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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sylvanas-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Marjhan AnointedSylvanas-EU8399Not updated
2Whalle Arrows of AlleriaSylvanas-EU6894Not updated
3Necy Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU6893Not updated
4Bluntss  Sylvanas-EU6891Not updated
5Braeze Hardmode CrewSylvanas-EU6799Not updated
6Joefernandes SAFETY FIRSTSylvanas-EU6399Not updated
7Sprell End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU6396Not updated
8Lpx Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU5890Not updated
9Pinu Unholy OnesSylvanas-EU5698Not updated
10Worgnfreemän Little Guild of HorrorsSylvanas-EU5389Not updated
11Instagibah iddqdSylvanas-EU5368Not updated
12Jedyandreiro AnointedSylvanas-EU4896Not updated
13Aywin Veni Vidi ViciSylvanas-EU4896Not updated
14Nethul WastelandSylvanas-EU4895Not updated
15Ariellia Game is HardSylvanas-EU4893Not updated
16Vorfix  Sylvanas-EU4798Not updated
17Ðruia End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU4798Not updated
18Teimor Is nerfed in next patchSylvanas-EU4797Not updated
19Màtori Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU4793Not updated
20Fomlí Mysterious WaysSylvanas-EU4793Not updated
21Mannagry Wall RoseSylvanas-EU4790Not updated
22Intimidatorz Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU4782Not updated
23Berlinia Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU4699Not updated
24Khalldrogo The IncrementSylvanas-EU4698Not updated
25Viperling Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU4696Not updated
26Lianhua Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU4695Not updated
27Grimlok Arena PeakSylvanas-EU4690Not updated
28Coobraa The IncrementSylvanas-EU4683Not updated
29Nishia  Sylvanas-EU4675Not updated
30Dávid Unholy OnesSylvanas-EU4599Not updated
31Chrominus  Sylvanas-EU4597Not updated
32Hadvar Nulli SecundusSylvanas-EU4493Not updated
33Kerazy PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU4485Not updated
34Adrianinho Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU4419Not updated
35Urklock Exploding SheepSylvanas-EU4397Not updated
36Cøldlady Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU4397Not updated
37Yefooh Tiras ValeshSylvanas-EU4394Not updated
38Gameøver Vengeful MercenarySylvanas-EU4393Not updated
39Loonatiq VanillASylvanas-EU4393Not updated
40Djßestlilly Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU4387Not updated
41Adyia Target AquiredSylvanas-EU4375Not updated
42Justinia PerplexitySylvanas-EU4371Not updated
43Kheen  Sylvanas-EU4299Not updated
44Manusha Unholy OnesSylvanas-EU4299Not updated
45Melwalor Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU4291Not updated
46Manci iddqdSylvanas-EU4199Not updated
47Daefaroth Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU4100Not updated
48Kuolox KarsinaSylvanas-EU3996Not updated
49Alythee DepthcoreSylvanas-EU3994Not updated
50Domitius  Sylvanas-EU3993Not updated
51Capmà Arena PeakSylvanas-EU3991Not updated
52Eõwyn In ProgressSylvanas-EU3991Not updated
53Playna Ett strå vassareSylvanas-EU3988Not updated
54Soulreàver Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU3899Not updated
55Azurmá SquirtlesSylvanas-EU3898Not updated
56Deathlymaid Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU3898Not updated
57Nikkothewild  Sylvanas-EU3898Not updated
58Pufuletzz Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU3898Not updated
59Twaxzoor Sugar RushSylvanas-EU3897Not updated
60Nìghtstalker RenegadeSylvanas-EU3897Not updated
61Jelly Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3896Not updated
62Koteshka Gnomeland SecuritySylvanas-EU3896Not updated
63Rízz Big BoysSylvanas-EU3895Not updated
64Jogaßonitos Unknown EntitySylvanas-EU3893Not updated
65Jâmb iddqdSylvanas-EU3892Not updated
66Aerissa PerplexitySylvanas-EU3892Not updated
67Skilerka The IncrementSylvanas-EU3892Not updated
68Luftesvett BrohirrimSylvanas-EU3890Not updated
69Shamfury RebelsSylvanas-EU3887Not updated
70Micomicic was merely a setbackSylvanas-EU3882Not updated
71Ggeasy Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU3882Not updated
72Littleflesh Sober DwarfSylvanas-EU3880Not updated
73Linelle  Sylvanas-EU3871Not updated
74Roflstorm NemuritoriiSylvanas-EU3799Not updated
75Klaus Sober DwarfSylvanas-EU3799Not updated
76Emilioh Raising HellSylvanas-EU3798Not updated
77Gunver PerplexitySylvanas-EU3798Not updated
78Phesst  Sylvanas-EU3797Not updated
79Cablov Little Guild of HorrorsSylvanas-EU3796Not updated
80Gotem RampampampamSylvanas-EU3796Not updated
81Thüragar En Påse NötterSylvanas-EU3794Not updated
82Elmdran Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3794Not updated
83Xsedon Balkan ExpressSylvanas-EU3791Not updated
84Teja Nemetos OrderSylvanas-EU3788Not updated
85Tøm DisputedSylvanas-EU3787Not updated
86Dárkvil End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU3787Not updated
87Girlonfire End of DiscussionSylvanas-EU3782Not updated
88Maggieh  Sylvanas-EU3763Not updated
89Bigbadsema Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU3699Not updated
90Strage Kill Loot RepeatSylvanas-EU3699Not updated
91Eeschh BICEPSSylvanas-EU3699Not updated
92Mutuwa OxicaSylvanas-EU3699Not updated
93Fiacre Societas DraconistrarumSylvanas-EU3698Not updated
94Boomhauer CRISP TO DA MAXIMUMSylvanas-EU3698Not updated
95Nizzlejezzle  Sylvanas-EU3697Not updated
96Wanký Cold FusionSylvanas-EU3697Not updated
97Froztie Reborn UnitySylvanas-EU3696Not updated
98Adelaina Beyond HarmlessSylvanas-EU3696Not updated
99Yonero PowerHouse RomaniaSylvanas-EU3696Not updated
100Alda Wolves of StormwindSylvanas-EU3696Not updated

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