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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormreaver-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Mulafasa OgStormreaver-US7894Not updated
2Giantgoblin Nerfed FishStormreaver-US7891Not updated
3Geyserbandit DrowStormreaver-US6497Not updated
4Monknob EidolonStormreaver-US5996Not updated
5Emazn  Stormreaver-US5895Not updated
6Anguîsh  Stormreaver-US5698Not updated
7Screenshots Fear ItselfStormreaver-US5688Not updated
8Charlotte LAStormreaver-US5393Not updated
9Fresh Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US4998Not updated
10Ethisivy AmicitiaStormreaver-US4991Not updated
11Lafy OgStormreaver-US4982Not updated
12Pitty  Stormreaver-US4899Not updated
13Trustbucket  Stormreaver-US4897Not updated
14Schismx PrometheanStormreaver-US4799Not updated
15Knocc PrecisionStormreaver-US4797Not updated
16Isamidor  Stormreaver-US4792Not updated
17Finlev DystopiaStormreaver-US4698Not updated
18Flamespear PrometheanStormreaver-US4698Not updated
19Mcdotalnds EidolonStormreaver-US4599Not updated
20Déceiver  Stormreaver-US4598Not updated
21Stogie Peachy KeenStormreaver-US4393Not updated
22Tictactoast  Stormreaver-US4299Not updated
23Amxlol TAKE NOTESStormreaver-US3997Not updated
24Beulah Pacis NexStormreaver-US3993Not updated
25Nem CrewStormreaver-US3899Not updated
26Vacken Peachy KeenStormreaver-US3897Not updated
27Brosa Pacis NexStormreaver-US3895Not updated
28Incarnate  Stormreaver-US3895Not updated
29Jux BelligerentStormreaver-US3895Not updated
30Oopsiedaisy ResilientStormreaver-US3891Not updated
31Behring EidolonStormreaver-US3885Not updated
32Bontor EidolonStormreaver-US3859Not updated
33Vanhemar Inverse LogicStormreaver-US3799Not updated
34Khudöz RevictionStormreaver-US3799Not updated
35Stavdabuddha Fusion Core DanceStormreaver-US3799Not updated
36Dailyloving SkunkworksStormreaver-US3798Not updated
37Dom a little too RaphStormreaver-US3798Not updated
38Deathstolker PrometheanStormreaver-US3798Not updated
39Polytime Karma HordeStormreaver-US3797Not updated
40Gg BaddiesStormreaver-US3796Not updated
41Jovelo TrembleStormreaver-US3796Not updated
42Phife LAStormreaver-US3796Not updated
43Konductive PrometheanStormreaver-US3795Not updated
44Novanproquo OgStormreaver-US3795Not updated
45Lina AnomalyStormreaver-US3795Not updated
46Lalibaba  Stormreaver-US3794Not updated
47Biohazard  Stormreaver-US3793Not updated
48Snufflè Ferrum PhoenixStormreaver-US3772Not updated
49Kåid ReviveStormreaver-US3768Not updated
50Shaytan LAStormreaver-US3699Not updated
51Giantmoose  Stormreaver-US3699Not updated
52Avade Peachy KeenStormreaver-US3699Not updated
53Elsweyr Green HitsStormreaver-US3697Not updated
54Slemulv Fallen HeroesStormreaver-US3695Not updated
55Chokalaka PrometheanStormreaver-US3693Not updated
56Lagrosse Green HitsStormreaver-US3692Not updated
57Ekul EidolonStormreaver-US3691Not updated
58Sheytan LAStormreaver-US3691Not updated
59Telandras ReviveStormreaver-US3687Not updated
60Thejx TempestStormreaver-US3687Not updated
61Graffin SkunkworksStormreaver-US3686Not updated
62Misscrowley InsaneStormreaver-US3686Not updated
63Denglish Party SharkStormreaver-US3681Not updated
64Rickrôll  Stormreaver-US3672Not updated
65Abelfhunter AmicitiaStormreaver-US3672Not updated
66Coldcaress Pacis NexStormreaver-US3667Not updated
67Mogath Set Sail For FailStormreaver-US3599Not updated
68Kiyena RevictionStormreaver-US3599Not updated
69Mintak TempestStormreaver-US3598Not updated
70Warland BaddiesStormreaver-US3598Not updated
71John  Stormreaver-US3592Not updated
72Lazulie ReviveStormreaver-US3588Not updated
73Rimmuk  Stormreaver-US3511Not updated
74Onì Gangster Teddy BearsStormreaver-US3499Not updated
75Xoq LAStormreaver-US3496Not updated
76Boldafist FutureStormreaver-US3496Not updated
77Syritha RuinStormreaver-US3495Not updated
78Ianghan TempestStormreaver-US3495Not updated
79Inshi Jolly Roger PrideStormreaver-US3491Not updated
80Lojist purgatoryStormreaver-US3491Not updated
81Broxy  Stormreaver-US3491Not updated
82Astaldo a little too RaphStormreaver-US3483Not updated
83Ileana RevictionStormreaver-US3476Not updated
84Welshlock EidolonStormreaver-US3416Not updated
85Mikokoro Out of LineStormreaver-US3399Not updated
86Hazmat AmicitiaStormreaver-US3399Not updated
87Arakiri  Stormreaver-US3398Not updated
88Ghrum SovereignStormreaver-US3398Not updated
89Spero AmicitiaStormreaver-US3397Not updated
90Warratorium EidolonStormreaver-US3397Not updated
91Kurogasa OutcastsStormreaver-US3397Not updated
92Dubious  Stormreaver-US3397Not updated
93Vaim BaddiesStormreaver-US3396Not updated
94Dean Fear ItselfStormreaver-US3395Not updated
95Miixz My Dads a WeeabooStormreaver-US3395Not updated
96Songo  Stormreaver-US3395Not updated
97Acynnie LAStormreaver-US3395Not updated
98Lyrtzyo BaddiesStormreaver-US3395Not updated
99Hitsugaya Scientific MethodStormreaver-US3394Not updated
100Masspets Fear ItselfStormreaver-US3393Not updated

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