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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sundown Marsh-TW Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1泛黃的內褲 Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW6196Not updated
2心海迷航 妨礙風化Sundown Marsh-TW4989Not updated
3Darkschneid  Sundown Marsh-TW4892Not updated
4玩的還是寂寞 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW4761Not updated
5大眼光 WOW Freedom OrganizationSundown Marsh-TW4691Not updated
6Schuzrum 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW4481Not updated
7小扣晨 非制之裁Sundown Marsh-TW4395Not updated
8猴猴術士 Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW4338Not updated
9夏夜輓風 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW4000Not updated
10蘿德蓉 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3992Not updated
11Kkbeer 怒火燎原Sundown Marsh-TW3989Not updated
12伊沙貝拉 蛋餅企業社Sundown Marsh-TW3899Not updated
13塔夏 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW3895Not updated
14遠野四季 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW3798Not updated
15啥款 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3796Not updated
16弗爾 小豆芽特攻隊Sundown Marsh-TW3794Not updated
17絕版貨 邪惡的小坑Sundown Marsh-TW3793Not updated
18Thatdamage 聖光之愿騎士團Sundown Marsh-TW3783Not updated
19火凝兒 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3699Not updated
20安飛 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3698Not updated
21無敵菲力 正面上我啊Sundown Marsh-TW3696Not updated
22夏娜控 妨礙風化Sundown Marsh-TW3695Not updated
23冰靈之祭 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW3694Not updated
24Papan 戰鼓之歌Sundown Marsh-TW3693Not updated
25舐犢情深 邪惡的小坑Sundown Marsh-TW3693Not updated
26Iceax Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3689Not updated
27Lolicastle 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW3684Not updated
28微糖加珍珠  Sundown Marsh-TW3678Not updated
29陰天傍晚 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW3658Not updated
30舞天飛琉 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW3599Not updated
31冰涼好個秋 K O FSundown Marsh-TW3404Not updated
32柑仔店的回憶 Wretches And KingsSundown Marsh-TW3399Not updated
33反町鼻涕 夜殿Sundown Marsh-TW3399Not updated
34一隻吃不飽 K O FSundown Marsh-TW3398Not updated
35茹比 HardModeSundown Marsh-TW3398Not updated
36德妹最正了 Sunset CapitalSundown Marsh-TW3396Not updated
37盡量笑 糰子大家族Sundown Marsh-TW3395Not updated
38Frostress Try or DieSundown Marsh-TW3394Not updated
39仲夏大熊 Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW3394Not updated
40倉橋莉子 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW3393Not updated
41夏小欣 非制之裁Sundown Marsh-TW3393Not updated
42回眸的微笑 薈 萃 之 席Sundown Marsh-TW3392Not updated
43太倉元 夜殿Sundown Marsh-TW3392Not updated
44楚子航 雲淡风輕Sundown Marsh-TW3391Not updated
45鋼琴 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW3390Not updated
46Khunter  Sundown Marsh-TW3375Not updated
47Lycheus Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW3374Not updated
48執葉丸 秘密Sundown Marsh-TW3370Not updated
49燼夜 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW3365Not updated
50我喜歡笑別人 平淡Sundown Marsh-TW3359Not updated
51天照百式 Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3354Not updated
52兩歲就超神 Flame of SadnessSundown Marsh-TW3353Not updated
53麥芽酥餅 MinosSundown Marsh-TW3300Not updated
54波濤的導言 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW3300Not updated
55熊臉欠糊 PulseSundown Marsh-TW3299Not updated
56牛奶加鹽巴 ImagineSundown Marsh-TW3298Not updated
57Dantalian K O FSundown Marsh-TW3298Not updated
58只求平淡 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW3298Not updated
59熊咕追 K O FSundown Marsh-TW3298Not updated
60青龍傳說 小豆芽特攻隊Sundown Marsh-TW3298Not updated
61非你莫鼠 有錢就敗家沒錢就拜神Sundown Marsh-TW3293Not updated
62波動犬 帝國大學五號館Sundown Marsh-TW3280Not updated
63伊索蕾雅 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW3271Not updated
64佛曰不能說 MinosSundown Marsh-TW3249Not updated
65嫵媚之影 多士甜品站Sundown Marsh-TW3200Not updated
66闇月無心 Wretches And KingsSundown Marsh-TW3199Not updated
67園田海未 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3196Not updated
68推浪 六翼Sundown Marsh-TW3193Not updated
69一小宅宅一 邪惡的小坑Sundown Marsh-TW3184Not updated
70Furyblood HardModeSundown Marsh-TW3117Not updated
71嶄玥 Wretches And KingsSundown Marsh-TW3100Not updated
72Tetsuro  Sundown Marsh-TW3100Not updated
73艾力克雷薩特 薈 萃 之 席Sundown Marsh-TW3100Not updated
74亂槍 Artemisia argyiSundown Marsh-TW3100Not updated
75老衲的拳頭 Flame of SadnessSundown Marsh-TW3099Not updated
76獨愛呆貓咪 Play for UberSundown Marsh-TW3097Not updated
77妮妮糖 Fight TogetherSundown Marsh-TW3083Not updated
78Gazar Heaven DawnSundown Marsh-TW3077Not updated
79乂矮冬瓜乂 GlamorousSundown Marsh-TW3077Not updated
80喇叭哥 小豆芽特攻隊Sundown Marsh-TW3077Not updated
81噩夢神 魔獸運動公園Sundown Marsh-TW3077Not updated
82Trueshot 宅男腐女戰線Sundown Marsh-TW3050Not updated
83低調的威 妨礙風化Sundown Marsh-TW3031Not updated
84止淚之殤 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW3031Not updated
85Tiz Cest Si BonSundown Marsh-TW3029Not updated
86Trydamere 皇家聖雪Sundown Marsh-TW3024Not updated
87御之玄燁 K O FSundown Marsh-TW3020Not updated
88熱情彈丸 for entertainmentSundown Marsh-TW3014Not updated
89殺丸 Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW3013Not updated
90Poisonpink Azeroth Cats EnterpriseSundown Marsh-TW3000Not updated
91殺人的神將 怒火燎原Sundown Marsh-TW3000Not updated
92依然低調丶 無限領域Sundown Marsh-TW3000Not updated
93熱血天王神 for entertainmentSundown Marsh-TW2895Not updated
94不獵巔  Sundown Marsh-TW2894Not updated
95七彩魔球 無與倫比的自由Sundown Marsh-TW2890Not updated
96庭院深深幾許 GlamorousSundown Marsh-TW2798Not updated
97Amethystos 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW2791Not updated
98七乂夕 HomeSundown Marsh-TW2786Not updated
99一等士官長 批踢踢鄉么所Sundown Marsh-TW2696Not updated
100玄武焱男 靈魂歸宿Sundown Marsh-TW2692Not updated

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