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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-EU Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Bananfluganx AuroraStormrage-EU5894Not updated
2Ripskins AuroraStormrage-EU5599Not updated
3Foki AuroraStormrage-EU5499Not updated
4Bigdazzy AvalerionStormrage-EU4899Not updated
5Bananasaurus AuroraStormrage-EU4696Not updated
6Turgon SerenStormrage-EU4689Not updated
7Kaygee AuroraStormrage-EU4688Not updated
8Basz The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU4299Not updated
9Tomlock Bad LuckStormrage-EU4068Not updated
10Modrak Bad LuckStormrage-EU3979Not updated
11Sourpuss AuroraStormrage-EU3899Not updated
12Gryzlo AvalerionStormrage-EU3893Not updated
13Girion AuroraStormrage-EU3870Not updated
14Falcojugger The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU3796Not updated
15Poofimacat  Stormrage-EU3795Not updated
16Keymaster Bad LuckStormrage-EU3794Not updated
17Goldbrain The Sandcastle PeopleStormrage-EU3794Not updated
18Ixazar  Stormrage-EU3789Not updated
19Fog The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU3699Not updated
20Tobie AuroraStormrage-EU3698Not updated
21Kassi AuroraStormrage-EU3687Not updated
22Benib AvalerionStormrage-EU3687Not updated
23Jarin The Heroic LunaticsStormrage-EU3687Not updated
24Ireath AuroraStormrage-EU3685Not updated
25Deebs AvalerionStormrage-EU3683Not updated
26Draènei AscensionStormrage-EU3671Not updated
27Gruuber AuroraStormrage-EU3592Not updated
28Umor Bad LuckStormrage-EU3499Not updated
29Justiceone Lazy PeonsStormrage-EU3497Not updated
30Xon IllustriousStormrage-EU3483Not updated
31Seîryu Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU3399Not updated
32Krzak Bad LuckStormrage-EU3398Not updated
33Zaarn  Stormrage-EU3397Not updated
34Slithìce AuroraStormrage-EU3397Not updated
35Lethean  Stormrage-EU3397Not updated
36Reígn EvolutionStormrage-EU3396Not updated
37Twentytwelve DamnationStormrage-EU3395Not updated
38Zippra StormwolvesStormrage-EU3394Not updated
39Dicoz AvalerionStormrage-EU3376Not updated
40Allitames IllustriousStormrage-EU3300Not updated
41Areanu  Stormrage-EU3186Not updated
42Aizka Dark KnightsStormrage-EU3113Not updated
43Jonboi DamnationStormrage-EU3100Not updated
44Shedi AvalerionStormrage-EU3100Not updated
45Ashkann Order Of NabberyStormrage-EU3100Not updated
46Ziktatore DamnationStormrage-EU3077Not updated
47Sícarius AvalerionStormrage-EU3041Not updated
48Uldron Bad LuckStormrage-EU3000Not updated
49Razhork Bad LuckStormrage-EU3000Not updated
50Rengore KoSStormrage-EU3000Not updated
51Prettyfly Ventilantium MorghulisStormrage-EU2995Not updated
52Tapage TemperedStormrage-EU2898Not updated
53Rhagga BehemothStormrage-EU2895Not updated
54Geara Middle EastStormrage-EU2872Not updated
55Anarkî STORM RAIDERStormrage-EU2798Not updated
56Esäu Bad LuckStormrage-EU2696Not updated
57Aeth Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU2695Not updated
58Crovàen AuroraStormrage-EU2688Not updated
59Nidri Bad LuckStormrage-EU2368Not updated
60Gilgabourne DamnationStormrage-EU2297Not updated
61Shyzana Zero SanityStormrage-EU1994Not updated
62Haydenwkqt IllustriousStormrage-EU1992Not updated
63Sóló DamnationStormrage-EU1899Not updated
64Zhiu AuroraStormrage-EU1899Not updated
65Bladedbeard Lux AeternaStormrage-EU1898Not updated
66Nerfz Bad LuckStormrage-EU1895Not updated
67Huntardó AvalerionStormrage-EU1889Not updated
68Achillees AuroraStormrage-EU1799Not updated
69Smegdead AuroraStormrage-EU1799Not updated
70Iusti IllustriousStormrage-EU1794Not updated
71Mazuji Touched by a trollStormrage-EU1790Not updated
72Shyde The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1785Not updated
73Seraphine Jadestone AllianceStormrage-EU1698Not updated
74Snakescrazy  Stormrage-EU1693Not updated
75Zubisan Set Sail For Epic FailStormrage-EU1688Not updated
76Raelophos Touched by a trollStormrage-EU1688Not updated
77Gariont AvalerionStormrage-EU1688Not updated
78Beldion Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU1684Not updated
79Anosm AvalerionStormrage-EU1684Not updated
80Zhayne IllustriousStormrage-EU1590Not updated
81Ackooba ShivaStormrage-EU1499Not updated
82Mikiedevil Fraternitas FerreusStormrage-EU1497Not updated
83Terrorking The Internet PeopleStormrage-EU1496Not updated
84Daxiok KodeNStormrage-EU1495Not updated
85Rimetooth KodeNStormrage-EU1399Not updated
86Infamouszxx AscensionStormrage-EU1398Not updated
87Mimic Celestial BrotherhoodStormrage-EU1397Not updated
88Sidéstep Crusaders of the PhoenixStormrage-EU1387Not updated
89Talak  Stormrage-EU1387Not updated
90Suty The Coniunctis ViribusStormrage-EU1387Not updated
91Sapfina  Stormrage-EU1373Not updated
92Beoworgen The BrotherhoodStormrage-EU1365Not updated
93Serotina Crusaders Of AzerothStormrage-EU1300Not updated
94Vicwin  Stormrage-EU1292Not updated
95Himura ShivaStormrage-EU1290Not updated
96Ztail IllustriousStormrage-EU1100Not updated
97Zogas The Heroic LunaticsStormrage-EU1097Not updated
98Saphron AscensionStormrage-EU1000Not updated
99Edgey Bad LuckStormrage-EU997Not updated
100Tolius The Heroic LunaticsStormrage-EU996Not updated

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