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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Thaurissan-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Excerion Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US4993Not updated
2Michealvick One ShotThaurissan-US4662Not updated
3Zeebubbles Last AttemptThaurissan-US4353Not updated
4Juliansfist AwakenedThaurissan-US4299Not updated
5Pokeberry Has Left The GuildThaurissan-US4291Not updated
6Cyllec jksThaurissan-US3981Not updated
7Zeny Seal Club Hugging ClubThaurissan-US3979Not updated
8Loafr Like ClockworkThaurissan-US3896Not updated
9Yoonique Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US3894Not updated
10Athic Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US3893Not updated
11Timqt AwakenedThaurissan-US3891Not updated
12Isanova Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US3861Not updated
13Astromeda Celestial InterferenceThaurissan-US3799Not updated
14Astriks  Thaurissan-US3799Not updated
15Wulfz AwakenedThaurissan-US3786Not updated
16Grungeshot ExhumedThaurissan-US3699Not updated
17Dignitas One ShotThaurissan-US3697Not updated
18Freonzar LunarThaurissan-US3691Not updated
19Exoll Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US3598Not updated
20Foxstorm FrequencyThaurissan-US3596Not updated
21Necroraven The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US3594Not updated
22Sephér IlluminationThaurissan-US3399Not updated
23Drozak ResoluteThaurissan-US3397Not updated
24Avátar One ShotThaurissan-US3396Not updated
25Zekiy One ShotThaurissan-US3396Not updated
26Saduke Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US3395Not updated
27Wobbscream  Thaurissan-US3391Not updated
28Desolatee QuantumThaurissan-US3384Not updated
29Cannicus Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US3374Not updated
30Keithxm The ELITEZThaurissan-US3355Not updated
31Syrendra One ShotThaurissan-US3299Not updated
32Puppastacha InfidelThaurissan-US3298Not updated
33Ázraél  Thaurissan-US3297Not updated
34Trapncap HojuThaurissan-US3199Not updated
35Cordeliya AwakenedThaurissan-US3198Not updated
36Sugarcrack  Thaurissan-US3195Not updated
37Bifter Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US3097Not updated
38Oreomcflurry IlluminationThaurissan-US3082Not updated
39Ekwan Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US3064Not updated
40Glugger One PercentThaurissan-US2996Not updated
41Androdo Last AttemptThaurissan-US2888Not updated
42Miáh Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US2683Not updated
43Peleliu DefaultThaurissan-US2493Not updated
44Shadefox The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US2394Not updated
45Möredötz ExhumedThaurissan-US2297Not updated
46Fitzypyro IlluminationThaurissan-US2087Not updated
47Ysobloody XcelsiorThaurissan-US1887Not updated
48Brathozmvp One ShotThaurissan-US1794Not updated
49Forswear Last AttemptThaurissan-US1793Not updated
50Vyanox Hordes Last StandThaurissan-US1792Not updated
51Antheros  Thaurissan-US1791Not updated
52Fleshhold Fear and LoathingThaurissan-US1698Not updated
53Melissa IlluminationThaurissan-US1698Not updated
54Vandorion Last AttemptThaurissan-US1697Not updated
55Strongie Last AttemptThaurissan-US1692Not updated
56Twansition One ShotThaurissan-US1688Not updated
57Beepjeepbeep One ShotThaurissan-US1591Not updated
58Fatnadal VersaceThaurissan-US1498Not updated
59Ishta Celestial InterferenceThaurissan-US1489Not updated
60Vtiate  Thaurissan-US1488Not updated
61Sumwonqt The Reclusive OrderThaurissan-US1399Not updated
62Geoxy RecycleThaurissan-US1399Not updated
63Crandor The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US1394Not updated
64Aisa  Thaurissan-US1391Not updated
65Lamborghlnl AcéThaurissan-US1385Not updated
66Puppax InfidelThaurissan-US1373Not updated
67Soujiroux AcéThaurissan-US1371Not updated
68Liightniing Traitorous DogsThaurissan-US1356Not updated
69Emilyjuan The Reclusive OrderThaurissan-US1297Not updated
70Paladinpya Defender Of The AllianceThaurissan-US1297Not updated
71Daveyogpod ExhumedThaurissan-US1296Not updated
72Shamoro AcéThaurissan-US1262Not updated
73Arkandria Last AttemptThaurissan-US1191Not updated
74Beasteh The FallenThaurissan-US999Not updated
75Ochå  Thaurissan-US996Not updated
76Majinator HojuThaurissan-US987Not updated
77Diablò Eight ImmortalsThaurissan-US982Not updated
78Emptie HojuThaurissan-US973Not updated
79Tempter  Thaurissan-US965Not updated
80Megadeath The ELITEZThaurissan-US965Not updated
81Adriang HojuThaurissan-US899Not updated
82Majutsushi  Thaurissan-US898Not updated
83Rizle One PercentThaurissan-US894Not updated
84Underpowered HostileThaurissan-US892Not updated
85Ausshadowolf HojuThaurissan-US891Not updated
86Spiras Celestial InterferenceThaurissan-US887Not updated
87Lugrailac  Thaurissan-US883Not updated
88Kissandbang Cupcake MunchersThaurissan-US867Not updated
89Bouzouki One ShotThaurissan-US799Not updated
90Rabak The ELITEZThaurissan-US798Not updated
91Hummbinger One ShotThaurissan-US798Not updated
92Döra Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US795Not updated
93Blacksleet AcéThaurissan-US795Not updated
94Rkd Chocobo BanditsThaurissan-US795Not updated
95Osinin Traitorous DogsThaurissan-US792Not updated
96Mdlee HojuThaurissan-US791Not updated
97Footprints Aussie OiThaurissan-US789Not updated
98Mittèns AwakenedThaurissan-US789Not updated
99Sepeliio One ShotThaurissan-US783Not updated
100Kisho SolaceThaurissan-US782Not updated

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