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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Reals one two skaduStormrage-US5897Not updated
2Yase Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US5892Not updated
3Dankrupt Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US5798Not updated
4Fiyana PremeditatedStormrage-US5694Not updated
5Ishtari Blood For BloodStormrage-US5499Not updated
6Korbynn The DynastyStormrage-US5377Not updated
7Avìri  Stormrage-US5295Not updated
8Hawlke PremeditatedStormrage-US4993Not updated
9Lifeo Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US4976Not updated
10Huska RKStormrage-US4898Not updated
11Notdev Refiners FireStormrage-US4897Not updated
12Isaac Before The FallStormrage-US4894Not updated
13Jaxsta Refiners FireStormrage-US4794Not updated
14Amxlol  Stormrage-US4791Not updated
15Obsidious The ObsessedStormrage-US4696Not updated
16Sharpshotz Tactical DisasterStormrage-US4689Not updated
17Fuyuri Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US4599Not updated
18Panamos  Stormrage-US4598Not updated
19Atalantai Before The FallStormrage-US4498Not updated
20Kronohs Heirs Of StormwindStormrage-US4399Not updated
21Zeremist DivideStormrage-US4399Not updated
22Biggshot BiasedStormrage-US4396Not updated
23Pudrick Nocturnal LunacyStormrage-US4396Not updated
24Qtpuety  Stormrage-US4389Not updated
25Terai Ancient DestinyStormrage-US4389Not updated
26Kred Angelic ReignStormrage-US4385Not updated
27Alkonaust ClickersStormrage-US4385Not updated
28Waljr PremeditatedStormrage-US4378Not updated
29Loosìe DivideStormrage-US4297Not updated
30Alameackbar FacepalmStormrage-US4101Not updated
31Fireguard DominionStormrage-US4000Not updated
32Babekules Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US3999Not updated
33Kaydar This is a WipeStormrage-US3997Not updated
34Buffmonk  Stormrage-US3996Not updated
35Phöbös  Stormrage-US3995Not updated
36Arkainos FacepalmStormrage-US3994Not updated
37Dirtdogs Casually AddictedStormrage-US3989Not updated
38Niahn Dark PowerStormrage-US3986Not updated
39Hypatia Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US3983Not updated
40Rukoshi Over RaidedStormrage-US3983Not updated
41Pizznboots Banana BoysStormrage-US3977Not updated
42Zemballa vodkaStormrage-US3971Not updated
43Sockemx Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US3961Not updated
44Raxella  Stormrage-US3899Not updated
45Gàz RecluseStormrage-US3898Not updated
46Avelica In Other NewsStormrage-US3897Not updated
47Momoblaze Dirty ConnectionStormrage-US3897Not updated
48Sharn Not Sure If SeriousStormrage-US3895Not updated
49Moonmoon Boom Goes the DynamiteStormrage-US3895Not updated
50Sheyk DissonanceStormrage-US3893Not updated
51Leorina Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US3893Not updated
52Rhaevan Ante MeridiemStormrage-US3893Not updated
53Baender Shots FiredStormrage-US3892Not updated
54Wayrethx FurorStormrage-US3886Not updated
55Nuttee Before The FallStormrage-US3885Not updated
56Küry FlipadelphiaStormrage-US3882Not updated
57Huntertricks Chaos OvertureStormrage-US3878Not updated
58Kibith SynesthesiaStormrage-US3799Not updated
59Aloura Substandard PerformanceStormrage-US3799Not updated
60Wolfcarn  Stormrage-US3798Not updated
61Mandrew Clam DownStormrage-US3792Not updated
62Moonfaxx Death JestersStormrage-US3792Not updated
63Thorell MetroStormrage-US3790Not updated
64Kalyn MetroStormrage-US3789Not updated
65Barrook Orcland RaidersStormrage-US3787Not updated
66Näechica The RedeemedStormrage-US3784Not updated
67Zerovii We Came As RaidersStormrage-US3784Not updated
68Metriss Dawning NemesisStormrage-US3784Not updated
69Fuzzybits End of LineStormrage-US3783Not updated
70Dione Before The FallStormrage-US3779Not updated
71Suhh CriminalStormrage-US3777Not updated
72Tay ProgressionStormrage-US3770Not updated
73Arriuss vodkaStormrage-US3699Not updated
74Nirianne Hit It Like You Mean ItStormrage-US3699Not updated
75Pandahax Clam DownStormrage-US3699Not updated
76Pantsmuppet OpponentStormrage-US3699Not updated
77Jupiterfist ProgressionStormrage-US3698Not updated
78Permaßanned  Stormrage-US3698Not updated
79Tülö ATRStormrage-US3698Not updated
80Møønfire  Stormrage-US3697Not updated
81Zarkahmos Dread TemplarsStormrage-US3697Not updated
82Remain CatharsisStormrage-US3697Not updated
83Tuckers RagebornStormrage-US3696Not updated
84Thebert Orcland RaidersStormrage-US3695Not updated
85Soulreaper Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US3693Not updated
86Tikken Paradigm ShiftStormrage-US3693Not updated
87Adore  Stormrage-US3693Not updated
88Firemancer Death JestersStormrage-US3692Not updated
89Obedient FacepalmStormrage-US3692Not updated
90Karulos  Stormrage-US3691Not updated
91Solia ViciousStormrage-US3689Not updated
92Zayòn Glory DaysStormrage-US3688Not updated
93Cero Orcland RaidersStormrage-US3688Not updated
94Dermonte IndulgenceStormrage-US3688Not updated
95Aim ReciprocityStormrage-US3687Not updated
96Moridindaman ShøwtimeStormrage-US3686Not updated
97Hellion  Stormrage-US3682Not updated
98Rorschãch Orcland RaidersStormrage-US3681Not updated
99Boxìmus High Kings of Old ExileStormrage-US3679Not updated
100Whirlwînd War MachineStormrage-US3654Not updated

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