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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-TW Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1梅妏緹  Stormscale-TW4198Not updated
2幻影處決  Stormscale-TW3998Not updated
3白雲碧海 AnnwynStormscale-TW3971Not updated
4淚傲痕 絕境異域Stormscale-TW3683Not updated
5噗子 KulapikaStormscale-TW3683Not updated
6誅天  Stormscale-TW3596Not updated
7法雨 歡樂家族Stormscale-TW3397Not updated
8喝醉的交警 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW3388Not updated
9Iceforce  Stormscale-TW3296Not updated
10風僧水起 鎏金歲月Stormscale-TW3100Not updated
11Lonelysnow Legend of defilerStormscale-TW3097Not updated
12一爸爸一 紫色之巔Stormscale-TW3077Not updated
13血匕透芯涼  Stormscale-TW3052Not updated
14米兒寶貝 正宗Stormscale-TW3021Not updated
15四方堂小路 AnnwynStormscale-TW3000Not updated
16艾兒妲  Stormscale-TW2889Not updated
17射大包天 Shall Never SurrenderStormscale-TW2888Not updated
18林肯血蹄 江南煙雨樓Stormscale-TW2691Not updated
19骸咒 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW2686Not updated
20Ensemble 恁杯係臺灣郎Stormscale-TW2686Not updated
21獵狼季節 OriGinaL SinsStormscale-TW1996Not updated
22人心我不再信 奧格瑪禁閉室Stormscale-TW1994Not updated
23幻夢如歌 MaelstromStormscale-TW1992Not updated
24死靈試作型 Hunter of the DevilStormscale-TW1982Not updated
25飔洛  Stormscale-TW1978Not updated
26鏡茉 水晶Stormscale-TW1973Not updated
27只收好人卡 Legend of defilerStormscale-TW1970Not updated
28Zlameice 年華Stormscale-TW1769Not updated
29暗影小妖丶 OriGinaL SinsStormscale-TW1699Not updated
30Bigpoppa 惠比壽麝香葡萄Stormscale-TW1694Not updated
31八十五級 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW1599Not updated
32赫斯忒  Stormscale-TW1497Not updated
33哈小辛 Never Never LandStormscale-TW1493Not updated
34醉海棠 AnnwynStormscale-TW1397Not updated
35下體腫脹  Stormscale-TW1396Not updated
36毛冉 鎏金歲月Stormscale-TW1393Not updated
37闇焰狂戰 For the DreamStormscale-TW1392Not updated
38克倫卡爾 水晶Stormscale-TW1382Not updated
39右手只是輔助 AnnwynStormscale-TW1379Not updated
40一破天 水晶Stormscale-TW1297Not updated
41大邪王 Dawn of VictoryStormscale-TW1296Not updated
42Bestmonktw 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW1292Not updated
43狂霸鎮魂曲 野蠻聖裔Stormscale-TW1192Not updated
44寂寞的隨便 西門府Stormscale-TW1131Not updated
45黑白兮兮 Dawn of VictoryStormscale-TW998Not updated
46乂武乂 恁杯係臺灣郎Stormscale-TW997Not updated
47喧嘩無用 正宗Stormscale-TW997Not updated
48戰神奎托斯 恁杯係臺灣郎Stormscale-TW987Not updated
49魂蛋仮面彼得 鎏金歲月Stormscale-TW982Not updated
50暴君夢魘熊 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW966Not updated
51復仇之火 Guardian Of AzerothStormscale-TW898Not updated
52蝶舞花飛  Stormscale-TW898Not updated
53Ehecatl VIPStormscale-TW897Not updated
54潘恩西歐  Stormscale-TW897Not updated
55輪回抑制 KulapikaStormscale-TW889Not updated
56Ollin VIPStormscale-TW888Not updated
57Xzone Navy AllianceStormscale-TW888Not updated
58梅洛 歡樂家族Stormscale-TW884Not updated
59Urusai 戰無不勝Stormscale-TW884Not updated
60蠻戰 口口親友公倉Stormscale-TW799Not updated
61銀槍染碧血 恁杯係臺灣郎Stormscale-TW799Not updated
62Dyna 歡樂家族Stormscale-TW790Not updated
63幻域能豆 水晶Stormscale-TW779Not updated
64春來發幾枝 奧格瑪禁閉室Stormscale-TW750Not updated
65瓦薩卡  Stormscale-TW699Not updated
66狂雷  Stormscale-TW699Not updated
67泣天地 野蠻聖裔Stormscale-TW699Not updated
68夏娜的右眼 恁杯係臺灣郎Stormscale-TW697Not updated
69花朵弱弱 寅虎Stormscale-TW696Not updated
70灰色領域 Navy AllianceStormscale-TW696Not updated
71黎明騎士 野蠻聖裔Stormscale-TW695Not updated
72日式石板烤肉  Stormscale-TW695Not updated
73低首梟雄 口口親友公倉Stormscale-TW693Not updated
74獵之狂 紫色之巔Stormscale-TW692Not updated
75劍氣寒霜 寅虎Stormscale-TW690Not updated
76丁琳沐雪 午夜遊民Stormscale-TW689Not updated
77小一球球 烏托幫Stormscale-TW687Not updated
78何來柔情 水晶Stormscale-TW686Not updated
79一威爺一 歡樂家族Stormscale-TW686Not updated
80卍萬聖卍 野蠻聖裔Stormscale-TW683Not updated
81Odinkillah 正宗Stormscale-TW681Not updated
82陳冠希沒關係  Stormscale-TW681Not updated
83春風好好抽  Stormscale-TW681Not updated
84云曦知秋 江南煙雨樓Stormscale-TW675Not updated
85Fidio  Stormscale-TW664Not updated
86Huihi 恁杯係臺灣郎Stormscale-TW662Not updated
87小肥仔 Navy AllianceStormscale-TW595Not updated
88忘記去睡覺 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW591Not updated
89我在飛呀  Stormscale-TW499Not updated
90五條菸 奧格瑪禁閉室Stormscale-TW494Not updated
91鮮柚百香綠 霧影Stormscale-TW491Not updated
92Senya 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW490Not updated
93絕一門 Rover MascotStormscale-TW490Not updated
94沉默即是悲傷 Budger minate sproutStormscale-TW489Not updated
95Pursuer 午夜遊民Stormscale-TW478Not updated
96飛鳥大叔 午夜遊民Stormscale-TW431Not updated
97狒狒一哥 黑龍軍團Stormscale-TW431Not updated
98霜若哀傷 水晶Stormscale-TW415Not updated
99感受母雞之力 私房貓Stormscale-TW399Not updated
100殞落之星 幽游魔獸Stormscale-TW398Not updated

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