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Tanaris-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Eremita Enduring VisionTanaris-US5392
2Turbine The UnnamedTanaris-US3895
3Calundrus The UnnamedTanaris-US3855
4Icefangtwo Renegade AllianceTanaris-US3499Not updated
5Coagulation SecessionTanaris-US3355
6Vindictively iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHatTanaris-US3348
7Nokto Eighty SixTanaris-US3000
8Worsnapple  Tanaris-US3000
9Terriz Eighty SixTanaris-US2991Not updated
10Duracellrat Enduring VisionTanaris-US2698
11Herc The UnnamedTanaris-US2694
12Talsknight The UnnamedTanaris-US2421
13Elzor Enduring VisionTanaris-US1999
14Guccii The Exiled FewTanaris-US1999Not updated
15Allnu Enduring VisionTanaris-US1998
16Colos CerberusTanaris-US1988
17Swampfunk  Tanaris-US1984Not updated
18Xemik The UnnamedTanaris-US1896
19Evaedathir The UnnamedTanaris-US1796Not updated
20Stolicus Binary SoloTanaris-US1699Not updated
21Yoshimeti Eighty SixTanaris-US1583
22Ionderoice The UnnamedTanaris-US1377
23Drdøt JadedTanaris-US1294
24Mercurial AnubisTanaris-US979
25Clipe The UnnamedTanaris-US897
26Bozman JadedTanaris-US896
27Rekari SlainteTanaris-US895
28Tryxi SlainteTanaris-US891
29Kazamaru Sanctuary and SolitudeTanaris-US890
30Ipswich The Exiled FewTanaris-US888Not updated
31Efreet Renegade AllianceTanaris-US877Not updated
32Erynnus Enduring VisionTanaris-US795
33Gobbledygook SlainteTanaris-US792
34Dedsauce Tao of OdinTanaris-US785
35Katze SecessionTanaris-US785
36Velrim Enduring VisionTanaris-US698
37Fiercesdruid SecessionTanaris-US693
38Jethras Last BastionTanaris-US692Not updated
39Dedguy JadedTanaris-US691
40Althamon South of HeavenTanaris-US689
41Saintly The UnnamedTanaris-US686
42Rhyodan The UnnamedTanaris-US682
43Gangnamstyle AnubisTanaris-US682
44Teodora  Tanaris-US678
45Grammage Sua SponteTanaris-US667Not updated
46Doralana The UnnamedTanaris-US597
47Pieoden Eighty SixTanaris-US592
48Ides DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US492
49Pollundo Enduring VisionTanaris-US492
50Mirosa Get Off My LawnTanaris-US491
51Reforge The UnnamedTanaris-US488
52Deathwithin Eighty SixTanaris-US399
53Hard SlainteTanaris-US399
54Jachyra Wave of MutilationTanaris-US398
55Furious AnubisTanaris-US396
56Chillton The UnnamedTanaris-US395
57Bartuc Binary SoloTanaris-US395
58Astraelon The UnnamedTanaris-US394
59Frostbolter The UnnamedTanaris-US393
60Infienite Kickin It Old SchoolTanaris-US393Not updated
61Kemanorel The UnnamedTanaris-US389Not updated
62Solanith The UnnamedTanaris-US387
63Erøde Tao of OdinTanaris-US386Not updated
64Estragon DignityTanaris-US382
65Drallnu SecessionTanaris-US381
66Dêsar Majestic DragonsTanaris-US381Not updated
67Kyriie iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHatTanaris-US373Not updated
68Nevvera The UnnamedTanaris-US298
69Ava  Tanaris-US297Not updated
70Gokussj JadedTanaris-US297
71Sophie Rubber Room PsychosTanaris-US296
72Kavaal FatedTanaris-US294Not updated
73Valyona SecessionTanaris-US294Not updated
74Antiplicity The Exiled FewTanaris-US293Not updated
75Ankoi The UnnamedTanaris-US292
76Flentster  Tanaris-US292
77Gordito AnubisTanaris-US292Not updated
78Bedinbedanhg Enduring VisionTanaris-US291
79Noduka JadedTanaris-US289
80Tariopia AbsolutionTanaris-US280
81Valret The OutcastsTanaris-US274Not updated
82Valsione Eighty SixTanaris-US196
83Taintslayerx Rest in Reeses PiecesTanaris-US194Not updated
84Ametharia Enduring VisionTanaris-US188
85Synistersyn The Exiled FewTanaris-US187
86Tjuìce The UnnamedTanaris-US186
87Agame Eighty SixTanaris-US181
88Erin DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US161Not updated
89Bizerker The UnnamedTanaris-US65

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