not updated
88Kaleek Dark TranquilityVelen-US388
89Wotdabny Ring of DestinyVelen-US387
90Mythol RecklessVelen-US387Not updated
91Frostywhite ArchitectualistsVelen-US385
92Kirino BlacklistedVelen-US385
93Lélantos Pax InvictusVelen-US385
94Wrathi Shade of ArrowsVelen-US384Not updated
95Braketricten Fast Action GuysVelen-US382
96Thymightybob The Crown Of BloodVelen-US381Not updated
97Todd The DeceiverVelen-US381
98Yuten VeritasVelen-US378
99Legendaryhun  Velen-US378Not updated
100Anklepain  Velen-US377Not updated

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