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Tichondrius-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Deathsucked NocturnalTichondrius-US8492Not updated
2Shamrockin AccelerateTichondrius-US5588Not updated
3Brightsíde  Tichondrius-US5382Not updated
4Iz  Tichondrius-US5165Not updated
5Butters  Tichondrius-US4899Not updated
6Lithnor Eidol TriTichondrius-US4899Not updated
7Weegxslayer Cookie ThiefTichondrius-US4899Not updated
8Snapbackmack  Tichondrius-US4795Not updated
9Gangsterface DiscreteTichondrius-US4780Not updated
10Wrathspeaker DiscreteTichondrius-US4690Not updated
11Sense NurfedTichondrius-US4689Not updated
12Xidri CadenzaTichondrius-US4496Not updated
13Borntopoly  Tichondrius-US4495Not updated
14Alldayerrday oh god its themTichondrius-US4398Not updated
15Lunter Not Amazing Just KoreanTichondrius-US4397Not updated
16Yuk NurfedTichondrius-US4396Not updated
17Evolocked RBG HEROTichondrius-US4394Not updated
18Mappr NurfedTichondrius-US4390Not updated
19Rabakh SaltyTichondrius-US4389Not updated
20Frymii  Tichondrius-US4364Not updated
21Erlidd  Tichondrius-US3998Not updated
22Venan Méntally illTichondrius-US3995Not updated
23Neromius HAMTichondrius-US3995Not updated
24Dannycarey  Tichondrius-US3994Not updated
25Iolite In The CloudsTichondrius-US3993Not updated
26Hamp AftershockTichondrius-US3988Not updated
27Rustymorris Team FriendshipTichondrius-US3987Not updated
28Jethrix s key ballersTichondrius-US3899Not updated
29Younghov  Tichondrius-US3897Not updated
30Kalithumos BattlehammerTichondrius-US3892Not updated
31Raptzor AccelerateTichondrius-US3892Not updated
32Nobodylives  Tichondrius-US3891Not updated
33Moderalol Eminent ElitistTichondrius-US3891Not updated
34Taktix  Tichondrius-US3890Not updated
35Vlv  Tichondrius-US3888Not updated
36Necron  Tichondrius-US3885Not updated
37Kritikalqt  Tichondrius-US3867Not updated
38Rektalla SkullTichondrius-US3798Not updated
39Rastt DarkÑTwistedTichondrius-US3798Not updated
40Phyxius NurfedTichondrius-US3789Not updated
41Kremzeek DiscreteTichondrius-US3783Not updated
42Darkduke SlackTichondrius-US3698Not updated
43Redtiger Drunken TigerTichondrius-US3698Not updated
44Eantris  Tichondrius-US3697Not updated
45Kithelia CadenzaTichondrius-US3696Not updated
46Yorusuki Strength In NumbersTichondrius-US3696Not updated
47Shadowfight OUTLAWZTichondrius-US3695Not updated
48Hanna NurfedTichondrius-US3693Not updated
49Ecafjp Est Solarus Oth MithasTichondrius-US3693Not updated
50Teal InsomniaTichondrius-US3691Not updated
51Zaphann DiscreteTichondrius-US3691Not updated
52Jigantor EvolutionTichondrius-US3690Not updated
53Kimori EvolutionTichondrius-US3665Not updated
54Tidusx Not Amazing Just KoreanTichondrius-US3599Not updated
55Nazpn All Eyez On MeTichondrius-US3599Not updated
56Funbox GATTichondrius-US3599Not updated
57Ltsephiroth Fight on the FlagTichondrius-US3598Not updated
58Manwë DiscreteTichondrius-US3596Not updated
59Bobij Ariana GrandeTichondrius-US3595Not updated
60Irysheman AccelerateTichondrius-US3593Not updated
61Jwomaner InsomniaTichondrius-US3592Not updated
62Shazrael  Tichondrius-US3590Not updated
63Athok DiscreteTichondrius-US3590Not updated
64Phaymiss BattlehammerTichondrius-US3586Not updated
65Amaranthus  Tichondrius-US3585Not updated
66Executions AftershockTichondrius-US3585Not updated
67Bakrr Not of This WorldTichondrius-US3494Not updated
68Oskah Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US3492Not updated
69Duskstrike TriumphTichondrius-US3492Not updated
70Iamzod  Tichondrius-US3489Not updated
71Caceres  Tichondrius-US3488Not updated
72Skywardsword  Tichondrius-US3485Not updated
73Huñtér  Tichondrius-US3482Not updated
74Gadzook Arena BananasTichondrius-US3473Not updated
75Kuri The NerdslayerTichondrius-US3416Not updated
76Flitterrz AcuityTichondrius-US3399Not updated
77Tyhk Killsteal GamingTichondrius-US3399Not updated
78Nocturnol SlackTichondrius-US3398Not updated
79Voxboom  Tichondrius-US3398Not updated
80Vitamingg ProfaneTichondrius-US3397Not updated
81Taylerswifft Team FriendshipTichondrius-US3397Not updated
82Nixondtf  Tichondrius-US3397Not updated
83Marshonlynch Fallen IITichondrius-US3397Not updated
84Mossmanx  Tichondrius-US3397Not updated
85Øakenføld  Tichondrius-US3397Not updated
86Dixî  Tichondrius-US3397Not updated
87Rainbowmezx SmilesTichondrius-US3396Not updated
88Haul Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US3396Not updated
89Emen The Monkey CultTichondrius-US3396Not updated
90Carini DiscreteTichondrius-US3396Not updated
91Thiryn Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US3395Not updated
92Brophylactik AcuityTichondrius-US3395Not updated
93Hanbaic Evil LegendTichondrius-US3395Not updated
94Ididthat Eminent ElitistTichondrius-US3394Not updated
95Chosenorc Evil LegendTichondrius-US3393Not updated
96Seliirix Endgame TheoryTichondrius-US3393Not updated
97Snowed  Tichondrius-US3388Not updated
98Kynarius No QuarterTichondrius-US3386Not updated
99Roseby  Tichondrius-US3383Not updated
100Screwtape Carnival of ShameTichondrius-US3383Not updated

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