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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thunderhorn-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Shema Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU7898Not updated
2Furyian MassacreThunderhorn-EU4797Not updated
3Zaleria Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU4698Not updated
4Donutka Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU4693Not updated
5Vlczak Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU4596Not updated
6Acty IridescenceThunderhorn-EU4396Not updated
7Restaid IridescenceThunderhorn-EU4389Not updated
8Butternut  Thunderhorn-EU4388Not updated
9Carobnica Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU4366Not updated
10Kalaqt Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3998Not updated
11Airiemana  Thunderhorn-EU3994Not updated
12Valhalla Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU3986Not updated
13Øck The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU3899Not updated
14Laivine ZabijáciThunderhorn-EU3898Not updated
15Zhmowy AmbienceThunderhorn-EU3799Not updated
16Aistan Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU3797Not updated
17Kexik Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3797Not updated
18Veiirande FantasyThunderhorn-EU3795Not updated
19Dráug No skill just luckThunderhorn-EU3784Not updated
20Radiant Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3696Not updated
21Honkarooroo NightshiftThunderhorn-EU3690Not updated
22Sectator AmbuscadeThunderhorn-EU3680Not updated
23Shiro Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3598Not updated
24Dafko Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU3591Not updated
25Caütion  Thunderhorn-EU3499Not updated
26Altertime Endless AgonyThunderhorn-EU3496Not updated
27Choseell World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU3490Not updated
28Cornie World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU3399Not updated
29Combüstion Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3399Not updated
30Huanyue MassacreThunderhorn-EU3399Not updated
31Akcope Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3398Not updated
32Starbo FantasyThunderhorn-EU3398Not updated
33Ventrua World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU3397Not updated
34Racefoll No skill just luckThunderhorn-EU3397Not updated
35Deathwielder ProALKOHOLICIThunderhorn-EU3395Not updated
36Kujja Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3389Not updated
37Evianina Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3389Not updated
38Eszila  Thunderhorn-EU3389Not updated
39Serinha  Thunderhorn-EU3389Not updated
40Drtikost ChrochtThunderhorn-EU3388Not updated
41Blaphemus KUNG POWThunderhorn-EU3388Not updated
42Xuen The Dragon OrderThunderhorn-EU3370Not updated
43Stipp GreatHordeThunderhorn-EU3300Not updated
44Suiken  Thunderhorn-EU3298Not updated
45Shobooll Memento MoriThunderhorn-EU3297Not updated
46Mcteach No skill just luckThunderhorn-EU3297Not updated
47Legenda TuomaritThunderhorn-EU3296Not updated
48Ten Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3287Not updated
49Enaes Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU3200Not updated
50Kitnus Left Hand PathThunderhorn-EU3194Not updated
51Melfire TeamworkDKThunderhorn-EU3187Not updated
52Skeevinka Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU3173Not updated
53Anileus Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3127Not updated
54Sixxi FantasyThunderhorn-EU3123Not updated
55Tanto  Thunderhorn-EU3102Not updated
56Huubox Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3100Not updated
57Icenine Banana RevolutionThunderhorn-EU3100Not updated
58Meriosik IridescenceThunderhorn-EU3100Not updated
59Dossina AmbienceThunderhorn-EU3097Not updated
60Viola Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU3025Not updated
61Dysiex Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU2697Not updated
62Xerøqin Heart of EuropeThunderhorn-EU2598Not updated
63Mithgaur TuomaritThunderhorn-EU2399Not updated
64Elesnaar RachottThunderhorn-EU2398Not updated
65Cacorka IridescenceThunderhorn-EU2396Not updated
66Drogery RachottThunderhorn-EU2391Not updated
67Bloodelf RESILIENCE WILL FIX ITThunderhorn-EU2382Not updated
68Devira IridescenceThunderhorn-EU2299Not updated
69Asdawea Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU2297Not updated
70Kllen The Danish RaidersThunderhorn-EU1993Not updated
71Buahh MassacreThunderhorn-EU1986Not updated
72Lorani Auringon SoturitThunderhorn-EU1894Not updated
73Grifina IridescenceThunderhorn-EU1878Not updated
74Hrtana World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU1796Not updated
75Rowten Banana RevolutionThunderhorn-EU1795Not updated
76Zeorc EpitomeThunderhorn-EU1793Not updated
77Fixedup Highland WarriorsThunderhorn-EU1791Not updated
78Daddysauce The Iron KnightsThunderhorn-EU1791Not updated
79Ryan RevexiaThunderhorn-EU1699Not updated
80Smesky  Thunderhorn-EU1699Not updated
81Florentia Highland WarriorsThunderhorn-EU1699Not updated
82Kessia IridescenceThunderhorn-EU1698Not updated
83Sempo No Longer GuildlessThunderhorn-EU1689Not updated
84Amee ChrochtThunderhorn-EU1687Not updated
85Sylath ChrochtThunderhorn-EU1676Not updated
86Deoss Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU1654Not updated
87Moonsanity Supreme LegionThunderhorn-EU1592Not updated
88Tsuzura MassacreThunderhorn-EU1587Not updated
89Lechicken No skill just luckThunderhorn-EU1496Not updated
90Achillescz  Thunderhorn-EU1493Not updated
91Haert World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU1395Not updated
92Dexknight IridescenceThunderhorn-EU1395Not updated
93Monisek World of Warcraft GONEThunderhorn-EU1391Not updated
94Actimel IridescenceThunderhorn-EU1387Not updated
95Aisp  Thunderhorn-EU1387Not updated
96Femto Fear of ExtinctionThunderhorn-EU1384Not updated
97Hummingbird ChrochtThunderhorn-EU1380Not updated
98Khoalee IridescenceThunderhorn-EU1379Not updated
99Leaa Guardian AngelsThunderhorn-EU1365Not updated
100Popelnik ProroctvíThunderhorn-EU1298Not updated

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