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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Turalyon-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Kakuri Unnatural SelectionTuralyon-EU6982Not updated
2Bovan PureTuralyon-EU5896Not updated
3Nardill PureTuralyon-EU5883Not updated
4Kirrie RevolutionTuralyon-EU5592Not updated
5Akió The NephilimTuralyon-EU5376Not updated
6Zicci PureTuralyon-EU4798Not updated
7Atreju NovaTuralyon-EU4798Not updated
8Aerandur PureTuralyon-EU4790Not updated
9Melusine AscensionTuralyon-EU4763Not updated
10Beatriks SublimityTuralyon-EU4699Not updated
11Zardox PureTuralyon-EU4695Not updated
12Dirnik MMTuralyon-EU4690Not updated
13Wishmasters PureTuralyon-EU4387Not updated
14Nokkie PureTuralyon-EU4010Not updated
15Bakednoodle AscendanceTuralyon-EU3991Not updated
16Periculosa Legion of DwarvesTuralyon-EU3989Not updated
17Goforshatter  Turalyon-EU3986Not updated
18Wellsy The NephilimTuralyon-EU3986Not updated
19Alida FlawedTuralyon-EU3984Not updated
20Mysthra The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU3970Not updated
21Ràve Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU3894Not updated
22Fjörynn E Q U I N O XTuralyon-EU3893Not updated
23Galamir Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU3893Not updated
24Virtix AscensionTuralyon-EU3893Not updated
25Seethe PureTuralyon-EU3795Not updated
26Qnyx PureTuralyon-EU3782Not updated
27Arma Definition of DØGTuralyon-EU3697Not updated
28Nikolica The NephilimTuralyon-EU3697Not updated
29Vindi PureTuralyon-EU3696Not updated
30Warriorbabe NovaTuralyon-EU3696Not updated
31Rhadegund IlluminatiTuralyon-EU3694Not updated
32Xintar RevolutionTuralyon-EU3693Not updated
33Levixus NovaTuralyon-EU3685Not updated
34Shîv  Turalyon-EU3684Not updated
35Shivo PureTuralyon-EU3684Not updated
36Thèmask The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU3680Not updated
37Neatheraui AscensionTuralyon-EU3598Not updated
38Zerotohero EntityTuralyon-EU3494Not updated
39Signum PureTuralyon-EU3493Not updated
40Zimp PureTuralyon-EU3433Not updated
41Baaramyou The NephilimTuralyon-EU3399Not updated
42Thorill Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU3398Not updated
43Bubbaleh RevolutionTuralyon-EU3398Not updated
44Lyricon XfusionTuralyon-EU3397Not updated
45Rillia EntityTuralyon-EU3397Not updated
46Woorm Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU3394Not updated
47Egos The NephilimTuralyon-EU3390Not updated
48Räddi PureTuralyon-EU3389Not updated
49Dinnin Bank of ChinaTuralyon-EU3389Not updated
50Hamdeeryo Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU3386Not updated
51Lithwell PureTuralyon-EU3359Not updated
52Schemes The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU3357Not updated
53Niciped The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU3343Not updated
54Cald Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU3299Not updated
55Grazzy Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU3298Not updated
56Poshi EntityTuralyon-EU3292Not updated
57Diabound  Turalyon-EU3282Not updated
58Defied BloodedTuralyon-EU3200Not updated
59Kurigalzu The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU3195Not updated
60Lavantor The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-EU3157Not updated
61Zanpher PureTuralyon-EU3155Not updated
62Lashara MMTuralyon-EU3150Not updated
63Superjoker The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU3100Not updated
64Swíck OasisTuralyon-EU3100Not updated
65Menya The NephilimTuralyon-EU3098Not updated
66Teerahir Red SunTuralyon-EU3009Not updated
67Hexualabuse PureTuralyon-EU3004Not updated
68Smoothlight PureTuralyon-EU2898Not updated
69Deloz The Phoenix RebornTuralyon-EU2799Not updated
70Zenxion PureTuralyon-EU2794Not updated
71Xinth AG Praetorian GuardTuralyon-EU2696Not updated
72Miztingz LucidityTuralyon-EU2681Not updated
73Helmsleh  Turalyon-EU2493Not updated
74Hélmsléy PureTuralyon-EU2493Not updated
75Skulcrunsher RevolutionTuralyon-EU2396Not updated
76Sagorth EntityTuralyon-EU2390Not updated
77Martzy Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU2372Not updated
78Legomajja The Celtic CultTuralyon-EU2299Not updated
79Aers PureTuralyon-EU1990Not updated
80Arvena Absolute VictoryTuralyon-EU1896Not updated
81Seethé PureTuralyon-EU1891Not updated
82Biobreak AG Praetorian GuardTuralyon-EU1889Not updated
83Xotyr DevotedTuralyon-EU1799Not updated
84Stevica The NephilimTuralyon-EU1797Not updated
85Neutralise AscensionTuralyon-EU1796Not updated
86Successe Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU1794Not updated
87Jostietostie House of ProudmooreTuralyon-EU1792Not updated
88Aldrox Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU1791Not updated
89Submit The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU1791Not updated
90Icedout Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU1790Not updated
91Tiro The NephilimTuralyon-EU1789Not updated
92Delore RevolutionTuralyon-EU1782Not updated
93Intensefied  Turalyon-EU1774Not updated
94Devmini AscensionTuralyon-EU1699Not updated
95Ixidron MMTuralyon-EU1698Not updated
96Waxxe NovaTuralyon-EU1697Not updated
97Execrow AscensionTuralyon-EU1697Not updated
98Vexd Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU1683Not updated
99Susa The NephilimTuralyon-EU1596Not updated
100Toutoulis The NephilimTuralyon-EU1492Not updated

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