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Thrall-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Dendee Reign in PowerThrall-US10000
2Dirtay RefinedThrall-US7897
3Barlenor RefinedThrall-US7393
4Jazaqua Lowered ExpectationsThrall-US4796
5Rocksteadee Obsidian SpurThrall-US4777Not updated
6Signat AscentThrall-US4599
7Borntobemoo Disciples of RedemptionThrall-US4396Not updated
8Fatalwish Sweet VictoryThrall-US4396
9Tovath The CrusadeThrall-US4395
10Spartansz Group TherapyThrall-US4296
11Philipfry  Thrall-US4192
12Philipjfry is a cutieThrall-US4192
13Riyuu PrecisionThrall-US3978
14Prakâ TicklePickleThrall-US3899
15Xzàar Sparkle MotionThrall-US3898
16Jigsawe RefinedThrall-US3896
17Rammza  Thrall-US3883
18Eraggonn Group TherapyThrall-US3879Not updated
19Doublètap RemorseThrall-US3799
20Zombeef  Thrall-US3795Not updated
21Arathnos  Thrall-US3795Not updated
22Wràíth AttritionThrall-US3795
23Ymìr AttritionThrall-US3769
24Bitterst AscentThrall-US3699
25Brewkin TicklePickleThrall-US3699
26Katsuchan Warlords of DrainoThrall-US3699
27Tennagas TicklePickleThrall-US3699
28Koruol Sparkle MotionThrall-US3698
29Joshie SwarmThrall-US3698
30Segfault Raiders of the Lost OrcThrall-US3695
31Superß Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US3694
32Zenlock RemorseThrall-US3693
33Wallum Oozma KappaThrall-US3680
34Wurralfark Nulli SecundumThrall-US3676
35Nilcon Damage NetworksThrall-US3672Not updated
36Qaesar Nailed ItThrall-US3653
37Cablok Collateral Damage GamingThrall-US3642
38Supernovah Collateral Damage GamingThrall-US3598Not updated
39Sanarah Thanks ObamaThrall-US3597
40Lvbarrage AscentThrall-US3596Not updated
41Dahoagie Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US3592
42Alekxanthius Nulli SecundumThrall-US3499
43Variat Reign in PowerThrall-US3497
44Eralock Group TherapyThrall-US3496Not updated
45Jaffeh Registry ErrorThrall-US3491
46Tîa Nulli SecundumThrall-US3489
47Chupac Action Team BroforceThrall-US3488
48Zewt Ctrl Alt EliteThrall-US3483
49Dragomir IntentThrall-US3399
50Lübü TicklePickleThrall-US3399
51Gorexar IntentThrall-US3398
52Ragnavald SädïstîçThrall-US3398Not updated
53Aahzmandius AerionThrall-US3398
54Jumanjï Phase IllThrall-US3398
55Leerõy TicklePickleThrall-US3398
56Teucer CrossfireThrall-US3398
57Charmander IntentThrall-US3397
58Sugafur Sweet VictoryThrall-US3397Not updated
59Ortherion Ooken DookersThrall-US3397
60Aledas  Thrall-US3396Not updated
61Royma RemorseThrall-US3396
62Maxidormas SwarmThrall-US3393
63Arhlok Viação FumetaThrall-US3393
64Kodiack is a cutieThrall-US3390
65Radamanthus AerionThrall-US3389
66Conscious Group TherapyThrall-US3387
67Silvêr IntentThrall-US3386
68Slaptrap ButtsvilleThrall-US3386
69Bigspicy Reign in PowerThrall-US3381
70Convicts CorrosiveThrall-US3379
71Sneekeys Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US3375
72Datarrowtho Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US3371
73Omnisauce is a cutieThrall-US3371
74Taterdotz Reign in PowerThrall-US3368
75Kadriell ImmØrtalsThrall-US3299
76Wazy SwarmThrall-US3299
77Semira NecrologyThrall-US3299
78Rhymes Group TherapyThrall-US3299
79Bascombe Dirty Mike and the BoyzThrall-US3298
80Ezzy RefinedThrall-US3295
81Pnutbutter IntentThrall-US3293
82Auroraniqua AscentThrall-US3283
83Kelraxx Lethal DoseThrall-US3269
84Bucä Core TwoThrall-US3197
85Jolts Band of ThornsThrall-US3186
86Emuna Sweatbox GladiatorsThrall-US3139
87Lethim Group TherapyThrall-US3113
88Bentarrow Taken By TidesThrall-US3113
89Sithil AscentThrall-US3100
90Thimblelina Reign in PowerThrall-US3100
91Theogany At Worlds EndThrall-US3100
92Carukane  Thrall-US3100
93Libbý PrevailThrall-US3085
94Shankshanks AerionThrall-US3019
95Sixin SkillThrall-US3012
96Novxjr RefinedThrall-US3000
97Kavol AttritionThrall-US3000Not updated
98Anadrol  Thrall-US3000
99Surprise NecropolisThrall-US3000Not updated
100Darknut IntentThrall-US2996

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