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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Seekandestry DaybreakTuralyon-US7798Not updated
2Méssi Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US7380Not updated
3Xhaos In the MountainsTuralyon-US5417Not updated
4Phorcys SympathyTuralyon-US5398Not updated
5Mysticus DaybreakTuralyon-US4997Not updated
6Duvai Bench SquadTuralyon-US4996Not updated
7Psychosis  Turalyon-US4994Not updated
8Flyntflossy  Turalyon-US4892Not updated
9Taeyon NeolutumTuralyon-US4892Not updated
10Danedrad  Turalyon-US4880Not updated
11Jimmylegss Chaos CabinetTuralyon-US4692Not updated
12Tonediary ImpetusTuralyon-US4489Not updated
13Vizera Forbidden LegionTuralyon-US4395Not updated
14Reproduce UnderdarkTuralyon-US4372Not updated
15Parabolic NeolutumTuralyon-US4370Not updated
16Moonshoe InsidiousTuralyon-US4297Not updated
17Aisling BlacklistedTuralyon-US4292Not updated
18Ellipsìs SynthesisTuralyon-US4100Not updated
19Qinshihuang UnprovokedTuralyon-US4000Not updated
20Arithalus The Screen ActorsTuralyon-US3998Not updated
21Sunshoe PortalTuralyon-US3994Not updated
22Zakt Occasional ExcellenceTuralyon-US3989Not updated
23Bodybag  Turalyon-US3983Not updated
24Xaloz SupermassiveTuralyon-US3897Not updated
25Uiharu The Platinum DragonsTuralyon-US3893Not updated
26Kato  Turalyon-US3891Not updated
27Frostclaw SynthesisTuralyon-US3882Not updated
28Metmydeath FoETuralyon-US3796Not updated
29Khramps SynthesisTuralyon-US3795Not updated
30Thorandric Vis MaiorTuralyon-US3795Not updated
31Khara ThrowdowNTuralyon-US3792Not updated
32Darkspine PortalTuralyon-US3699Not updated
33Sralin InappropriateTuralyon-US3698Not updated
34Kyoraku Higher EvolutionTuralyon-US3696Not updated
35Vikter IneptTuralyon-US3695Not updated
36Jourgensen MassacreTuralyon-US3694Not updated
37Noxa InsidiousTuralyon-US3694Not updated
38Shakhellsing InsidiousTuralyon-US3694Not updated
39Schisme InsidiousTuralyon-US3689Not updated
40Zytho ÀbsolutionTuralyon-US3687Not updated
41Kiwikai SynthesisTuralyon-US3687Not updated
42Thatjamieguy DevotionTuralyon-US3686Not updated
43Decessusdeus InsidiousTuralyon-US3637Not updated
44Sycklius FusionTuralyon-US3598Not updated
45Makemebad IssuesTuralyon-US3597Not updated
46Folkvar Higher EvolutionTuralyon-US3597Not updated
47Zyonite FoETuralyon-US3596Not updated
48Bontwor  Turalyon-US3499Not updated
49Prettylegit  Turalyon-US3483Not updated
50Kayliah SupermassiveTuralyon-US3422Not updated
51Renzir StardustTuralyon-US3399Not updated
52Faustamort The Fighting MongoosesTuralyon-US3398Not updated
53Tirevri FoETuralyon-US3398Not updated
54Girado SupermassiveTuralyon-US3397Not updated
55Howl FarscapeTuralyon-US3394Not updated
56Loldøts OnslaughtTuralyon-US3393Not updated
57Azados Bench SquadTuralyon-US3392Not updated
58Nittoh FoETuralyon-US3388Not updated
59Brian DaybreakTuralyon-US3379Not updated
60Dethkrik ImpetusTuralyon-US3368Not updated
61Itspyro  Turalyon-US3353Not updated
62Doominitus Organized CrimeTuralyon-US3300Not updated
63Brio Divine CarnageTuralyon-US3299Not updated
64Calvinn  Turalyon-US3299Not updated
65Fornae Aeonian OrderTuralyon-US3296Not updated
66Brightwing IneptTuralyon-US3177Not updated
67Shadowcleave NeolutumTuralyon-US3137Not updated
68Aantu  Turalyon-US3118Not updated
69Tenby  Turalyon-US3112Not updated
70Nangz SynthesisTuralyon-US3111Not updated
71Egosong HypnotikTuralyon-US3107Not updated
72Stressball PortalTuralyon-US3100Not updated
73Abaris DaybreakTuralyon-US3100Not updated
74Derrps StardustTuralyon-US3100Not updated
75Avido DaybreakTuralyon-US3100Not updated
76Faeriimerlyn BlacklistedTuralyon-US3100Not updated
77Raikoh Natural FuryTuralyon-US3100Not updated
78Donkeythor Animal CrackersTuralyon-US3100Not updated
79Tali The MistakenTuralyon-US3100Not updated
80Airye InsidiousTuralyon-US3100Not updated
81Casual  Turalyon-US3073Not updated
82Frozenkiller HypnoticTuralyon-US3073Not updated
83Eapoe DaybreakTuralyon-US3054Not updated
84Einzbern SupermassiveTuralyon-US3024Not updated
85Lightning StardustTuralyon-US3000Not updated
86Anaden IneptTuralyon-US3000Not updated
87Tiqi Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US3000Not updated
88Zadivitz  Turalyon-US2795Not updated
89Seablaster ImpetusTuralyon-US2774Not updated
90Alystri RUGTuralyon-US2695Not updated
91Goldndeath RagequitTuralyon-US2695Not updated
92Arctard KumpaniaTuralyon-US2695Not updated
93Russell BlacklistedTuralyon-US2689Not updated
94Etone In the MountainsTuralyon-US2599Not updated
95Madacky Shoulda put ranch on itTuralyon-US2429Not updated
96Wixer MassacreTuralyon-US2398Not updated
97Fyzik Rage QuitTuralyon-US2397Not updated
98Clementine  Turalyon-US2393Not updated
99Utilityjr  Turalyon-US2392Not updated
100Feelan Comfortably NumbTuralyon-US2385Not updated

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