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Stonemaul-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Skalar Valyrian SteelStonemaul-US4792Not updated
2Ranielle Final RitesStonemaul-US3794Not updated
3Pewpew ResurgenceStonemaul-US3696Not updated
4Skootr UEStonemaul-US3696
5Suplift UEStonemaul-US2892Not updated
6Ziiriith Dulce BellumStonemaul-US2695
7Kungfuambio UEStonemaul-US1969
8Zaroko Beyond RedemptionStonemaul-US1894
9Skaliox Valyrian SteelStonemaul-US1497
10Aedro EuphoricStonemaul-US1495
11Impossibrews Stands in FireStonemaul-US1391
12Venokris Ookem In The DookerStonemaul-US1378
13Weballergy Adventurers AnonymousStonemaul-US1362
14Imjustshy UEStonemaul-US1299Not updated
15Skintimate Dulce BellumStonemaul-US1298
16Shizukaze Stands in FireStonemaul-US1297
17Edaregon  Stonemaul-US982
18Owlpacino Swagger JackersStonemaul-US979Not updated
19Lunesta Owlpacinos GuildStonemaul-US979Not updated
20Kadem Dulce BellumStonemaul-US899
21Captnfaqu  Stonemaul-US898Not updated
22Vakluu Ärmy of DarknessStonemaul-US896Not updated
23Membrane  Stonemaul-US796Not updated
24Sandbøx SaBoTaGeStonemaul-US787
25Ikillpet Stands in FireStonemaul-US767Not updated
26Kasma Ookem In The DookerStonemaul-US699
27Bayoneta  Stonemaul-US697Not updated
28Asokan Dulce BellumStonemaul-US692
29Jehm VigilanceStonemaul-US690
30Slatched HeartStonemaul-US687Not updated
31Magicbrownie Stands in FireStonemaul-US683Not updated
32Ozkii ArchetypeStonemaul-US682
33Throbynhood ArchetypeStonemaul-US677
34Pookey Adventurers AnonymousStonemaul-US659
35Reboner EuphoricStonemaul-US590Not updated
36Roydds  Stonemaul-US480Not updated
37Slapalitch  Stonemaul-US432Not updated
38Jakkin Dulce BellumStonemaul-US399
39Bleeks  Stonemaul-US395Not updated
40Yõda  Stonemaul-US388Not updated
41Excell Leet ForceStonemaul-US388
42Trufflus We Declare ShenannigansStonemaul-US382Not updated
43Slaeos UEStonemaul-US354
44Domepeace UEStonemaul-US298
45Camen Ookem In The DookerStonemaul-US298
46Tarisamuru UEStonemaul-US296
47Coho the North Pacific SalmonStonemaul-US296Not updated
48Feigned The Body Massage MachineStonemaul-US294Not updated
49Monsterskill  Stonemaul-US293Not updated
50Delarge  Stonemaul-US292
51Rextar Stands in FireStonemaul-US291
52Dracuulokus  Stonemaul-US290Not updated
53Hanners Dulce BellumStonemaul-US286
54Beloved Outer HeavenStonemaul-US199Not updated
55Deynna Perpetual PwnageStonemaul-US197
56Vallagard  Stonemaul-US196
57Swagmire bay lifeStonemaul-US192
58Varical RenatusStonemaul-US190Not updated
59Kakkarot Phantom LordsStonemaul-US187
60Lillie Dulce BellumStonemaul-US183
61Xladydeath  Stonemaul-US170Not updated
62Zylara Stands in FireStonemaul-US79

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