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Spirestone-US Proving Grounds DPS
GuildRealmMax Score
1Sturmcantor AdaptSpirestone-US5894
2Neatly AdaptSpirestone-US4398
3Brownball ConfluxSpirestone-US3899
4Nexemis Keep CalmSpirestone-US3889
5Danaowns Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US3889
6Trrone e x i l eSpirestone-US3798
7Itzjonny Keep CalmSpirestone-US3697
8Nexetron Keep CalmSpirestone-US3599
9Lemonlead InevitableSpirestone-US3500Not updated
10Taiin AdaptSpirestone-US3387
11Skazum ConfluxSpirestone-US3289
12Syrara Keep CalmSpirestone-US3031
13Músazz InevitableSpirestone-US2698Not updated
14Badzerath AdaptSpirestone-US2397
15Demonicchoas  Spirestone-US2393
16Vexisle DeathrowSpirestone-US1797
17Helgà The Aggro CragSpirestone-US1795
18Findley AdaptSpirestone-US1696
19Memoryleak AdaptSpirestone-US1691
20Airblade Keep CalmSpirestone-US1397
21Ranto OmisSpirestone-US987
22Dead Keep CalmSpirestone-US888
23Aillena e x i l eSpirestone-US887
24Charodey FracturedSpirestone-US877
25Damero Climbin In Yo WindowsSpirestone-US799Not updated
26Valevel AdaptSpirestone-US796
27Anfall FracturedSpirestone-US783
28Tialanna AddictionSpirestone-US698
29Loosh AdaptSpirestone-US698
30Audideath ReaversSpirestone-US698
31Tschai Casual EncountersSpirestone-US698
32Topseykretz AdaptSpirestone-US689Not updated
33Nochebella AddictionSpirestone-US688
34Chrysafides  Spirestone-US682Not updated
35Runeytoon AdaptSpirestone-US676
36Pharscyde  Spirestone-US599Not updated
37Iiyq FracturedSpirestone-US598
38Sevenonesix Battle BuddiesSpirestone-US498Not updated
39Handlebar Arabian KnightsSpirestone-US462
40Draykke Keep CalmSpirestone-US422
41Botoako The Aggro CragSpirestone-US410
42Aeriona Furious Kittens of DoomSpirestone-US398
43Feaga  Spirestone-US396Not updated
44Strickin CENTURIONSpirestone-US395
45Scorna ConfluxSpirestone-US395
46Flëxo AdaptSpirestone-US395
47Razalghul Mea CulpaSpirestone-US394
48Unobtanium AdaptSpirestone-US392
49Himrmongo Keep CalmSpirestone-US391
50Bónjamoz AdaptSpirestone-US388Not updated
51Jadis  Spirestone-US388
52Yayfire Arabian KnightsSpirestone-US387
53Laedra The Aggro CragSpirestone-US387Not updated
54Tocketimer e x i l eSpirestone-US386Not updated
55Mattimeo CENTURIONSpirestone-US384
56Keppa I Like NoobiesSpirestone-US380
57Absolutiøn CENTURIONSpirestone-US378Not updated
58Dëmi AddictionSpirestone-US356Not updated
59Oscarbeast InevitableSpirestone-US300
60Jesirawr FracturedSpirestone-US299
61Sherwing Casual EncountersSpirestone-US299
62Zeonidas IlluminousSpirestone-US298
63Gucciman Keep CalmSpirestone-US298
64Pandulum AdaptSpirestone-US298
65Benevolance AddictionSpirestone-US298
66Terab ConfluxSpirestone-US297
67Véx CENTURIONSpirestone-US297
68Nightsecho InevitableSpirestone-US295
69Tony AdaptSpirestone-US295
70Fragglewump Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US295Not updated
71Spellxcaster We Do WorkSpirestone-US293
72Notpandaman ConfluxSpirestone-US290
73Nightsraven InevitableSpirestone-US283
74Krazedaze  Spirestone-US267
75Thedok AdaptSpirestone-US199
76Deyja e x i l eSpirestone-US191
77Dee voidSpirestone-US188Not updated
78Dhonjavis  Spirestone-US183
79Iamachick IlluminousSpirestone-US180
80Cil ZeroSpirestone-US180

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